Monday, December 23, 2013

Sally Hansen: 2014 Sneak Preview


Santa Clause made an early visit to my home this week. Most likely by a special request from Sally Hansen and Coty (the Parent Company). Anyways, it was amazing to be greeted with a gift bag full of goodies. But in all seriousness, I was asked by Coty's PR company if I was interested in checking out samples and products from Coty. Without a single ounce of hesitation, of course I said yes! 

The above nail art was done using the nail art pens provided by Sally Hansen. This was my first time using nail art pens and I highly recommend it for beginner nail art enthusiasts. It is very simple to control.

The goody bag was filled with assorted products from nail art tools to nail polishes that will be in Sally Hansen's 2014 collection. Want to know what the Sally Hansen Santa gave me? Check it out after the jump!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Vintage Pearl Nail Art

So I'm playing catch up with some of my reviews. This set of varying sized pearls was provided to me by Born Pretty Store back in June. I got this at the same time as the multi-colour pearls, which I provided a more punctual review in mid-June. Anyways, up until end of October has been very hectic for me, but I'm glad I have a little more free time to do some nail art. 

If you have never heard of Born Pretty Store, they are an amazing e-commerce store with an abundance of nail art products, as well as jewellery, make-up, and so on! You can literally spend hours on the site because they have so much variety. This site sell their products at whole sale prices so you can definitely get a lot of bang for your buck. Also, they offer free worldwide shipping without a minimum purchase order! The products ships from Hong Kong and I received it within two weeks time but it may vary from location to location. 

Along with the multi-color pearl, I received this product known as "3 Sizes Nail Art Baby Pearl Rhinestone Decoration + Wheel". You can buy this product for $4.14 if you buy one. But if you or your friends decided to get 3 or more, you get a small discount! Also, if you use my code NVL91, you can save an additional 10%!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Breaking Bad Nail Art

So I jumped on the Breaking Bad band wagon and went on a two week binge watching all 5 seasons! I'm obsessed and I'm glad I watched it after the series completed. My favorite character has to be Gustavo Fring. I love how he maintains his composure and is totally zen-like in the most bad ass situations. I want to just go on a Breaking Bad rant, but I don't want to be a Spoiling Sally in case other people want to watch it.

It has been a while since I've done a really complex nail art. I think my Game of Thrones nail art exhausted all creative energy out of me. Maybe that's why I went on a hiatus because I put so much effort into it and I didn't know how to top it. I know they are excuses, but I wanted to challenge myself again.

So this is what I came up with. From googling other Breaking Bad nail art, the concept of incorporating the smoke scene from the opening, blue meth, and Walter White/Heisenberg is pretty unoriginal. But here is my contribution and my interpretation to what is already out there. At first I wanted use the plastic bag technique to create Walter White, but I didn't let it dry properly and ruined it. Then I gave up and decided to draw it directly on my nails instead, which I found to be much easier. 

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review #2: GET YOUR FIRST PAIR FREE

Hello everyone! Wow, it's been ages since I've blogged but life just gives you unexpected twists and turns. I've been on a completely weird emotional roller coaster ride that I've never really experienced in my life before, especially in such a short time frame. There were a lot of happy times but there were also a lot of frustrating and sad times as well. It was quite literally a full spectrum of emotions that stemmed from various different situations. I just found it so odd that these extreme highs and extreme lows came one after another. Going through some negative experiences and having things somehow work out is what keeps life interesting! I'm thankful that I have a lot supportive friends to talk to while going through these life events!

I used Julep Lena, Julep Dianna, and Julep Brigitte and a black gel pen 

I am an optimistic thinker and I am always looking at the brighter side of things. I always have faith that things will work out for me in the end. I am still waiting for some areas of my life to work itself out, but I'm excited to see what happens. The biggest change in my life has been my a new job. I now work for a media company where a lot of my program's alumni work so I felt right at home very early on. Anyways, I know I sound cryptic but that's just my little life rant to explain my hiatus from my blog. Now that I have more stability in my life again, I think I can get back into posting more frequently! First up, my Firmoo Glasses review.

I just want to apologize to Firmoo for my delayed review. They've contacted me back in September and have been patiently anticipating for this post. So here it finally is!

The glasses I chose were #CP6082 because of the blue details. If you have read my previous post, you know that I have a pretty extensive glasses collection and blue glasses was something I didn't have. This glasses is perfect for people who want the classic look of black frames and be a little adventurous without looking ridiculous. This glasses is $39.00 on their website, but Firmoo has a special promotion for new user where you can get your first pair FREE with the promo code: FIRMOOFREE. They have a lot of great options available, so feel free to wear something outside your comfort zone!

