Monday, September 01, 2014

Godiva Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box + Nail Art

Hi my name is Samantha and I am a chocolate addict. My friend just gave me a small container full of mini Lindt chocolates and it's pretty much gone after 2 days. My personal vice is Ferrero Rocher. Even from childhood, I can finish a whole box in one sitting. It's just so good! Seeing as indulging in too much chocolate is rather fattening, every time I received a box of Ferrero Rocher, my mom would literally hide it. Pretty cruel right? Then she would we forget about it, the chocolate would harden and the wafer would go stale. Now that I am an adult, I eat it as a please, so ha! But being older and trying to be a little more health conscious, I try limit myself to a maximum of 3 whenever I do have a box to myself. I try to savor it in a longer time span than over indulging in one instance. Again, key word is "try". So when I was contacted by my good friend's ad firm to try Godiva Mid-Autumn Festival Gift Box, I immediately said yes.

Mid-Autumn festival is traditionally celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. This year, it will be celebrated on September 8. During this celebration, mooncakes are indulged and exchanged between friends and family. Mooncakes are a form of Chinese pastry that is filled with either red bean or lotus seed paste that encompasses an egg yolk inside. I am not the biggest fan of the traditional mooncake (likely because I don't like the texture of the hardened yolk), so I think it's great that some companies have put a modern spin to this traditional bake good. There are "mooncakes" that incorporate unique flavors or simply a different kind of dessert inspired by the shape of the mooncake. I remember celebrating Mid-Autumn and my uncle brought us Haagen-Dazs ice-cream mooncake with a harden chocolate shell. It was really good!

Godiva first introduced these limited edition mooncakes seven years ago. Before it was only available to selected US markets. Now that it has proven it's popularity and success, this mooncake collection is available through US and Canada! It is only available until September 8. If feel like indulging, pick one up while you can!

Check out what the flavors are after the jump!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Duri Rejuvacote: Nail Strengthener Review

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If you suffer from brittle nails like me, I found a product for you! sent me a bottle of Duri Rejuvacote to test out and I must say, it did wonders. Honestly, not sure why my nails are getting so weak. It peels and it breaks easily. My nails were in bad shape overall. To test out this product, I've given my nails a couple of weeks to "breathe" by only wearing this strengthening polish. So that explains my hiatus from nail art blogging. That and just life.

If you're unfamiliar with, it is a website that will fill all your nail needs. They have nail art tools and a huge collection of nail polishes that range from indie brands to more well known brands.  They offer free shipping to all orders within Canada, so that is a pretty awesome bonus.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Honor Spring/Summer 15' Nail Art

I like to follow other nail art bloggers and I saw that Miss Lady Finger did a design from the Honor Spring/Summer collection. I thought it was an adorable design and decided to recreate it myself. I didn't follow her tutorial so it has my own little twist, which incorporated the sponging technique to create the spotty background and of course the dotting technique to create the flowers. I really like the simplicity of this design. I usually like to challenge myself and re-create the more complex pattern. But from time to time, something simple is always fun to do as well. This is definitely something I would categorize for "Beginners". So if you want something cute, colourful and simple to rock on your nails, this is the nail art for you!

Check out materials and tutorial after the jump!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

FIFA Finals Nails: Germany vs. Argentina

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There's a lot of FIFA nail art going around and this is my contribution. I'm totally routing for Germany, but I decided to create both countries that made it to the finals. I actually predicted Netherlands to move on, but clearly I was wrong! So Germany and Argentina it is! 

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Gucci Pre Summer/Spring 15 Nail Art + Born Pretty Store Gold/Silver Stud Review

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It's finally Summer! My favourite part is the definitely the warm weather. I feel so much happier since it's beautiful and sunny outside. I've been behind on my reviews and nail art for a while, so I finally found the time to do this. I was sent the 1.5mm/2mm Punk Half Round Metal Ball Rhinestones Flatback Nail Art Decoration w/box by Born Pretty Store. To simplify, it is a container with gold and silver stud of varying sizes. I used this to create a nail art inspired by an outfit from Gucci Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear collection. I was drawn by the pastel and the mix of patterns. It also gave me a chance to use my new Essie "bikini so teeny" baby blue polish, that I received from the Essie Canada Station at Luminato. 

