Sunday, October 14, 2012

Born Pretty Store Review: Striping Tape

A couple weeks ago, Born Pretty Store contacted to see if I was interested in trying out one of their products! Of course I said "yes" and decided to check out their colorful striping tapes. Born Pretty Store is a Hong Kong based online beauty shop full of nail art products, cosmetics, and even some tech gadgets! They also have contact lenses, eyeshadow palettes, fake eyelashes and so on! The cost of their products are similar to wholesale price and they come with free international shipping no matter how much or how little you buy. Yup, free international shipping no matter where you live that's pretty unheard of these days. They accept all sorts of different paying methods from credit card, bank transfer, and pay pal!

The nail art striping are $8.99 for a package 12. The more you buy, the more discount that is given to you! The striping tapes that I've been looking at were about $1.99 each at other online stores, but with Born Pretty Store, it's about $0.75 each! The products got to me about 2 weeks after I was notified that the product was shipped. Not bad especially since it's coming from Hong Kong. So my overall experience has been great. I'm actually looking into getting these nail tips and perhaps begin selling my nail art! What do you guys think? Would any body be interested?

If you're interested in checking out Born Pretty Store, please click HERE.  You can get 10% off your entire purchase by typing the code NVL91

Keep reading to check out some striping nail design ideas.

I know this is not my best work, but I was just playing around the tapes just to get into the hang of it. I think that cuticle scissors are the best to cut the tape because you can cut it at a curve, which would align with the sides of your nails better. I also find there is more accuracy because of the shorter blades. For me, it was a little more awkward to cut it with medium sized scissors!

On my thumb, pointer, and pinky are various ways to work with straight lines. You can do it horizontally, diagonally, or make plaid pattern out of it! I'm thinking Burberry! On my middle finger, you can use striping tape to create straight edges. Finally, you can create a modern half moon manicure by allowing the tape to overlap to create a triangle. Make sure you apply top coat to seal in the tape. It's definitely not sticky enough to stay on its own.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to using these striping tapes in future nail art!


  1. Wooow ! I love this striping tape, I've got them too, but don't last long which it a shame :(


  2. Bornpretty is the best, i also recently got my goodies from them!!

  3. This is awesome, I've never tried the tape on nails but will def have to.

  4. So cool I love how you used the nail striping! I'll definitely check that website out I am a sucker for free shipping on anything!

    1. Yeah, expensive shipping is such a deal breaker for me!


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