Thursday, March 19, 2015

March Glossybox USA Review

It has been a while since I've been out of the beauty box game. Mostly because the amount of products I had was piling up to the point where I had to start giving it away to friends or made a conscious effort to use it up. But it is good to see that some Canadian beauty box subscription companies are still going strong. I still remember the days when it was still a relatively new concept. $10 a month for a chance to get some full size goodies and sample other products? You can't go wrong with that! However, over the time when I was still a very active subscriber to multiple beauty boxes (about 4 a month!), I saw a lot of changes. The quality of service and products declined and complaints from customers mounted up on various social media channels. Some companies changed up their subscriptions plans to adapt to the saturated market (ie. Loose Button Luxe Box), a lot of companies went up in prices and unfortunately some companies went under (ie. Glymm, Glossybox Canada). I find it difficult to recommend a specific service to subscribe to because they stand out in their own unique way. Some will give you more high end popular brand samples, some may give high quality products from lesser known brands. It really depends on your taste, what you value and what you are comfortable paying for.

I was recently contacted by Glossybox USA to review their March Glossybox. I was actually surprised to hear from them because I recall getting an email from Glossybox Canada that it will no longer be available. As it turns out, Glossybox USA is available to us Canadian gals and shipping cost an additional $5.

Just from reviewing their website, their service is exactly like any other beauty subscription service. Every month you get a box of 5 beauty products. Just basing off my previous Glossybox Canada experience, they were most generous with their full size sample. Looking at their website, it seems like it's still a similar case. For US customers, you can choose to pay a monthly fee ($21 US/month), bi-yearly fee ($126 or $21 US/month) or you can save by subscribing to a 12 month package ($220 US or $18.33/month). For the Canadian ladies, taking shipping and current exchange rate into consideration, that's about $33 CAD/month, $198 CAD/6 months, and $356/year. These prices can be higher because the customer may need to pay the taxes on these items.

The price seems higher than what I'm use to seeing (with the lowest being around $12 for Canadians). But if they consistently give full size products in their box, I guess the cost can be justified. Now let's take a look at what's in side!

OUIDAD: Color Sense Color Perserving Shampoo & Conditioner
If winter has left your hair feeling dry, give it some tender lovin' care. This nutritive blend of apricot oil and honey infuses antioxidants and protects color from fading. Use the shampoo to remove daily mineral deposits, an the conditioner to protect against dehydration for healthy looking radiant hair
Full Size: $10.00 (2.5oz)
Sample Value: $10.00 (2.5oz) Shampoo & $10.00 (2.5oz) Conditioner

Inspired by the medicinal benefits of gold throughout history, this luscious day cream contains vitamins, oxidants, and yes, pure 24 karat gold, which works to reduce the signs of aging by plumping and firming skin. 
Full Size: $178.00 (1.7oz)
Sample Value: $13.00 (0.16oz)

BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS: Cheek & Lip Stain in Pink
For a healthy flush reminiscent of a spring day spent outdoors, this girly lip and cheek stain blends seamlessly wherever it applied. The oil-free, mineral-based formula is lightweight yet perfectly pigmented.
Full Size: $19.99 (0.17 oz)
Sample Value: $19.99 (0.17oz)

This mix-and-match concealer quad has you covered - no matter your skin tone. The hypoallergenic formula stars hydrating virgin marula oil, perfectly covering blemishes and minor imperfections. 
Full Size: $30.95 (0.14oz)
Sample Value: $30.95 (0.14oz)

Achieve natural-looking, fuller brows instantly with this quick-dry gel formula that contains hair-like particles to create the appearance of fuller, more even eyebrows. Perfect for women with naturally space or over-plucked arches. More Brows will take you into Brooke Shields territory in seconds.
Full Size: $18.00 (0.12oz)
Sample Value: $18.00 (0.12 oz)

Total Value of this box: $96.00 (plus $5 - $100 code to at

This was an amazing March Glossybox! The only sample size product is the day cream, which is pretty much liquid gold according to the description. If you have the means to splurge on a monthly box, Glossybox seems like a good option and definitely worth its value if boxes are consistently as awesome. However, if you want to test samples for fun and the price just isn't right for you, there are more affordable options. Thanks Glossybox USA for sending this over!

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