The package contains 360 pieces, so you can do a lot of nail art with these. I find that these round studs are very versatile and fun to use. If you have never heard of Born Pretty Store, they are basically a Hong Kong based online retailer that sell everything from cute jewellery, phone cases, to make-up at very inexpensive prices. Once you purchase and review their product, you can earn points to put towards your next purchase. These studs cost $3.28 per container. Once you buy 5, it will drive the cost down to $2.92 and when you buy 10, it will cost $2.89! I've been to retail store that sell these product for $8, so getting it through Born Pretty Store is definitely a bargain! $10-$20 can definitely go a long way on this website. In addition, you can use the discount code NVL91 to save 10% off your purchase. The best part is that it is free shipping world wide! For me, I usually receive my package within 3 weeks, which is pretty standard considering it's overseas.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Revlon Colour Stay Event

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On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending one of my first big media event hosted by Revlon Canada. The event was to celebrate 20 years of Revlon's ColourStay and check out all their newly launched products in this established cosmetic line. I brought my fellow blogging friend Jeannie, aka Left in Pink, to attend this event with me.

Using Revlon ColourStay Gel Envy in Full House, Jokers Wild, and Lady Luck
Nail Art Design inspired by Alice by Temperley Spring/Summer 2014

We headed up to the Panaroma Lounge on the 51st Floor of the ManuLife building that had the most amazing view of Toronto. We were greeted by lovely reps at Revlon and we were handed a shopping card that detailed all the products in each station. We were to check off what colours we liked so that the products can be placed in our goody bag at the end of the night. While we were playing with different Revlon products, we were offered drinks (cleverly named after their MoistureStain line) and delicious hor d'oeuvres.


Friday, May 09, 2014

Floral Spring Nail Art + Born Pretty Store Review

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I know I'm getting repetitive when I say I need to start blogging more frequently, but sometimes life happens and life makes people busy. I've fallen behind on a couple of product reviews and my little pile is slowly growing. I'm hoping to get more posts out this month!

First on the list is Born Pretty Store's "3D Nail Art Sticker Nail Charm Metal Style Round Flower Musical Notes Nail Decoration-1pc". It's essentially a really thin metal nail art decal.

When I received it, I was a little thrown off because I was expecting 3 floral variation of the metal decal. But instead, for $8.57, you get only 1 variation and only 12 pieces. They have a lot of different designs to choose from. This is one of the more expensive product that I've reviewed from Born Pretty Store and I'm sad to say that I'm a little underwhelmed. More so for that fact that for that price, there you can definitely buy a larger variety of nail decals from that store. 


If you're interested in checking out this product for yourself or decide to treat yourself to a little haul to this website, be sure to use the promo code: NVL91 to save an extra 10%! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sammy Dress: Vintage Cape Review

No comments : recently contacted me to check out a product of theirs. I haven't done a lot of clothing review so I figured why not? In terms of shopping online, I often find it difficult to buy clothes just because I have a weird body shape. So I absolutely need to try on clothes before I buy it. 

So I always wanted a cloak ever since Blair Waldorf rocked it in two different episodes of Gossip Girl. God, I miss that show! Going a little off topic here, but I think it's so cute that Leighton Meester and Adam Brody got married. I know it's wishful thinking to have an OC/Gossip Girl cross over, but that would be so awesome. My latest television obsession is Scandal and in a pretty recent episode, Olivia Pope wore a gorgeous black cape. That show is my new style inspiration now that Gossip Girl is off the air. Anyways, when I saw this cloak on SammyDress, I just had to have it. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Alexander McQueen Spring RTW 14' Inspired Nail Art

