Friday, May 31, 2013

Game of Thrones Nail Art: Daenerys Targaryen

So kids have their paper dolls and their plastic dolls, but for the young at heart, we now have what I would like to call "Nail Dolls". I browse through enough Instagram photos and nail art blog to know that it hasn't really been done. So a Nail Doll is a subset of the ever so popular "puzzle nail", where you put your fingers nails side by side to create one full image. For the nail doll, the head is painted on the thumb and the torso with the outfits are painted on the other fingers. When you match up the nail tip of the thumb to nail tip of each finger, it would look like it's changing outfit. You can even paint the bottom half on the body on the opposite hand to make it look like a full body nail doll!

I first came up with a nail doll design for Julep's Breast Cancer Nail Art contest. I knew I had to do it again since so many people liked it and eventually, I ended up winning the contest! Just be warned, like anything you do, the more detail you put in to this type of nail art the longer it will take. I think I spent a good hour doing Daenery's face and another hour doing all the outfits. Yesterday turned out be a good time for me to do another nail doll design because I was sick and lost my appetite so doing nail art definitely made me feel a little better. It shifted my focus to something else. I wasn't so focused on my congestion, runny nose, and sore throat. When I get sick, it keeps me up all night and I feel like a train wreck the entire day. Enough of my rant, please enjoy my nail art! 

I used the above pictures as my costume inspiration. The clothing were fairly easy to replicate but it's Daenerys' face that gave me the most difficulty. The shading in the face was really hard to achieve because if you work the nail polishes to much it became clumpy. If you made a mistake like I did a number of times, you need at least two layers of polish to cover it up. So yes, the face alone took a good hour to get to the point where I was somewhat happy with it.  The eyes were also tricky to do because you need such a small dot and an even smaller dot for the pupil. 

In case you were curious, those were all the polishes that I used to complete the nail art. I have a lot of polishes that I collected through the Julep program and if it weren't nail art, I don't think I would wear it on its own. Julep Sally looks terrible with my skin tone but it is the best skin tone polish I've used for nail art. Before I had to mix a orange-beige polish with white to resemble skin tone. When Julep Otte is mixed with white, it makes a good shade or low-light color. So in the darker part of the face, that's what I did. 

Anyways, I hope you like this nail art. I had a lot of fun doing it and I think you should totally give "Nail Dolls" a try! I would love to see other people's interpretation and creativity. Below is my first Vine video that I did for fun, enjoy! (You might need to turn it off mute)


  1. This is so great!!! I love this idea!!))

  2. love it... though i don't know how can I perfect the art.. a simple flower i cant even do how much more with so complicated design.. :( nice art though...

    greetings from southeast asia,
    style me pretty

  3. So amazing! I love how you can join the thumb with your other fingers to complete her outfit - genius!

  4. Oh my freakin' goodness!!! So cool!!! I wish I could draw faces as well as you do!

  5. You always do the best nail designs, very creative!!
    Looks so much like a painting on canvas *0*

    恵美より ♥

  6. No way!! These are amazing!! I can't believe you can do that, you have such skill! Your my new nail guru :)

  7. Your nails are always so awesome! You have awesome talent!!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  8. Oh man these just look SO SO rad! I love them! ps- let me know if you would like to follow each other! xx

  9. These are by far the best nail art i have seen in ages i absolutely love them :)

    Follow me (I know mine aren't quite as good as yours but i would love for you to take a look some time) :)

  10. You are so talented! Wish I was able to do something like this xx


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