Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese New Year Nails: Horse

I am officially Quarter of a Century Old.... plus three days (since I wrote this past 12 am)! Yup, I just turned 25 and I have to say I don't feel any different or look any different. It must be Asian genes I guess. I'm sure you're all familiar with the asian aging process (if not, click here) and it's so true. My mother, grandmother, aunts all have these little asian afros! I forbid myself to ever having one, but perhaps I will change my mind when I'm 50. I celebrated with 25 of my friends on Saturday by having a party at my place. There were new friends, high schools friends, university friends, childhood friends, it was an extremely amazing mixture of people that I have met throughout my life. I feel really fortunate to have kept in contact with them. Being "grown up", it is getting increasingly difficult to stay in contact, but I am really thankful that everyone made the time and effort to come.

On the day of my birthday I went to Momofuku Noodle Bar. If you are ever in Toronto, that's definitely a restaurant you should try! The pork belly buns are to die for. I would binge eat those buns if they weren't so fatty and expensive. All in all, I had an amazing birthday and the only thing I regret I didn't do is take pictures!

As you may be aware, Chinese New Year falls on a different date than actual new years. I can't keep track with what day or month it falls on. Sometimes it falls in January and sometimes it's in February. But apparently this year, it's going to be on January 31. Ever since I lived in Toronto, I haven't really done anything to celebrate it. Back in Sudbury (my hometown), our Chinese community would host an event with lots of food, performances, and games. My mother was always Master of Ceremony. I have to say though, her charisma and confidence in public speaking was never passed on to me. But luckily her friendliness did, so I guess I have that going for me!

Anyways, 2014 is the year of the Horse.  Of course, I had to create a nail art to celebrate this special event. Check out the materials after the jump!


  • Red Polish
    • Julep "Scarlett"
  • Gold Glitter Polish
    • Julep "Oscar"
  • Yellow Gold Polish
    • Julep " Felicity" 
  • Black Gel Pen
    • Muji "0.38 Black"
  • Nail Art Brush

Like last year, I wanted to find an image where it incorporate the year and the animal together. Above was the image that inspired my creation. This is pretty similar to the Year of the Snake nail art I did last year. The "2" is the head, while 4 is the hind legs and tail. On the thumb is the Chinese symbol for horse". This nail was pretty easy to do. I simply create the base with the gold polish, allow it to dry and add in the details using my thin black gel pen. I use this technique a lot because it's the best way to create thin lines and add fine details. It's harder to do with a striper brush dipped in black polish. 

If you were looking to do a Chinese New Year nail art, I hope this inspired you as well. I hope you enjoyed this one! I guess I should start thinking up Valentine's Day nail next? Stay tuned!


  1. GORGEOUS! I can never keep track of when CNY falls either. I always have to look it up! I don't really celebrate it being all "banana" and stuff but I really do love the festivities (not so much the food) and the excitement!

  2. Happy birthday! :) I agree with the asian aging except for the afro. waaaay funny. :D I already graduated from college and some people think I'm still in high school. O_O Haha. :D

  3. So awesome! Happy Birthday :)


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