Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bundle Monster Review

A while ago, Nail Polish Canada contacted me to review Bundle Monster Nail Stamping Plates, which I immediately said yes! I have been a Konad user for at least 10 years now, so it interested me to see what other companies have to offer. I've been to nail supplies stores that sell "faux-nads", but I felt their laser engraved images were never as sharp as the Konad plates. So I have always been partial to Konad plates and I even bought one of the large kits at the CNE a couple years ago.

The Monster Bundle Package that Nail Polish Canada sent me is from the 2012 collection. They are sold for $23.99 per package of 25 plates, or $4.00 per plate. If you're just getting into nail art and you're interested in nail stamps, this is a great beginners package. Konad plates can range from $7.00 to $12.00, which definitely adds up if you're looking to grow your collection.

To check out my thoughts and nail art idea, keep reading!

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If you're new to nail stamping, you should know that in order to get a nice stamped image you need to use a thick opaque nail polish or special stamping polish. Normal nail polishes are too translucent, so they don't show up that well. This bundle only comes with plates, so you need to buy the stamper, scrapper ($8.75 for both), and stamping nail polish ($8.50 each) separately. 

What I like about Monster bundle is the variety of images and how inexpensive they are for image plates. My favorites from this bundle are the full nail images! The sharpness and details of the images still do not compare to Konad plates, but they are definitely sufficient. Also, if you have smaller nail beds like myself, these nail plates may not be the best fit for you. Most of the images are quite large and some images get cut off, which is a problem that I don't normally have with my Konad plates. So all in all, despite my fastidiousness over the small details, I would still recommend this package!   

Bundle Monster "Houndstooth" vs. Konad "Houndstooth"

I played around with some of the plates, and here are some ideas I came up with. 


  1. i especially love the one on your thumb and the puzzle one!
    i tried stamping a couple times with my cousin's kit and did not do so good... maybe i should get one for myself and start practicing!

    1. Thanks!

      Practice makes perfect! I've got my first stamping kit 10 years ago and it's only until recently I found a technique that works for me. Some people like to stamp straight on, I like to roll it across my nails. I hope you get it! I would love to see what design you come up with!

  2. Thanks for explaining this a bit. I have a BM set and I was having trouble with it..if it's because of the polish then that makes sense. *sigh* I don't know if I'll ever get the hang of polishing hehe.

  3. heheh ie been konading for about a year now havent used bundle monster but i heard dey have more variety than konad. i used to change my polai on a daily basis before so i could go through all the images! now i inly stmap when i need to freshen mu nails


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