I just want it to be Spring, so for inspiration I've been looking through Spring and Summer on Vogue's website. I'm just honestly so tired of winter, I want to start wearing cute dresses and sandals. For this nail art, the design was inspired by Alexander McQueen's Spring Ready to Wear 2014 collection. The collection has a lot of primary colour and what I would consider as rocker chic. There are a lot of cool intricate patterns and leather too! I tried to represent the design as best I could. 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Oscar de la Renta Autumn/Winter 13-14' Nail Art (St. Patrick's Nail Art #2)

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On to St Patrick's Nail Art #2! This time it is inspired by a dress from Oscar de la Renta Autumn/Winter 2013-2014 collection. I love mix of texture and the different shades of greens.


In order to replicate the ruffled texture, I used a green gel pen to create rough and messy strokes. I also alternated between light and heavy strokes to create shadows and highlights. I applied a translucent and shimmery green polish on top of the pen drawing so that it lighten and blend a little more.  

Monday, March 10, 2014

Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 14'-15' Nail Art (St. Patrick's Nail #1)

St. Patrick's day is coming up in few days so I will be creating a few green-themed nail art idea to wear on that day. I'm pretty excited for it since I am having my fourth annual St. Patrick's day party. Now that I'm out of school (for almost 2.5 years now, holy cow!), any time I get to see a big group of my friends together is always a blast. For this first St. Patrick's nail art, I gave a green spin to the design below from the Alexander Wang Autumn/Winter 14-15' collection. I love the black cut-outs, again it looks complicated but it is surprisingly easy to do. All you need is a steady hand! 

Last year, I created a Chanel inspired nail art with a St. Patrick's twist. So if you're looking for something easier to do, check out the tutorial I did. If you have the time and patience to do this check out the materials and tutorial after the jump! 

Friday, March 07, 2014

Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 14' Inspired Nail Art

I am so over winter already, so I'm bringing out my bright coloured polishes and rocking spring themed nail art to brighten my mood. I recently picked up a few items from the Peter Pilotto and Target collaboration. When I went to Target in Toronto on the day it the collection was made available, the rack was virtually empty. A week and a half later, I went to visit my hometown in Sudbury and the Peter Pilotto section was pretty much untouched. I was able to pick up a lot of stuff that I had my eye on. I absolutely love Peter Pilotto designs because of their use of vibrant colours and contrasting patterns. The collection just seems fun!

This design is inspired by Peter Pilotto Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Honestly, out of the whole collection, I felt this design was the easiest to replicate.


Check out the materials after the jump!

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Zuhair Murad Fall Couture 13' Inspired Nail Art

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A little while ago, I posted one of my fashion inspired nail art creation onto Reddit. A commenter asked me if I had done any design inspired by Zuhair Murad Couture 13' Fall collection to which I told her that I have done nail art design inspired by him, just not from that collection. She referred me to the collection and I obviously thought it was stunning ensemble of dresses.


Honestly, in my eyes, designer like Zuhair Murad and Marchesa can do no wrong. They design beautiful princess dresses that every girl dreams of. For now, I'm happy with replicating the design on my nails. Maybe one day I'll own a dress by them (ideally my wedding dress). 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pastel Floral Grid Nail + Born Pretty Store Leaf and Square Pastel Studs Review

Born Pretty Store was kind enough to let me check out 3 more products. First up, their leaf and square shaped Pastel Studs or as they like to call it "Hot-sell 300Pcs Mini Square Leaf Round Shape Candy Colored Stud Rhinestone Nail Art Decoration w/box". 

They come in 4 sets: (1) Neon Leaf and Square Studs (2) Pastel Leaf and Square Studs (3) Pastel Leaf and Circle Studs and (4) Neon Leaf and Round Studs. I chose #2 because I like pastels and I wanted the leaf shape studs. If you love working with little nail art decor, this would be an excellent addition. They currently sell for $7.59 US for 1, but if you buy 5+ or 10+, you get a nice discount. Of course, if you use my code: NVL91 you can save an additional 10%! As always, it is free shipping! 