Click to enlarge 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Multicolour Pearls

If you read my last post, you would know about my little shipping debacle. This time around, my package from Born Pretty Store came within 2 weeks! That's pretty fast considering it shipped from Hong Kong. I decided to try out their "3mm Colorful Half Pearls" because the variety of colours stood out to me. I try to imagine the nail art I can do before I settle on a product and I found that this could be very versatile. 

This circular nail art box comes with 12 different coloured half pearl. They come in light brown, white, black, red, peach, light green, light pink, dark blue, baby blue, orange, purple, and hot pink. I was really eager to use it so that is why some sections  doesn't look as full as others. You can get this in the Born Pretty Store for $4.74. As always, the more quantities you buy, the lower the cost. On top of that you can use my code NVL91 to get 10% off!   

Friday, May 31, 2013

Game of Thrones Nail Art: Daenerys Targaryen

So kids have their paper dolls and their plastic dolls, but for the young at heart, we now have what I would like to call "Nail Dolls". I browse through enough Instagram photos and nail art blog to know that it hasn't really been done. So a Nail Doll is a subset of the ever so popular "puzzle nail", where you put your fingers nails side by side to create one full image. For the nail doll, the head is painted on the thumb and the torso with the outfits are painted on the other fingers. When you match up the nail tip of the thumb to nail tip of each finger, it would look like it's changing outfit. You can even paint the bottom half on the body on the opposite hand to make it look like a full body nail doll!

I first came up with a nail doll design for Julep's Breast Cancer Nail Art contest. I knew I had to do it again since so many people liked it and eventually, I ended up winning the contest! Just be warned, like anything you do, the more detail you put in to this type of nail art the longer it will take. I think I spent a good hour doing Daenery's face and another hour doing all the outfits. Yesterday turned out be a good time for me to do another nail doll design because I was sick and lost my appetite so doing nail art definitely made me feel a little better. It shifted my focus to something else. I wasn't so focused on my congestion, runny nose, and sore throat. When I get sick, it keeps me up all night and I feel like a train wreck the entire day. Enough of my rant, please enjoy my nail art! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Born Pretty 12-Variety Studs Review

I love collaborating with, but unfortunately this time it didn't go as smoothly as before. Somewhere in the 3 to 5 week shipping, the product I requested got lost in transit. Daisy from BornPretty was extremely diligent and was quick to send me a replacement as soon as she heard that I have not recieved it. She even offered an extra product for me to check out. But the second shipment got lost in transit as well. Anyways, from this experience I can definately vouch for their amazing customer service.

We've all heard that third time's the charm and indeed it is. I finally recieved my 12-Variety Studs Box. That's not the official name for it, but that's what I'm calling it. I think it summarizes what this box encloses pretty well. This circular container has a wheel cover with one opening, which allow you take out decals from one section at a time. This is a very common container to hold tiny nail art items these day. This container hold 12 different types of studs that are either gold, silver, or black. This product sells for $4.89 for one and as you buy more the price decreases. I've been to retail store that sell nail decals and it can go as high as $10! Born Pretty is definitely a great place to purchase inexpensive nail art supplies and shipping is free worldwide! Also, don't forget to use the discount code NVL91 to get an additional 10% off!  

Keep reading after the jump! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Emerald Foil by KKCenterHK

Ever since Emerald was announced Pantone Colour of 2013, I've always wanted to create an emerald nail art. I tried doing it by hand a while back, but I failed miserable. Brittany from Precious Polish actually did an amazing emerald nail art by hand. It is insanely detailed, so you should check her out.

KKCenterHK contacted me about a month ago to check out a product of theirs. They are an online shop based in Hong Kong that sell false eyelashes, nail and hair products. Since I never worked with foil before, I decided to choose their N.NAIL Green Diamond Hidden Nail Foil Transfer. They are sold for $7.69 for the foil and $12.00 for the foil and adhesive. There have 30 different foil patterns to choose from. Another favorite of mine is the Bubble Drop and Galaxy Diamond pattern.

