Sunday, January 20, 2013

February 2013 Julep Maven Preview

January 20th time! You know what that means.... it's Julep Sneak Peek (also I'm officially a year older).  My parent's anniversary is the day before mine, so my present to them is that I didn't grow up to be a total screw-up. Every year my mom would write this long heartfelt birthday card, and every year I tear up! I'm pretty sappy when it comes to sentimental things.

Moving on, I've stopped doing Sneak Preview post just because every one is doing them and I don't really have anything to add to the blogosphere than what has already been said. This post is slightly different because I want to remind everyone that my Birthday Giveaway is still happening and the prize is finally be revealed!! I'm going to giveaway all the products featured as a thank you for all the people who purchased through my referral link in the past. Also, Julep Golden Box only feature 5 polish, as oppose to 11 polishes in the upgrade I'm giving away. But the Golden Box also has a "stylish product" and it's also much rarer to win!

So this month's theme is "Red Carpet Ready Colour", a tribute to leading ladies of the past and present. In addition to the 11 nail polish, they also added their much anticipated Freedom Top Coat and an Oxygen Nail Treatment. So Freedom Top Coat allows your nails to be dried and ready in a mere 5 minutes! I believe the nail treatment is a nail strengthener, which is something I definitely need! 

If you're new to the whole Julep Maven program, it's essentially a nail polish/Julep branded product subscription service. The regular fee is $19.99, but you can try it out for $0.01. Simply complete the style quiz and type in the promo code JULEPVIP to reduce your price to a penny! Ready to check out the Maven program? I would love if you used my cousin's referral link to sign up!

Check out the Glamour Nail wardrobe. Instead of $30, it's an extra $35 to upgrade the box. So if you need to pay for the box, it is $55. It also cost 5500 jules instead of 5000! I think it's well worth it because this is one of the highest value wardrobe box I've seen! It's usually around $175+, but this is a $252 value set! So don't you want to enter now?! Click HERE if you do!

Take a closer look at the colours after the jump!

Boho Glam
Ingrid: Burnt orange creme
Julianne: Smoky grey blue creme

Ginger: Sand holographic
Laura: Olive khaki creme

American Beauty
Sally: Antique ivory creme
Joan: Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer

Classic with a Twist
Claudette: Smoky brick red creme
Helen: Smoky pastel lavender creme 

It Girl
Joan: Raspberry plum with rose gold shimmer
Rebel: Silver holographic
Marion: Smoky blue with silver shimmer

To check out the add on previews, click HERE

PS. Is anyone having trouble with their Julep Account? It says I need to call the customer service! I guess I need to wait until tomorrow! 


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Samantha! I hope you got another long sentimental and sweet card from your mom!

    1. Thanks Jayne! She DEFINATELY did and she almost made me cry again lol

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