Saturday, January 19, 2013

Matte Nail Art with Born Pretty BK Super Matte Surface Oil

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A while back Born Pretty Store sent me a matte polish to review. I totally put this in the back burner until now. But anyways, last night I found some time to play around this super matte polish. This BK Super Matte Surface Oil is $4.36 for one, but when you buy more the price lowers. So if you have 10 friends who are interested in getting a matte polish, you each would pay $3.88! This is actually a great price for a matte top coat. I've seen prices that ranges for $8 to $15! So if you're looking for a inexpensive matte polish, this is a great alternative. On top of that, you can get 10% off using the code: NVL91

What I like about Matte Top coat versus Matte Color polish is the flexibility. You can turn any polishes that you own matte. I love the effect of matte polish, it makes my nail art look like stickers! A lot of matte top coats have a thicker consistency, and this one is no different.  You want to apply a thicker layer and spread the polish in light strokes to avoid nicks and brush strokes marks.  

I'm pretty sure "surface" is spelt wrong

For more matte nail art idea, read on after the jump.

Overall, I really like the polish! I own a more expensive matte polish from Julep, and I feel like BK Matte Polish achieve similar quality. The only downside is that I find the brush a little big and so sometimes it's hard to paint right to the edge. Other than that, I think this matte polish is definately worth purchasing.

These are some matte polish nail art idea that I came up with. My favorite was my pinky, so that's why I recreated. I like the design without a third tier of bubbles, which is why I didn't add it.


  1. Sam I'm absolutely loving the thumb on the bottom picture... can I request a tutorial on doing that? :)

  2. What is the dry time like on this Matte?
    I have another but I get impatient waiting for it to dry because it takes a while :)

    1. I give it about 8 to 10 minutes to harden. I apply a relatively thick layer so it spreads evenly to the edges.

  3. I will have to look into this! Ive been wanting a matte topcoat for a long time now! :)


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