Thursday, January 30, 2014

Marchesa Autumn/Winter 13' Inspired Nail Art

So last night I did a Marchesa Nail Art from their Autumn/Winter 12-13' Collection. At first, I wanted to do another set of Chinese New Year nails with a gold and yellow combination. But somehow I found myself back to ogling yet another Marchesa collection. Everything is just so feminine and pretty! Mark my words, one day I will own a dress... perhaps a wedding dress! This inspiration came from Marchesa's Autumn/Winter 13-14' Collection. I decided to forgo my Chinese New Year nail art idea and chose re-create the pattern from the dress below. 

 Since my nails are rather small, it's very difficult to fit in all the details of the dress. I did what I can to simplify the design while maintaining and staying true to the aesthetics. In case you're curious, my nails are about 1 cm in length and a little less in width. For this design, I had to fit a lot of details into my little canvas!

As with a lot of nail art, it tends to look more difficult than it looks. Simply grab all the colours you need and literally start painting blobs to resemble parts of the pattern. After it dries, the magic is in the black outlining. I normally like to use my black gel pen, but it leaves a much thicker line than I would want so I decided to use my striper and black polish. You really need a steady hand and know when to pull back when a blob of polish is about to drop, which can ruin your nail art. With a little patience, just add in all the necessary details to the petals, leaves and swirls. Once that last step is completed, your design will really come to life! 

I've been a collector of Julep polishes for two years and it has helped my accumulated every possible shade per colour, so that is why I almost always use Julep polishes. Below are the polishes that I used for this nail art. I know, there's a lot! 


  • Green Green Polish
    • Julep "Francis"
  • Sparkly Red Polish
    • Julep "Scarlett"
  • Dark Red Polish
    • Julep "Myrtle"
  • Yellow Polish
    • Julep "Lexie" 
  • Light Blue Polish
    • Julep "Jessica"
  • Dusty Blue Polish
    • Julep "Julianne"
  • Black Polish
    • Julep "Brandt"
  • Dark Orange Polish
    • Julep "Ingrid"
  • Light Pink Polish
    • Julep "Reese"
  • Mustard Polish
    • Julep "Otte"
  • White Polish
    • OPI "Alpine Snow"
  • Nail Art Brush 
... And some patience. 

I hope you enjoyed this nail art and had the opportunity to check out my last one! Let me know what you think or even what design you would love for me to replicate!


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