The foil comes in a very long roll. It id 150 cm or 59" in length and 4 cm or 1.5" in width.  If you're not wasteful with the product and use just the right amount, this roll of foil can easily cover more than 50 nails. The bottle that holds the foil adhesive is about 7 ml so this could last for a while as well.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

The Great Gatsby Nails

The Great Gatsby is out this week and I am in awe by how visual the movie is. I am definitely looking forward to watching it! Because of this movie, the roaring twenties fashion is coming back to style. I definitely love the aesthetic, but I bet is because the movie makes it look so good! I haven't had the chance to read the book, but I want to watch the movie first. Most people are always disappointed by the movie after they read the book. So hopefully since I have no expectation for the movie, I can enjoy it for what it is. I can't wait to see all the fashion and the glitz! 

To commemorate the opening of this movie I decided to create The Great Gatsby inspired nail. This nail art is inspired by the movie poster. I tried to recreate Daisy's (Carey Mulligan) profile with her gorgeous headpiece from the movie poster. Then I improvised Gatsby's profile. I think it turned out pretty well!

For more pictures, check it out after the jump!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Firmoo Glasses Review: Get your FIRST PAIR FREE!

I have a confession. Not only am I a nail polish addict, I am also a glasses and sunglasses hoarder. I still remember the thrill of purchasing my first designer eyewear. The sales person ended up convincing me to try a very bold coloured glasses and I ended up getting two that day, my white frameless Dolce & Gabbana and my red Gianfranco Ferre half-frames. 

A year later, I started earning my own money and I knew I wanted to add a black Chanel frame into my collection. So I did at the same place where I purchased the previous two. Now, fast forward a couple years, I now have 8 glasses that I regularly wear. Over my life time, I think I've owed about 13 pairs! But the ones I don't wear that often are the cheap-o types or I actually lost them.

(Top; Left) Firmoo, Chanel, Gucci
Gianfranco Ferre, Dolce & Gabanna, Furla
Masuku, Roxy, Firmoo

Anyways this post isn't about my collection. It is about Firmoo! If you haven't heard of Firmoo before, it is a Global Online Optical Store. They sell glasses and sunglasses at a very affordable price. They have a virtual try-on program, which allows you upload your picture so it can give you an idea of how it fits on your face.The awesome people at Firmoo sent mea pair of glasses and sunglasses to check out. You can also get your first pair of glasses absolutely FREE. Keep reading to see how!

Check out the glasses I picked out! 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plaid Nails

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I must be in my blue period or something, because the past two nail art have been blue! Anyways, in this post I'm going to show you how to create intricate plaid nails. People will think it's one of those nail decal stickers or something! You can use any colors you want, but I guess I just gravitate towards the blue hues this month. Again, I'm using my amazing 0.38 Muji gel pen to get the fine details of this nail art. I am seriously obsessed with this technique because it's so easy to control and you don't have to worry about globs of polish ruining your design. Seriously, never buy a black nail art polish with a striper brush!

At first, I wanted to create a plaid cut out shapes inspired by a dress I saw online. But that proved to be more challenging than I imagined. Anyways, this is much easier than it looks. So if you are interested, follow the tutorial after the jump!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daffodil Day Cancer Awareness Nails

Boo it's day two of my wisdom teeth recovery period. I can feel the pain in my extraction site. I feel bad not being at work because I took yesterday off too. Hopefully my workload is manageable when I go back. My diet so far consist of canned soups, ice-cream, and pain killers. I really want a big juicy steak right now!

Anyways, April is Cancer Awareness Month in Canada. April 27 is Canadian Cancer Society's Daffodil day. A day where we think about the people living with cancer and who have died of cancer. Throughout the month of April, Canadian Cancer Society encourage Canadians to contribute in the fight against this terrible disease whether it's through donations or fundraisers. I want to raise awareness by doing what I do best, a cause inspired nail art!


Daffodils are a symbol of hope and support for the Canadian Cancer Society. During April, many Canadians can be seen wearing a yellow daffodil pin. So in order of this society and the cause, I created a daffodil patterned nail art. This nail art uses almost the exact sam technique as my Vintage Nail Art. All you need is a magic black gel pen! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Vintage Floral Nail Art


I'm sitting here writing this post just a couple hours after I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled. I'm so surprised how alert I am right now. I thought I would have one of those weird kind of "David after Dentist" aftermath, but nope. Anyways these nail were done last night. I wanted to do a vintage floral inspired nail art. Most vintage nail art designs that I've seen other people do use pale blue background with bright pink flowers with leaves. They also add in a striped accent nail to complete the look. I felt that specific design has been done a million times already, so I googled for other vintage floral pattern.

