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Loose Button Seasonal Luxe Box: Fall 2012 Review

Wow, it's been forever since I wrote about Loose Button Luxe box! Back in June, they decided to switch their monthly membership to seasonal. With the new membership, subscribers receive 4 luxe box a year. Back when it was monthly, many members including myself were disappointed that the quality of their products were going downhill. With this switch, I believe they have more time to scout out better brands to partner with and provide us with even better quality samples. This Fall Luxe Box is their inaugural seasonal box and I must say that I am quite happy with the products that I received. 



The first thing I noticed was the packaging of course! This is the third Loose Button box design and I definitely prefer this one a lot more. It is an amazing quality box, sturdy like Glossybox and definitely reusable. I think the white box makes it look very high-end. Their product card is very minimalistic, which again, adds to the high-end look. However, it doesn't have the pricing, which is a little annoying because I like to calculate the monetary value of the box. Also, the descriptions are short and succinct, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I like things a little more detailed, but that's just me. 

Instead of crinkle paper, the products were wrapped in a beautiful white cloth. Finally, all the inserts were stored in a white envelope with a personalized gold sticker. All in all, in terms of packaging, this box definitely looks more elegant than their predecessors. 

Now onto the unboxing...

Loose Button Fall Luxe Box 2012
So rather than 4 to 5 products, we get 7 to 8 products. I guess with the increase in quality in products and packaging, Loose Button also increased the price. Now each box is $26 per quarter, or you can lock yourself in for semi-annual membership for $50 ($25 per box) or annual for $96 ($24 per box). This service is also available to USA, which I believe marks the first Canadian-based beauty box available internationally (even though it's only across the border). I think since the currency is about equal, I would assume the pricing is relatively similar. In June, I decided to skip out on the last monthly box so I can try out this inaugural box with no additional cost. I'm glad I made that decision because the June box was mediocre so I didn't feel like I was missing out. 

GUERLAIN: La Petite Robe Noire (Eau de Parfum Spray)
Guerlain's new perfum creation, like a Little Black Dress, is absolutely essential and totally irresistible. 
Full Size: $80.00 (1.6 oz)
Sample Value: $10.00 (0.16 oz)
  • This little sample already makes up for what I had paid for this box. This perfume smells amazing! I love that it didn't come in a dinky spray vial but this little bottle is too cute to use. Whenever it comes in mini version of the full size bottle, I just collect them for display just because it's too pretty to use. Weird I know! 
LANCOME: Visionnaire
Fundamentally recreating more beautiful skin, this is more than just a wrinkle corrector.
Full Size: $130.00 (50 ml) 
Sample Value: $18.20 (7ml)
  • More than just a wrinkly corrector they say? Is it because when young people, like myself, receive wrinkle cream we complain about it? I'm interested in whatever other skin benefit it brings to the table. But it's nice to know this sample is pretty luxurious! 
EYEKO: Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
A precise, accentuating liquid eyeliner that will help you create the look you want without smudges.
Full Size: $18.00
Sample Value: $18.00
  • This is by far my favorite product in this season's box. I have a stila liquid eyeliner that I feel like it's about to dry out so this eyeliner couldn't have come at a better time. I can tell that it's super long lasting because when I swatched it on my hand and rubbed it when it dried, it didn't even budge! I'll give it a better test run in the morning. 

