Thursday, November 22, 2012

Julep Breast Cancer Awareness Contest Prize

A month ago, I participated in Julep's Breast Cancer Awareness Instamani Contest. The rules were very simple, just upload a breast cancer awareness inspired manicure on Instagram with the Julep tags #JulepBCA and #JulepLovesPink. I had my creative juices flowing and I came up with a manicure with changing torsos in their pink skivvies. The body represents three different body shapes, curvy, fit, and skinny because breast cancer affect women of all shapes and sizes. When I put my thumb to the fingers with different torso, it forms a full image. Check out what I did for my Movember Prostate Cancer Awareness Month!

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There were over 70 amazing entries and I was fortunate enough to win the contest! Want to check out my awesome possum prize? Read on after the jump! 

So this is it! Julep's entire Pink Collection! I received 16 different pink polishes and luckily for me I only got 2 dupes and 1 that I had to replace anyways. I was super duper excited when I received this package in the mail! When I opened it, I was so happy to get Niecy again because the one that I had was drying out. Anyways, this is why I received:

Audrey: Soft light pink micro-shimmer
Kelly: Elegant blush creme
Emmanuelle: Sheer warm pale pink creme
Lynn: Nude, blush pearl 

Carrie: Classic, Cotton candy pink creme
Reese:  Bright, bubble gum pink creme
Maria: Shimmering platinum rose
Natalie:  Chic, retro honeysuckle pink creme (misplaced)

Mandy: Fresh, bright, deep coral-pink creme 
Gwyneth: Sheerest pink clear
Lauren: Hot tropical pink creme  
Sandra: Pink magenta frost 

Niecy: Bright pink creme
Ellen: Deep berry creme 
Frieda: Fuschia micro-shimmer
Lily: Hot sizzling fuschia creme

Now onto the nail art! I really wanted to play around with all the colors, so this was the best idea I could come up with. 

1. Paint your nails in the lightest pink polish and allow it to dry.
2. Using black polish and a thin nail art brush, create the scallop scale pattern.
3. Fill in the scale with different shades of pink polish.

Optional: Outline your nail bed with black polish. I did it just to make my nails look more neat. But again, this is an optional step. 

I hope you enjoyed my nail art! If you love instagram and you my love nail art, please follow me @NailArtCouture!  Alright, talk to you all later! 


  1. congrats! your entry was amazingly creative :)
    and Niecy is definitely a gorgeous color

  2. Congratulations girly!! I can see why you won your nail art is amazing!! & oh my lord you got so many great polishes!!

  3. congrats that indeed was very pretty .:))

  4. I LOVE the breast cancer awareness mani, it's incredible! Glad you won, you definitely deserved to :)

  5. Congrats on winning! What a great prize :D xx

  6. Congrats! That is a very cool and creative mani!

  7. congrats, your winning mani is so cool :D
    love what you did with all those polishes :D

  8. Wow this is really great idea ♥

  9. Thank you all very very much :)

  10. You totally deserve all 16 polishes Samantha! This was one of my all time favourite nail art designs of yours!

  11. Congratulations, such an impressive Breast Cancer mani - definately a deserved winner!

  12. Congrats hun! Your artwork deserves the recognition!

  13. You ladies are great! Thank you so much!

  14. wow! Congrats these are amazing!!

  15. This is the best nail art I've see in a while. You definitely deserved the first place!


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