Saturday, September 15, 2012

Zuhair Murad Inspired Nails (Kristen Stewart's TIFF Dress)

As many of you know Toronto is hosting their own International Film Festival, also known as TIFF. Being a resident of downtown Toronto, I have been fortunate enough to drop by some red carpet events to catch a glimpse of the stars! I've lived in Toronto for 5 years and I can't believe this is my first time taking advantage of TIFF. I think it's just bad timing that I never got to go. But anyways, this year I tried to make the most out of it. The very first night, my friend and coworker Amanda went with me to go see the red carpet for On the Road. That premiere marked the first public appearance of Kristen Stewart since her cheating scandal. She also came with her co-stars Kirsten Dunst (Hello Bring it on!) and Garrett Hedlund (Tron Hottie). I am personally not a huge fan of Kristen Stewart, but I can't deny that she is absolutely beautiful. She came to the premiere with a stunning Zuhair Murad dress and I knew right away that I wanted to try and recreate that onto my nail. This Zuhair Murad dress is from their Fall 2012 Collection. I am completely in love with that dress, but obviously I could never pull it off as well as Kristen Stewart. 


Along with the cast from On the Road, I also went to a premiere of Ginger and Rosa with a high school friend who just recently moved down to Toronto. It was completely spontaneous because we wanted to go to the theater to see Christina Hendricks and Elle Fanning, but a group of women wanted to get rid of their tickets to go to another movie so they gave it to us for $25 each.  "Premium screenings" with celebrities are about $45 and rush tickets can range from $28 to $35. At least that was what I was told. Either way, I'm so glad my friend was up for it and I'm so glad that she had a special visa card with her so we had priority seating! We easily cut in front of 150 plus people, it was a pretty good feeling know that we weren't dead last. In addition, I also saw Kate Hudson, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper (so dreamy!), Robert de Niro, and Ben Foster.  Any of you participated in TIFF? Let me know who you saw or what movie you went to see! 

Anyways back to my nail art, believe it or not, this didn't take too long. Basically, I placed a bunch of blobs that coordinate with the colors of the dress. Then, I created the finer details with black polish and black pen to create recognizable flowers. It's abstract messy, something I can appreciate from far away rather than up close. 

The part where my nail tips show through represent the sheer  part of the Zuhair Murad dress.
The pattern and flowers look big on my nails in pictures, but it's hard to make tiny flowers even tinier. I also tried to use a lace pattern Konad image plate to represent the lace of the dress. You can slightly see the silver pattern. Anyways, I feel like I could have done a better job, but I don't think it looks that bad. Good enough to share on my blog. 

Can you spot me?  I'm at the top right corner near the girl with the white iPhone.


  1. the dress is very pretty and so are your nails!! :)

  2. That looks sooo cool! I think I need to try something like this!

  3. Love the nails! I am in love with that dress too.. soo beautiful.. I see you in the picture.. sometimes I really wish I lived in Toronto.. it must have been soo much fun to be there!

  4. I see you, I see you! ;-) I always love your fashion-inspired nails and how accurately you seem to capture and translate the dress onto your nails! I think this manicure looks fabulous!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    @Brittany - yeah I rather suck up the hour and a half commute to work every day than to move anywhere else! Downtown Toronto is honestly the best area to live in!

    @Jayne - I am not that hard to spot eh? But yes, I love doing fashion inspired nails too! There's no better place to get ideas for different patterns

  6. Wooow! this dress is so sexy but it's also smart !
    The nails are great too, you get a nice effect, they are much like the dress.

    Kisses =)

  7. Nice dress and nice nails!!



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