Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blumarine Spring/Summer 15' Nail Art

I am on a roll! This dress from the Blumarine Spring/Summer 15' collection caught my eye because I always loved a blue-green tone in combination with white and brown.  The flower and leaves details are absolutely gorgeous. The mix of different textures and elements also makes the dress very interesting. This design was made entirely free-hand with a very fine brush that I bought from an art store recently. It is my new go to nail art brush! The one I purchased is called Cotman 000 paint brush from Midoco. There were a lot brushes of similar thickness, but I just chose the most inexpensive one.



  • White Polish
    • Julep "Hope"
  • White Glitter Polish
    • Julep "Brenda"
  • Silver Polish
    • Julep "Harley"
  • Mint Green Polish
    • Julep "Kam"
  • Turquoise Polish
    • Julep "Brandis"
  • Dark Turquoise Polish
    • Julep "Lizanne"
  • Turquoise Glitter Polish
    • Julep "Harper"
  • Nude Tan Polish
    • Julep "Vera"


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