Tuesday, September 08, 2015

JORD Luxury Wooden Watch Review

Throughout my blogging career, I've been sent quite a few things. Most of them were beauty or nail art related. But from time to time, I get some really neat things to check out. JORD Wood Watch recently got in touch with me to check out one of their luxury wood watches. Besides being a nail polish addict, I am quite a watch collector as well so I was definitely excited for this collaboration!

From their website, JORD Wood Watch is an American company that specializes in handcrafted wooden timepieces designed to incorporate into everyone's modern lifestyle. They source wood from all around the world that gives each watch a unique color, design and texture. Each watch is created with precision craftsmanship. It uses CNC machining (aka. computer controlled manufacturing process), laser engraving, and by hand.

The watches come in automatic, mechanical, tourbillion, and quartz movement. If you're not familiar with the watch terms, let me try to explain from my research. 
  • Automatic: Where the watch is operated by the natural motion of the wearer's arm movement. If you don't wear it on a frequent bases, you will need to adjust the time whenever you decide to wear it again.
  • Mechanical: Neither self-winding nor electrically driven, and must be manually wind to create tension in the springs to provide the energy to run the watch. These watches require more maintenance and gears will need to be lubricated from time to time.
  • Quartz: Essentially battery operated watches, which is the most common. 
  • Tourbillion: Since I don't know much about watch terms beyond what I have read, this is a little harder to explain. From what I understand, it was historically designed to provide more accuracy to time pieces and counteract the effects of gravity. The gears move back and forth along it's own axis. It is known for it's extremely intricate gear movements. I'm actually not sure which one of JORD Wood Watch is actually tourbillion movement. But a Swiss-made Tourbillion watch can be upwards for $50,000 US! 

Out of all the beautiful selections, I decided on Purpleheart & Mother of Pearl design from the CORA series because I absolutely love the color combination. I like that it gives you a lot of information about the watch because it just allows me to appreciate it more. For my watch, the Purpleheart wood is sourced from Solomon Island and along with the color it is known for their straight grain lines. The watch is extremely well crafted and lightweight despite having a "chunky look". I am absolutely obsessed with the exposed gear in the front and back. There's something really mesmerizing about watching an automatic (or mechanical and tourbillion) watch function and tick.

The prices for the wood watches in the female series range from $120US-$275US. In the men series, the wood watches range from $120US-$295US. Since there is more craftsmanship involved, gear driven watches (ie. mechanical and automatic) are more expensive. But with proper care and maintenance, these watches are meant to last forever. To ensure proper fit, JORD Wood Watch offers adjustment for an additional $10US. Just simply print out their paper ruler, measure your wrist, and send in the measurement. But my suggestion is to get it done at your nearest watch repair shop or seller. I thought I provided an accurate measurement but it was still 4 links too big. I must have done something wrong. But luckily, getting it fixed in Toronto's Chinatown was quick and cheap. Also the best part is, JORD Wood Watch offers free international shipping!

So if you're interested in woodwatches or giving it as a really cool gift. Head over to Woodwatches.com or check out the instagram gallery (#JORDWATCH). Which design do you like best?

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