Monday, September 03, 2012

Peter Pilotto Resort 11' Inspired Nail Art

Happy Labour Day!

Summer is slowly coming to an end. For the students out there, are you ready to get back to school? And for the adults, ready to get back to the old grind? Despite the gazillion school projects and essays, I honestly miss school so much! I think I miss seeing friends every single day. For all you students, honestly make the most out of your school experience!


I am so excited to announce that my blog reached a pretty awesome milestone, 100,000 page views! Thank you so much for your readership! I know I don't post on a consistent basis, but I will try my hardest to fit more nail art in this month. Today, I bring you another fashion inspired nail art, a Peter Pilotto Resort outfit from the 2011 collection. A dress that Serena Van der Woodsen wore on Season 5 Episode 23 "The Fugitives" was also in the same collection. But that dress is much more complicated to replicate. See what I mean? Nonetheless, this design is pretty fun and bright. I approached the design the same was as I did with the Marchesa Ombre Fringed design that I did a long time ago. They have a similar "fringe" look despite this outfit not being fringed. 


Want to see how I created this design? Keep reading!


  • Black Polish
    • Julep "Elizabeth"
  • Blue Polish
    • Sally Girl "Epic"
  • Turquoise Polish
    • Julep "Robin"
  • White Polish
    • American Apparel Nail Laquer "T-Shirt"
  • Yellow Polish 
    • Julep "Daisy"
  • Konad Stamping Kit
  • Konad Special Black Polish
  • Konad M65 image plate 
  • Nail Art striper brush

  1. Paint your nails white and allow it to dry. With your Konad stamping kit, transfer the circle patterned image on the M65 plate onto half of your nail. Make sure the straight edge is towards the middle.
  2. Use your striper brush and blue polish, create many small lines near the center of your nail and at the bottom of your nail.
  3. Repeat step 2 with your turquoise nail polish and leaving minimal white space.
  4. Next, use your striper brush and apply scatted dots in the white strip. Then with the blue polish create more lines on top of the white strips.
  5. With your white nail polish, create many smalle white lines on top of the black image. Use your judgement to stop. 
  6. With the white polish, dab two lines across the blue fringed area. 
  7. Optional: With Yellow polish, create an accent nail to represent the pants of the design.
I noticed a lot of people have pinned my nail art onto their pinterest board. Do you want to pin this tutorial, here's an image made just for it. This is just a little extra just because the image works with the white background. Anyways happy pinning, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! 

Update: I sent Peter Pilotto Team a Facebook message without expecting a reply, but it was so nice of them to message me back saying they loved my nail art!  


  1. wow this is gorgeous! Love the nail! Great job!

  2. What a gorgeous design! I would never have the patience to do something like this, but it looks amazing! And I love the yellow accent nail :)

  3. absolutely amazing!! i love how you get inspired by fashion designs. so creative!

  4. very neat design! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. Wow that is so creative hun!! :D and omg congrats!! i reached the same milestone a couple of days ago.. so exciting isnt it ..xx

  6. wow...this is the best nail design i have seen so far :)

  7. cool idea, love what you did :-D

  8. I really LOVE it... <3
    Perfect *¬*

  9. This is a nice blog, I will bookmark you and the feeds also.

  10. Wow Samantha, what a genius nail artist are you! Nailed the print to the last detail! Amaze-balls! :)


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