In this box of studs, you 300 pieces in 6 colours of square and leaf shaped studs. It comes in Pink, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Green, and Orange. So you can definitely have a lot of fun with these! I decided to create a Floral Grid Nail Art, for some reason it reminds me of Tron. In order to have these studs really stick and stay on your nail, you want to immerse the stud into top coat and use a tweezer to to place it on your nail. Check out the tutorial after the jump!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Olympics Nails: Skating Costume Inspired

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I can't believe another Olympic event has come and gone. Personally, I enjoy watching summer sports a lot more. As for Winter Olympics, I definitely couldn't miss figure skating and hockey. I definitely woke up early today to catch the 7 AM Canada versus Sweden game. As much as I wanted to go and watch it with my fellow proud Canadians at a bar, watching the game in the comfort of my warm bed just seemed more appealing. Nonetheless, I am so happy we dominated that game!

Like Gymnastics, figure skating and ice dancing are known for their lovely costumes. Vera Wang was a former figure skater, who designed costumes for skaters like Nancy Kerrigan. Christian Lacroix also designed couture skating outfits as well! But for an elite skater, I read they could easily spend $10,000 a year on costume alone. Anyways, I was inspired by these designs just like I did with the Gymnastic Costumes in the Summer Olympics. I tried to pick outfits that had the same colour theme and I tried to fit in at least two Canadians! So here is what I came with below.

On the thumb, the design was inspired by South Korean figure skater, So Youn Park. On the index figure, this simple design was inspired by ice dancer and Canadian sweetheart, Tessa Virtue. Tessa happens to be one of my University Residence Floormate's cousin, which is really cool! On the middle finger, I was inspired by Canadian figure skater, Patrick Chan. On the ring finger, the design was inspired by the Olympic medals. I chose to Gold Medal specifically for obvious reasons! I absolutely love the detailed patchwork theme used throughout the Olympics. I tried to simplify it, while remaining true to the design, for my tiny nails. Finally the design on the pinky was inspired by Russian figure skater, Yulia Lipnitskaya. It makes me feel so old to know that some of these Olympians and medalists are as young as 15! 


For materials used, check out after the jump! 

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Born Pretty Store Review: Multicolour Nail Studs

Happy February everyone! I can't believe we're onto month number 2 already. For this post, I will be reviewing Born Pretty Store's "400pcs 2mm Round Square Fluorescent Lighter Colors Stud Rhinestones Nail Art Decoration with box". Apparently these studs are a pretty hot sellers because the darker version were sold out! I placed my request a while ago and the package came within 2 and a half weeks. Born Pretty Store is a great place to get all the supplies because it is affordable, they have a huge variety, and it's free international shipping with no minimum order! 

These studs were very fun to work with! I absolutely love the pastel colours and I find it very versatile. It is sold for $5.99 and unfortunately, the price doesn't get cheaper the more you buy like it usually does. But still, it is absolutely reasonable considering these are sold for wholesale prices. You can also save an extra 10% when you use the code: NVL91 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Marchesa Autumn/Winter 13' Inspired Nail Art

So last night I did a Marchesa Nail Art from their Autumn/Winter 12-13' Collection. At first, I wanted to do another set of Chinese New Year nails with a gold and yellow combination. But somehow I found myself back to ogling yet another Marchesa collection. Everything is just so feminine and pretty! Mark my words, one day I will own a dress... perhaps a wedding dress! This inspiration came from Marchesa's Autumn/Winter 13-14' Collection. I decided to forgo my Chinese New Year nail art idea and chose re-create the pattern from the dress below. 

 Since my nails are rather small, it's very difficult to fit in all the details of the dress. I did what I can to simplify the design while maintaining and staying true to the aesthetics. In case you're curious, my nails are about 1 cm in length and a little less in width. For this design, I had to fit a lot of details into my little canvas!

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