Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olympics Nails: Skating Costume Inspired

I can't believe another Olympic event has come and gone. Personally, I enjoy watching summer sports a lot more. As for Winter Olympics, I definitely couldn't miss figure skating and hockey. I definitely woke up early today to catch the 7 AM Canada versus Sweden game. As much as I wanted to go and watch it with my fellow proud Canadians at a bar, watching the game in the comfort of my warm bed just seemed more appealing. Nonetheless, I am so happy we dominated that game!

Like Gymnastics, figure skating and ice dancing are known for their lovely costumes. Vera Wang was a former figure skater, who designed costumes for skaters like Nancy Kerrigan. Christian Lacroix also designed couture skating outfits as well! But for an elite skater, I read they could easily spend $10,000 a year on costume alone. Anyways, I was inspired by these designs just like I did with the Gymnastic Costumes in the Summer Olympics. I tried to pick outfits that had the same colour theme and I tried to fit in at least two Canadians! So here is what I came with below.

On the thumb, the design was inspired by South Korean figure skater, So Youn Park. On the index figure, this simple design was inspired by ice dancer and Canadian sweetheart, Tessa Virtue. Tessa happens to be one of my University Residence Floormate's cousin, which is really cool! On the middle finger, I was inspired by Canadian figure skater, Patrick Chan. On the ring finger, the design was inspired by the Olympic medals. I chose to Gold Medal specifically for obvious reasons! I absolutely love the detailed patchwork theme used throughout the Olympics. I tried to simplify it, while remaining true to the design, for my tiny nails. Finally the design on the pinky was inspired by Russian figure skater, Yulia Lipnitskaya. It makes me feel so old to know that some of these Olympians and medalists are as young as 15! 


For materials used, check out after the jump! 

  • White Polish (Patrick Chan, So Youn Park)
    • OPI Alpine Snow
  • Gold Polish (Medal)
    • Julep "Felicity"
  • Metallic Silver Polish (Medal, So Youn Park)
    • Julep "Harley"
  • Iridescent Silver Polish (Tessa Virtue, Yulia Lipnitskaya)
    • Julep "Rebel"
  • Grey Polish (Medal, So Youn Park)
    • Julep "Meryl"
  • Light Blue Polish (Patrick Chan)
    • Julep "Bess"
  • Dark Blue Polish (Yulia Lipnitskaya)
    • Julep "Ivy"
  • Black Polish (Patrick Chan)
    • Julep "Brandt"
  • Shimmery Black Polish (Tessa Virtue)
    • Julep "Estelle" 
  • 0.05 Staedtler Black Pen (Patrick Chan) 

So, I have a little connection with a two-time Olympian and two-time Women's Hockey Gold Medalist. Her name is Rebecca Johnston (@RJohnst16) and during the Gold Medal Match against USA, she was the one who helped assist in tieing up the match. I grew up with her in Sudbury Ontario, we went to the same elementary school and same high school together. We've done group projects together and so on (I can't believe that was more than 10 years ago, yet it doesn't seem like it). She comes from an incredibly athletic family and I remember very clearly she dominated in every sport she participated in (track, hockey, basketball, soccer etc.) She was always the fastest runner and leading scorer. So it is absolutely no surprise me or anyone that she made it to the Olympics and won! Although I lost touch with her, it is amazing to see how much she progressed in her athletic career. I can say quite proudly that at one point we had about 30 games of "Scramble with Friends" and I would win majority of the time.. so I guess I have that going for me!

(Dug this up, this was at  our High School Grad Party in 2007)

Anways, congratulation Becca! You played an amazing game and you totally deserve the Gold Medal. Sudbury and the whole country is proud of you. I can't wait to see you in future Olympics to come. 

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  1. Like always Your mani is impressive :) These Olympics was historical for my country, we have never won so many medals at one Winter OG, we ended up at 11th place :) I've watched the final hockey game with my boyfriend and we were definitely team Canada - offensive and consistent play at the same time is always exciting to watch :)


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