Friday, February 13, 2015

Godiva: Year of the Goat Collection + Nail Art

In celebration of Lunar New Year, Godiva came out with a Limited Edition Year of the Goat Collection. I was fortunate enough to be sent a box of these goodies to try. As a chocolate fiend, it was really hard to share! The chocolate comes with a variety of different flavours and ganaches. Some were asian inspired that incorporated ginger, gui flower, chrysanthemum and others. The others were a variety of different chocolate with more common flavoured ganaches.

Check out the all the flavours after the jump! 

At $50, this box of chocolates is a hefty indulgence. With the quality of belgium chocolates and unique flavours, it is definitely worth the splurge! It makes an excellent treat to share with the friends and family as you celebrate the Lunar New Year. The following are the flavours you can find in this amazing box of chocolates!

1. Dark Chocolate with dark chocolate ganache flavored with jasmine and angelica root
2. Milk Chocolate with milk chocolate ganache flavored with gui flower and ginseng

3. White Chocolate with white chocolate ganache flavored with chrysanthemum and ginger
4. Dark chocolate with raspberry infused ganache 

5. Milk Chocolate with milk chocolate ganache with caramel
6. Milk Chocolate with coffee infused chocolate ganache

7. White chocolate with raspberry puree
8. Whole cherry immersed in sweet liquid fondant in dark chocolate shell

9. Dark chocolate with 72% chocolate dark chocolate ganache
10. Dark chocolate with orange

11. Milk Chocolate infused with sweet cinnamon
12. Milk Chocolate with Chocolate hazelnut praline with macadamia chunks

13. Dark chocolate with 85% dark chocolate ganache
14. Dark chocolate with 53% dark chocolate ganache

15. Milk Chocolate with whole almond suspended in hazelnut praline
16. Milk chocolate with hazelnut and milk chocolate praline

17. Dark chocolate medallion

All the chocolate were excellent and it was really neat to try the asian inspired flavor. The flavour does sound a little odd, but the flavour were not overpowering in any way.  My favorite one would have to be the the dark chocolate with angelica root and jasmine and the white chocolate with raspberry praline. I'm actually quite surprised I didn't finish the box in one sitting! Of course it's not a "Nail Art Couture" post with out some nail art. So please enjoy my Year of the Goat inspired nail art! 

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Gong Hay Fat Choy to everyone who's celebrating on February 19!

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