Thursday, July 10, 2014

FIFA Finals Nails: Germany vs. Argentina

There's a lot of FIFA nail art going around and this is my contribution. I'm totally routing for Germany, but I decided to create both countries that made it to the finals. I actually predicted Netherlands to move on, but clearly I was wrong! So Germany and Argentina it is! 

On my thumb, I created the FIFA Brazil logo. It was actually fairly difficult to draw because of all the fingers. I used a green and yellow gel pen to create the outlines and filled it in with nail polish. I always rely on this technique to create the details. On my index and ring finger, I painted the Germany and Argentina soccer jersey. On the middle, I create a split of the two countries' flags. I used a striping tape to create the sharp line. Finally on the pinky, I tied it all in with a soccer pattern.

I used a lot of nail polishes to create this nail art, I think around 15 bottles. I didn't count them before I put them away. I'm so lucky that I do have all these colours to play with. I topped some areas with some micro-glitter polishes to add a feminine touch. I'm actually really happy with how it turned out. It took a long to create the details, but the final result looks good to me.  

I really hope you enjoy my FIFA Finalist nail art! Enjoy the spectacle on Sunday! GO GERMANY GO! 

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