Thursday, March 19, 2015

Alberta Ferretti Spring/Summer 15' Nail Art

I'm slowly coming back for my nail art hiatus. In honor of fashion of week, I knew I wanted to create a fashion inspired nail art. After going through a few runway albums, I fell in love with this gorgeous purple floral dress from Alberta Ferreti's Spring/Summer 15' Collection. Maybe I'm just extremely bias towards my favorite colour. I like that it's a mix of different texture and shading, which makes the dress so beautiful and interesting.


To recreate the transparent material, I simply used a palette and dabbed a bit of purple polish on it. Then with a top coat or a clear nail polish, I used a larger brush to mix the clear polish and a bit of purple polish together. Simply paint the top 1/3 of your nail to create the see through purple fabric. You may need to layer to make the purple to bring out more of the colour.

To create the floral details, create the floral shape with white polish. Then alternating between different shades of purple, simply dab or dot additional floral details to create leaves and petals. An optional step that I usually like to do is to add finer details with a purple gel pen. 

  • Light Pink Polish
    • Julep "Janet"
  • Purple Polish
    • Julep "Anne"
  • Dark Purple Polish
    • Julep "Sylvia"
  • White Polish
    • OPI "Alpine Snow"
  • Clear Polish
    • Essie "No Chip Ahead Top Coat"
  • Thin Paintbrush
    • Cotman "000 Round"
  • Purple Gel Pen
    • Muji "0.38 Purple"

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