Sunday, November 25, 2012

Keep Calm and Stache On: Movember Nails

Yesterday my friends and I hosted a Movember Beer Pong tournament. Entry fees went into paying off our beer keg, donation, as well as grand prize. Unfortunately, some people didn't show up so the donations weren't as high as anticipated. But we were still able to donate $50 towards the Movember cause. My friend Pauline has already reached her goal of $500 so she will be doing a VERY public Gangnam Style dance in different places across Sudbury and uploading it to YouTube. I helped her with the final stretch just because I want to see her do this. Pauline decided to extend her goal to $600, and when she does, she's going to do Ellen Degeneres' Dance Dare (dancing behind strangers without their knowledge).  So amazing and generous readers, I humbly ask you to donate a small amount of $1 or $2 to help her reach her next goal. If we all contribute a little bit, I think she can totally meet her next goal. I really want her to do the dance dare, I know it will be hilarious!

Her movember page is: (paypal or credit card)

Anyways, my friend/co-host got me an awesome "Keep Calm and Stache On" t-shirt! She got it from American Apparel, so it was super tight. Luckily I was able to stretch it out a little bit and I had a red cardigan to match it with. Of course I had to match this t-shirt with some nail art! Check it out after the jump!

Keep Calm and Stache On


  • Red Polish
    • Julep Delauney
  • White Polish
    • Julep Kate 
  • Nail Art Brush 

Movember Nails

This red polish matched my shirt perfectly! The nail art was super easy to do as well. Simply draw a moustache shape with white polish and fill it in. I hope you all enjoy my second rendition of Movember nails. If you haven't seen my first one, click HERE to check it out. I love doing charity/cause related nail art to bring awareness to the organization and the issue. Does anyone know what cause is spotlighted in December?

Matching Movember Nails

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  1. i love this very much seeing i am a supporter of movember and i will be doing a post on my tattoo tomorrow


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