Saturday, February 09, 2013

Chinese New Year Nails: Snake

Shout out to all my fellow Chinese Lacqueristas out there! Tomorrow is our official Chinese New Year, so I hope your day is full of amazing food and company. I have a lot of precious Chinese New Year memories growing up in Sudbury like performing some traditional Chinese dances with my group of friends. We've done the Fan dance, Sword dance, Ribbon dance, Lantern Dance, and so on. It was a lot of fun! 

When I was little, the Chinese New Year event was primarily attended by just Chinese people (no duh!). But I went to one a couple years back and I saw how much it changed. Caucasian couples who adopted Chinese girl bring them to the event to get them accustomed to their native culture and perform the dances that I use to do, people are bringing their friends from different backgrounds, and so on. It has definitely become a lot more multicultural, which is really lovely to see. I definitely miss the lucky draw at the end of the night, every year I always win something! Here in Toronto, I haven't really found a "Chinese community" that host events like this. So tomorrow, I'm planning to head to Markham to eat some Peking Duck with a close friend of mine. I am actually looking forward to that!  

Anyways, in celebration of the year of the snake, here is my Chinese New Year inspired nail art! I was inspired by a couple of image that I googled and I just made it my own. On the thumb, I did a traditional Chinese lantern, with the Chinese and English word of "Snake". 

Here's a close-up of my nail art. I am really happy with how it turned out! The snake looks a lot better than I imagined. Anyways, I hope you all have a very healthy and prosperous new year. Are you going to any Chinese New Year festivities?


  1. Happy Chinese New Year! What a great mani :)

  2. 新年好! This is brilliant so much talent you have!

    Just Smile.

  3. Oh, you have a great blog, a lot of nice polishes and I love your nail designs. i will follow you for sure.
    Please visit my blog and discover a lot of nail designs. Kisses.

  4. Very cute! Love it! Happy belated Chinese New Year! Hope you had a lovely one.

  5. You're an artist ! Great blog :)
    Add me on Facebook if you want us to stay updated

  6. That is amazing, wish I could do designs that well, plus I was born in the year of the snake which just makes me like it more


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