I stumbled upon this monochromatic wall paper design and decided that I really liked it. Unfortunately, I didn't have the yellowish green in my collection. I chose to use a muted blue to replicate the dullness of vintage design colors. It also gives the design a little more contrast than the wallpaper. Also in this design, instead of using black nail polish and nail art brush to create the outline, I used a black gel pen instead. I stumbled upon this technique when I was at work a while ago. It was during my downtime and I wanted to fixed a flower on my past design. So I just grabbed my black gel pen and I was surprised as to how well it glided on. So here's a nifty little trick for people who want to add more intricacy into their nail art, use a black gel pen! Pens are much easier to control than fine nail art brushes. You won't need to worry about thick globs of polishes, so you should definitely give it a try!

I nicked my thumb, so that's why you don't see my claw on display! Keep reading for the tutorial!

Monday, April 08, 2013

Erdem Inspired Nail Art with April Julep Polishes

If you don't know already, I love my Julep polishes. They are the only subscription service that delivers right at the beginning of the month. I got my Julep package on April 5th and I live in Toronto! Not even Canadian beauty box subscription can meet that timeline sometimes. This month I accumulated enough points to redeem for the full neon collection. I knew immediately what design I wanted to do. Several months ago Kristen Stewart wore this see-through Erdem outfit to one of her event. It was kind of ugly, but I really like the neon accents. When I was looking for inspiration, I knew I had to check out Erdem's entire collection and sure enough I found something I liked! Below is an Erdem Spring 2013 inspired nail art. I have taken a huge liking to Erdem's designs, this is my third inspired nail art from this designer. It's nice to know that he's a Ryerson University Grad just like me! But I really do like his aesthetic.


For materials and close up, check it out after the jump. 

Friday, April 05, 2013

Spring Loose Button Luxe Box 2013

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My Steven and Chris Luxebox has finally arrived. I got an early spoiler because I received an email to my "personal product dashboard", which replaces the description card. Instead we get a little pamphlet that includes all the products that were featured and to compare what we didn't get.

I wish Loose Button made a greater effort to have the boxes delivered on time. We are suppose to receive these boxes every three months, so why must they wait until the end of March to deliver these boxes? That is one thing that really annoys me because we already have to wait three months for the box.

Anyways as you can tell, Loose Button collaborated with Steven and Chris, who are Canadian talk show hosts. They talk about house decor, fashion, beauty products and so on. This season, the beauty product team at Steven and Chris "personally picked" the products that are customized just for us. In essence, it was an extremely hyped up box.

Check out the samples that I received after the jump! 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Diane Von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2012 Inspired Nail Art

It finally feels like Spring, even though it's still on the colder side. I'm excited for Spring because next up is Summer! Time to pack away the dark colored sweater and bring out the bright color dresses! I'm getting really picky with my nail art inspiration, which is why I haven't blogged too much this month. But anyways, I finally encountered something I really like. This nail art inspiration is from Diane Von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. Yeah it's an oldie, but it's so colorful, gorgeous, and fun! Anyways, I hope you like it!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chanel Spring/Summer 13' Inspired Nail Art (St. Patrick's Twist)

I can't believe we're in the 10th day of March already and unfortunately my first post of the month. Next week is already St. Patrick's day and I figured it's time to create some green nails for that occasion.  This nail art is inspired by a dress in Chanel Spring/Summer 2013 collection. I love the simple geometric pattern and I also really like slight ombre effect within the quadrilateral shapes.  As you can probably tell from the picture below, the dress is pink! Initially I wanted to do an exact replication (like I usually do with all my fashion-inspired nails), but since it's so close to St. Patrick's day, I decided to create a green version of it.

(click to Enlarge)

The technique is very simple and I think the final result looks pretty cool! You can definitely mix and match colors or do whatever you please. Keep reading for the tutorial and my materials used!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Moschino Autumn 13-14' Inspired Nail Art + Born Pretty Store Review

This will be a two part blog today with a review and a nail art tutorial using the products. I haven't done a fashion inspired nail art, so I figured it is time for one! For more information about the review and my inspiration, just keep on reading!

(click to enlarge)

The other day, I received a package from Born Pretty Store with the two items I chose to review. The first product I chose were the 12 pack Rounded Glitter pots. The second product was a set of nail art brushes. I chose nail art brushes because the one I had before are fraying out and I just needed a new set. The one I originally wanted were unavailable, so these were my second choice. Just a precursor, I ended up being pretty happy with set of brushes.

These set of nail brush cost $3.51 and if you buy more, you drive the cost down per a set. Plus if you use the promo code: NVL91 you get an additional 10% off!

