Saturday, December 15, 2012

December Julep Maven + My Polish Rack!

This past couple of days have be super awesome because of a few things. First, I'm writing my post on my gorgeous new iMac! I think I mentioned this a while ago, but my 6 year old macbook pro fell off my bed and the screen cracked. This happened a couple of days before the big iMac launch, so naturally I took it as a sign to upgrade. Second, my December Julep Maven box arrived and I got the whole collection! Third, since my Julep polish collection has been growing exponentially, my mom decided to build me a polish rack. Thanks momma bear!

At first I didn't think I would like the Jules program, but now that I know I can use it towards upgrades and add-ons I am so happy they made this innovative change. I used 5,000 jules to redeem this whole collection because I instantly fell in love with all the polishes when the preview was released. They also had a wide array of add-ons that were not just limited to the featured polishes and products! 

I couldn't relate to these quotes more, especially the one about being grateful.  I'm so grateful for your readership, I'm so grateful for all the opportunities that were open to me because of this blog, I'm so grateful for everyone who subscribe to my blog and programs through my referral links, and I'm just super grateful for all your support! Not going to lie, I've had a couple of negative experiences since I've started this blog, but the overwhelmingly positive support from friends and readers is what keeps me writing a couple times a month! I always love reading your feedback.

Check out my new additions and my awesome polish rack! 

JULEP: Nail Vernis
Vivien: Champagne bubbles - a full coverage multidimensional gold glitter
Harper: Full-coverage opalescent mermaid blue multidimensional glitter
Ivy: Dynamic sapphire micro-glitter metallic

JULEP: Nail Vernis
Scarlett: Vibrant red micro-glitter metallic 
Barbara: Full-coverage magenta multidimensional glitter
Petra: Cranberry magenta with silver shimmer

JULEP: Nail Vernis
Hilary: Full-coverage copper multidimensional glitter
Julia: Purple orchid metallic with golden micro-glitter
Jordan: Full-coverage silver gunmental multidimensional glitter

JULEP: Nail Vernis
Patti: Full Coverage black multidimensional glitter
Cindy: Emerald green metallic with gold micro-glitter 
Value:  $154 (11 x $14)

Instant Warming Foot Scrub: This cucumber-mint scrub warms up on contact like magic
Value: $22.00 

The only polishes I tried out of this bunch were Scarlett (Red) and Ive (Blue). I am really impressed by the coverage of these glitter polishes. It covers well with one coat of polish, but with two coat it is evenly opaque. I am really excited to test out Harper (Mermaid Blue), which was one of the polishes I was immediately drawn to when I saw the preview. 

As a bonus gift, we received a Cabochon ring. I've seen so many lovely rings posted on Julep's facebook wall and I still have no idea what I want to do with mine! A solid color is out of the question just because as you probably know, I like it intricate and detailed. Anyways, I guess you have to stay tuned to what I'm going to come up with in my future post! 

Total Value of this month's box: $176

Now onto my beautiful Julep polish rack! I showed a couple of DIY polish rack to my mom two months ago from foam boards to wooden ones. The ones that stood out to her were the pretty wooden ones and luckily enough she had a carpenter friends to help me make one. This is a custom rack to fit in a certain area of my room and it only holds Julep polishes. All the other brands go into this little bucket that I got from the dollar store. Most of the polish racks that I've seen online range from $60 to $100+. This guy made it for me for $30 or at least that what my dad told me. Either way, I'm so happy with it! 

This rack holds all my non-dupes, so anytime I have duplicates I give them as gifts or repayment for small favours. These polishes are available at Sephora and I'm proud to say that I have more colors than Sephora has to offer! But I guess that's what happens when you're close to reaching your 1 year mark as a Julep Maven. I can't believe it's $16 CDN at Sephora, and with Ontario tax that's 18 bucks per a polish! It's hard to fathom that this rack currently holds about $1,500 worth of Julep polishes and thank goodness I never had to pay close to that price! 

I'm curious to know, how many months have you been a Maven? If you are new to the polish subscription company, you can try your very first box for ONE PENNY (I believe you just need to pay for shipping). Simple click HERE (my COUSIN'S referral link), complete the quiz, and type in the Promo Code PENNY2012 to get your box for $0.01. If you need more details, please check out my comprehensive overview of this fabulous program by clicking here.  


  1. Such a beautiful nail polish rack and look at all the colours! I love seeing all of them together!

    1. Me too! Before when I had it all in a bucket, I always pour them all out!

  2. December's colors are soooooooo pretty!! i think i might've gotten the whole collection too.
    that rack looks amazing by the way!

  3. I love your rack!!! i wish i had some place practical to put mine! Ive been with julep since june

  4. Do you like Vivien? It's been a little hard for me to work with!

  5. Your polish rack is awesome! I need to find something like it, my collection is steadily taking over three dresser drawers and I have to dig for them. You have some gorgeous colors in your collection!


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