Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vintage Floral Nail Art


I'm sitting here writing this post just a couple hours after I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled. I'm so surprised how alert I am right now. I thought I would have one of those weird kind of "David after Dentist" aftermath, but nope. Anyways these nail were done last night. I wanted to do a vintage floral inspired nail art. Most vintage nail art designs that I've seen other people do use pale blue background with bright pink flowers with leaves. They also add in a striped accent nail to complete the look. I felt that specific design has been done a million times already, so I googled for other vintage floral pattern.

I stumbled upon this monochromatic wall paper design and decided that I really liked it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the yellowish green in my collection. I chose to use a muted blue to replicate the dullness of vintage design colors. It also gives the design a little more contrast than the wallpaper. Also in this design, instead of using black nail polish and nail art brush to create the outline, I used a black gel pen instead. I stumbled upon this technique when I was at work a while ago. It was during my downtime and I wanted to fixed a flower on my past design. So I just grabbed my black gel pen and I was surprised as to how well it glided on. So here's a nifty little trick for people who want to add more intricacy into their nail art, use a black gel pen! Pens are much easier to control than fine nail art brushes. You won't need to worry about thick globs of polishes, so you should definitely give it a try!

I nicked my thumb, so that's why you don't see my claw on display! Keep reading for the tutorial!


  • Yellow Ivory Polish
    • Julep "Sally"
  • Pale Yellow Polish
    • Julep "Leila"
  • Pale Blue Polish
    • Julep "Julianne"
  • Matte Top Coat
    • Julep "Matte Top Coat"
  • Black Gel Pen
    • Muji "0.38 Black Pen"
  • Nail Art Brush
  • Dotter

  1. Paint your nail in pale blue and allow it to dry. 
  2. Using a nail art brush, use the ivory yellow polish to create the body of the flowers, stems, and leaves. Since most yellow polishes are translucent, this ivory yellow will give the flowers more dimension and allow the yellow polish to pop more. 
  3. Using the pale yellow polish, paint on top of the the design you already created in the previous step. You do not need to fill it out all the way. The bottom layer of the polish can resemble the highlight of the flower. Allow your polish to dry completely.
  4. Using a black gel pen with a fine tip, draw in the details of the flowers. Create the petals, stems, and leaves. 
  5. Using your dotter, add in some dots in the negative space of the design. This is just to give it some extra details, but this can be an optional step.
  6. Since vintage designs have very muted colors, apply a matte top coat to eliminate the shine and make the colors less vibrant. 
Anyways, this is my little spin on vintage nail design using a black gel pen. Let me know what you think! 

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  1. Such a cute design!! You make it looks so easy!!

  2. Gorgeous!! Love the colours, love the style!!! I shall pretend those are my nails for the day ;P

  3. So gorgeous Sam! Good to know that my teenage phase of buying gel pens will come in handy yet again!

    1. HAHA! Before my collection of nail polishes, I also had a collection of gel pens!

    2. I STILL have my Sakura Gellies!

    3. Do they still work? I need to go to my parent's house and find my stash.

  4. These are so beautiful!! I saw them and just had to give them a try! I didn't get them anywhere near as neat as yours but I still like them, maybe I should try with a gel pen next time! I was going to post my attempt on my blog (giving credit to you of course!) but wanted to check you were okay with it first?


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