Obviously, the first thing I liked about this product is the inexpensive price. The ones I see in nail art supply store cost an upward of $5. The second is the variety this set gives me from thicker tip to extremely fine tip. If you have been following my nail art for a while now, you know how I like my intricacies and details! So the extremely fine tip is perfect for me. 

The thickest brush out of the set is called "0", while the thinnest one is "0000". The brush comes in Maroon, Light Blue, Navy Blue, and Yellow. In the picture above, it gives you an idea of the thickness of each brush strokes but I think the dotting gives a better representation of the brush since it shows you how fine the tips are. But remember, the stroke thickness also depends on how much pressure you apply when you create the lines. 

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Chinese New Year Nails: Snake

Shout out to all my fellow Chinese Lacqueristas out there! Tomorrow is our official Chinese New Year, so I hope your day is full of amazing food and company. I have a lot of precious Chinese New Year memories growing up in Sudbury like performing some traditional Chinese dances with my group of friends. We've done the Fan dance, Sword dance, Ribbon dance, Lantern Dance, and so on. It was a lot of fun! 

When I was little, the Chinese New Year event was primarily attended by just Chinese people (no duh!). But I went to one a couple years back and I saw how much it changed. Caucasian couples who adopted Chinese girl bring them to the event to get them accustomed to their native culture and perform the dances that I use to do, people are bringing their friends from different backgrounds, and so on. It has definitely become a lot more multicultural, which is really lovely to see. I definitely miss the lucky draw at the end of the night, every year I always win something! Here in Toronto, I haven't really found a "Chinese community" that host events like this. So tomorrow, I'm planning to head to Markham to eat some Peking Duck with a close friend of mine. I am actually looking forward to that!  

Anyways, in celebration of the year of the snake, here is my Chinese New Year inspired nail art! I was inspired by a couple of image that I googled and I just made it my own. On the thumb, I did a traditional Chinese lantern, with the Chinese and English word of "Snake". 

Valentine Nails #2: Ombre Pop Heart Nails

For my second nail art for the Valentine series, this is my Valentine's Ombre Pop Art Nails. I wanted to do some ombre nails with a Valentine twist, and this was what I came up with. This can be easily done free hand, but I had a nail art image plate to speed up the process. 

Check out the tutorial after the jump

Friday, February 08, 2013

Born Pretty Store Review: Round Glitters

For those who are in Southern Ontario, I hope you enjoy the oh so wonderful snow. We hardly had any snow all December and January, now, it all came at once. We got two months worth of snow today! Luckily for me, my boss called just when I was about to head out and told me to stay in. My first Snow Day from work! Anyways, on a brighter note, Born Pretty Store sent me two more products to test out, the glitter pots and nail art brushes! 

The glitter pots come in a package of 12 for $7.60 per package (about $0.63/pot). As always with most of their products in their online store,  if you buy a larger quantity, it drives the cost down per item. I truly believe this is best place to buy all your nail art needs because they have a huge variety at a very affordable price! I've been to a couple nail supply store and one pot of glitter cost about $1 and it's usually half full.

The 12 glitter pots come in silver, yellow, hot pink, lime green, orange, white, blue, black, purple, dark green, gold, and red. You can use them for accent nails, nail art decoration, and anything you can imagine. You can use with as a solid color, or create a mixture of colours. They're pretty fun to play with! 

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Valentine Nails #1: Candy Hearts

Wow, I can't believe we're onto the second month of 2013! February is the month of love and I guess it's time for some lovey dovey nail art. This first nail art of the Valentine's series is yummy, colorful candy hearts. I did a variation of this last year and it turned out pretty well. So I decided to do a more refined version of it along with a tutorial. It's with a combination of stamping (to save time) and free-hand. I did two versions of it just to inspire a few options. You can definitely add to it! 

Check out the tutorial after the jump!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winner of my Birthday Giveaway is...


Drum roll please! The winner of the February Julep Maven Glamour Collection is .... #3026! 

Please respond within 24 hours! 

Wow just over 5,000 entries for this giveaway! Thank you all so much for participating and I appreciate all the new and old readers. I've received so many wonderful nail art ideas and I am definately feeling inspired. From listing all your favorite polishes, I have also added a bunch of new Juleps to my wish list! Clearly over 100 polish from Julep really isn't enough. 

Thank you all for blessing me with so many Jules to this amazing subscription program. Hosting this giveaway is just a small token of my appreciation and just a way for me to give back to my readers! 

I hope you all have a wonderful night! 
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