Thursday, September 20, 2012

October Julep Sneak Peek + September Quick Review

I am such a terrible blogger, it's honestly so hard to find the time. I come home from work, all I want to do is lay in bed. But I somehow I manage to gather up some strength to go to the gym. This post will be a combination of Julep Maven October Sneak Peek and what I received in my September packages.

Anyways, I love 20ths of every month. My birthday happens to fall on a 20th. For more obvious reason, the reason why I love the 20th is because it's Julep Maven sneak peek day! Honestly, like every other Mavens, I was hoping that they would reveal a suede collection but instead it's crackle collection. I am not a fan of crackle. The first time I was exposed to a "Shattering" polish was way before when OPI came up with it. I didn't like it then, I tried to follow the brief fad, but now I know I don't like it. So it was kind of disappointing when this new collection was available to us. I read a good point made by a subscriber, since Julep made their suede polishes exclusively for Sephora, it would make sense that they wait before releasing the collection through their Maven program. Otherwise, people would flock to Julep and pay a minimal price for 2 or 3 polishes compared to the $14 per bottle sold at Sephora. 

Anyways, this is the first time I've been disappointed with a preview and I'm sure I'm not the only one that feels this way. But it gets better, check out the new styles and what Julep has done for us to keep their Mavens happy! 

In the month of October, the featured product is their Quick Dry Polish drop (Value $14) to help protect your manicure. I am actually interested in checking out this polish drop. You would think a top coat would do the job, but we will see how this compares next month! Since Halloween is in the month of October, all the crackle polishes are names of famous witches, like Hermione from Harry Potter, Sabrina from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Ursula from Little Mermaid. I speculate that Glenda is the witch from Wizard of Oz, but her name is "Glinda", so I'm not too sure. 

Eloise, Sabrina, Julep Quick Dry Polish Drop (value $42)

Hermione, Lisa, Julep Quick Dry Polish Drop (value $42)

Ursula, Keira, Julep Quick Dry Polish Drop (value $42)

Boris and Nicole, Gwyneth, Julep Quick Dry Polish Drop (value $42)

Glenda, Leslie, Caroline (value $42)

Here is why I love the company, they are willing nip their problems at the bud and be proactive in solving customer issues. Like I said at the beginning of my post, people didn't like crackle polish, they complained about it, chose to skip, and so on. Within hours, "Maven's Choice" was available to all the crackle haters. THANK YOU JULEP because I am definitely switching to this option! For my second box, I think I might go with Classic with a Twist just so I have a different polish for all the boxes and I get to try out the polish drop. 

For all the indecisive people in love with this collection, everything is available for an additional $30. It's nice option to have but a little too expensive for me despite it still being a good deal. For now, I am depending on gaining boxes through referral and loving each and every one of you who buys through it! Also, as always you add additional items for $4.99! 

Anyways, which style are you going with this month?

I know that this is an excruciatingly long post, so far now all I have to say for my September Julep Maven packages is that I love it. I adore the magnets that they gave us and I wish I had all 5 of them! The mascara was a nice featured product, and I like that it's a plastic wand so it can get between each lash. The polishes have great consistency and coverage as always. 

I really wanted to write a review post with my own Trina Turk inspired nail art (not like the Julep tutorials) but with a nailartcouture twist to it. Perhaps I will save it for the future. 

Anyways if you're interested in checking out Julep Maven, I'm helping future Dr. Cousin build her referral. Please spread the love her way! I think my mom and I has gained more than enough, so thank you again! 

Her referral link is:

Remember, you can get your first box for 1 cent by using the promo code PENNY 

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  1. i'm SO glad julep included the maven's choice option because none of the other ones were really appealing to me. i definitely opted for that one and i'm looking forward to trying all three colours!


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