Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moschino Autumn 13-14' Inspired Nail Art + Born Pretty Store Review

This will be a two part blog today with a review and a nail art tutorial using the products. I haven't done a fashion inspired nail art, so I figured it is time for one! For more information about the review and my inspiration, just keep on reading!

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The other day, I received a package from Born Pretty Store with the two items I chose to review. The first product I chose were the 12 pack Rounded Glitter pots. The second product was a set of nail art brushes. I chose nail art brushes because the one I had before are fraying out and I just needed a new set. The one I originally wanted were unavailable, so these were my second choice. Just a precursor, I ended up being pretty happy with set of brushes.

These set of nail brush cost $3.51 and if you buy more, you drive the cost down per a set. Plus if you use the promo code: NVL91 you get an additional 10% off!

Obviously, the first thing I liked about this product is the inexpensive price. The ones I see in nail art supply store cost an upward of $5. The second is the variety this set gives me from thicker tip to extremely fine tip. If you have been following my nail art for a while now, you know how I like my intricacies and details! So the extremely fine tip is perfect for me. 

The thickest brush out of the set is called "0", while the thinnest one is "0000". The brush comes in Maroon, Light Blue, Navy Blue, and Yellow. In the picture above, it gives you an idea of the thickness of each brush strokes but I think the dotting gives a better representation of the brush since it shows you how fine the tips are. But remember, the stroke thickness also depends on how much pressure you apply when you create the lines. 

  • Maroon "0": This brush is great for painting large areas and filling in nail art drawing. I don't foresee myself using this brush that much.
  • Light Blue "00": This brush is also good for filling in large areas or creating bold strokes. I think I'll use this brush over the thicker Maroon brush
  • Navy Blue "000": One of the finer brush in the set. I think I will be using this brush a little more to create my designs. It is very can create extremely fine details and it can also create large prints. I think this will be my new "go to" brush for all my nail art. 
  • Yellow "0000": This brush is extremely fine and I will be most likely using this for outlining purposes. I see myself using this brush a lot as well. 
The only negative experience I have with this brush is that the one of the brush came off the handle, so I had to tape it together. Also make sure you don't wipe the handle with nail polish remover because the color will come off! 

Now time for my nail art tutorial inspired by Moschino Fall/Winter 13-14' collection. I absolutely love how posh and clean the looks were throughout the collection. It is very "British" for sure! Anyways, I was inspired by a pattern they used for a dress and suit and I'm happy the nail replication turned out pretty well. At least to my standard anyways!


  1. Paint your base black and allow it to dry. Using a thicker nail art brush, such as Born Pretty "0" brush, and white polish replicate the swirls and florals of the Moschino dress. With the dotter, create varying sized dots to replicate the pattern. White polish is used in this step to allow the pattern to stand out more.
  2. With red polish and the Born Pretty "0" brush, go over all the white design. 
  3. Using the silver polish and Born Pretty "0000" brush, outline the swirls. If you accidentally make the outline too thick, dip your Born Pretty Store "000" brush in red polish and paint it over the part of the silver stroke to make it look thinner.
  4. Next mix a little bit of black polish with red polish to create dark red. Using the Born Pretty "0000" brush, paint in different area of the swirl and dots to give it some shadows
I hope you enjoy this post and let me know what you think! 


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