Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moschino Autumn 13-14' Inspired Nail Art + Born Pretty Store Review

This will be a two part blog today with a review and a nail art tutorial using the products. I haven't done a fashion inspired nail art, so I figured it is time for one! For more information about the review and my inspiration, just keep on reading!

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The other day, I received a package from Born Pretty Store with the two items I chose to review. The first product I chose were the 12 pack Rounded Glitter pots. The second product was a set of nail art brushes. I chose nail art brushes because the one I had before are fraying out and I just needed a new set. The one I originally wanted were unavailable, so these were my second choice. Just a precursor, I ended up being pretty happy with set of brushes.

These set of nail brush cost $3.51 and if you buy more, you drive the cost down per a set. Plus if you use the promo code: NVL91 you get an additional 10% off!

Obviously, the first thing I liked about this product is the inexpensive price. The ones I see in nail art supply store cost an upward of $5. The second is the variety this set gives me from thicker tip to extremely fine tip. If you have been following my nail art for a while now, you know how I like my intricacies and details! So the extremely fine tip is perfect for me. 

The thickest brush out of the set is called "0", while the thinnest one is "0000". The brush comes in Maroon, Light Blue, Navy Blue, and Yellow. In the picture above, it gives you an idea of the thickness of each brush strokes but I think the dotting gives a better representation of the brush since it shows you how fine the tips are. But remember, the stroke thickness also depends on how much pressure you apply when you create the lines. 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Chinese New Year Nails: Snake

Shout out to all my fellow Chinese Lacqueristas out there! Tomorrow is our official Chinese New Year, so I hope your day is full of amazing food and company. I have a lot of precious Chinese New Year memories growing up in Sudbury like performing some traditional Chinese dances with my group of friends. We've done the Fan dance, Sword dance, Ribbon dance, Lantern Dance, and so on. It was a lot of fun! 

When I was little, the Chinese New Year event was primarily attended by just Chinese people (no duh!). But I went to one a couple years back and I saw how much it changed. Caucasian couples who adopted Chinese girl bring them to the event to get them accustomed to their native culture and perform the dances that I use to do, people are bringing their friends from different backgrounds, and so on. It has definitely become a lot more multicultural, which is really lovely to see. I definitely miss the lucky draw at the end of the night, every year I always win something! Here in Toronto, I haven't really found a "Chinese community" that host events like this. So tomorrow, I'm planning to head to Markham to eat some Peking Duck with a close friend of mine. I am actually looking forward to that!  

Anyways, in celebration of the year of the snake, here is my Chinese New Year inspired nail art! I was inspired by a couple of image that I googled and I just made it my own. On the thumb, I did a traditional Chinese lantern, with the Chinese and English word of "Snake". 

Valentine Nails #2: Ombre Pop Heart Nails

For my second nail art for the Valentine series, this is my Valentine's Ombre Pop Art Nails. I wanted to do some ombre nails with a Valentine twist, and this was what I came up with. This can be easily done free hand, but I had a nail art image plate to speed up the process. 

Check out the tutorial after the jump

Friday, February 08, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Round Glitters

For those who are in Southern Ontario, I hope you enjoy the oh so wonderful snow. We hardly had any snow all December and January, now, it all came at once. We got two months worth of snow today! Luckily for me, my boss called just when I was about to head out and told me to stay in. My first Snow Day from work! Anyways, on a brighter note, Born Pretty Store sent me two more products to test out, the glitter pots and nail art brushes! 

The glitter pots come in a package of 12 for $7.60 per package (about $0.63/pot). As always with most of their products in their online store,  if you buy a larger quantity, it drives the cost down per item. I truly believe this is best place to buy all your nail art needs because they have a huge variety at a very affordable price! I've been to a couple nail supply store and one pot of glitter cost about $1 and it's usually half full.

The 12 glitter pots come in silver, yellow, hot pink, lime green, orange, white, blue, black, purple, dark green, gold, and red. You can use them for accent nails, nail art decoration, and anything you can imagine. You can use with as a solid color, or create a mixture of colours. They're pretty fun to play with! 

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Valentine Nails #1: Candy Hearts

Wow, I can't believe we're onto the second month of 2013! February is the month of love and I guess it's time for some lovey dovey nail art. This first nail art of the Valentine's series is yummy, colorful candy hearts. I did a variation of this last year and it turned out pretty well. So I decided to do a more refined version of it along with a tutorial. It's with a combination of stamping (to save time) and free-hand. I did two versions of it just to inspire a few options. You can definitely add to it! 

Check out the tutorial after the jump!

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