PACO RABANNE: Lady Million Sensual Body Lotion
Vibrant, sensual, and irresistible are just a few words this subtly scented lotion brings to mind.
Full Size: $46.00 (150 ml)
Sample Value: $15.33 (50 ml)
  • Subtly scented is pretty much an understatement. As soon as I ripped off the plastic wrap, I could smell the overwhelming scent. I would describe it more as pungent and strong, but fortunately the scent is pretty pleasant. I am going to throw this lotion into my purse. 
LOOSE BUTTON: Exfoliating Pad
Reveal the radiance of your skin by removing the outer layer of dead skin cells with this effective, yet gentle exfoliating pad.
Sample Value: $2.00 (estimated)
  • This a nice little sample from Loose Button. Again it was stored in this cute and slick branded box. 
CHINA GLAZE: On Safari (Fall Collection) Nail Lacquer
Step into the Fall season with China's Glaze's newest "On Safari" collection. Rock these colours on your nails to complete your new fall look.
Sample Value: $8.00
  • More glitter polish yay! I got a bunch of glitter polishes in my Julep boxes a month or two ago. I love when boxes feature nail polishes in their box, which is probably why I love the Juelp Maven program so much. It feeds into my polish hoarding addiction. I haven't tried this on yet, but I'm very excited to. This polish is inspiring me to create flame nail art or something! I also want to add that thank goodness I didn't get one of those Sally Hansen nail stickers. 
KERASTASE: Elixir Ultime 
An extraordinary blend of beautifying oils for ultimate softness, shine, and suppleness
Full Size: $50.00 (125 ml)
Sample Value: $2.00 (5ml)
  • I admit that I don't spend a lot on haircare. The only things I buy for my hair is shampoo and condition. On certain occasion I'll go out a grab some heat protector spray. I only pamper my hair when I get these hair treatment samples from these beauty box. So far my favorite is the Morracan Oil that I got in a previous Luxe Box. Anyways, I'll definately give this product a try, but I highly doubt I would buy the full size product.
Total Value of this box: approx. $75
So all in all, this was a great improvement. These are the high quality "luxe" samples I am use to getting from Luxe Box in a good month (Glossybox Canada, I hope you learn something, I'm tired of having the same drug store brands shoved down our throats). However, I really hope that Loose Button doesn't wow us with an amazing first box just to slowly disappoint us down the road. But we shall wait and see.

Do I think it's worth the $26? To that I answer yes only if it means good quality and consistency, but since it's only the very first box it is really hard to say. It is more, but being subscribed to so many beauty boxes at one point, I became overwhelmed by all the unused products. I also became less excited about the beauty subscription concept since there's so many of them available now. So I can definately see the advantage of having 3 months to thoroughly try out the products.

To all the Americans who are interested in this service, I definately recommend trying out ths service. I wish I could share with you my referral link, but they haven't really sorted that out yet.

Anyways, please share with me what you recieved or what you thought? I'm very interested in hearing what you think of the new change since a lot of us weren't very happy about it when it was announced. Has the new box changed your mind? Anyways comment below!


  1. Such a lovely blog, thanks for your comment!
    Would you like to follow each other? xx

  2. Love that nail polish.. and would love the smell that scent!

  3. The perfume bottle is super cute! Love the polish:)

  4. I am the same way about the mini perfume bottles :) I hope I get that scent because I already own Paco Rabanne Lady million. Actually I hope I get that box!


  5. Hi - I love your blog, I received my Luxe Box today and although I really like what you received, the contents of my box was quite disappointing – I can’t believe I paid $25 for what amounts to maybe 4 (tiny) items I’ll use. The rest will be given away. In addition to the exfoliating pad, I received: sample mascara base from Lancome (2ml), sample sized Benefit Eye Primer (2.5ml), 2 Orlane skin care samples (3ml x 2), Calvin Klein Beauty Skin Lotion (30ml), a Deluxe Perfume sample of Lady Million, and a full size China Glaze Polish in Elephant Walk.

    2 Perfume samples is 1 too many, I work in a sent free environment so I don’t use a lot of fragrance, although the mini bottle is nice.
    The only full sized product I received was the nail polish, and although I like China Glaze, it is not a flattering shade (grey/green).
    The Lancome mascara base I’ve received before in Gift with Purchases, it irritates my eyes.

    The packaging, however, was really nice.

  6. Hello again - this was my first ever Luxe Box, and after checking out what some bloggers posting reviews received, I have to say I am even more disappointed. It appears that some people received 2 or even 3 full sized products. I think I may be cancelling my membership...thoughts?

    1. That's disappointing. Are your credits locked in?? If you're okay with spending the money, I would give it one more "season". Cause like I said it's hard to judge from the very first box and Loose Button is known for their hit and miss boxes.

  7. looks like there were some great boxes from loose button this season! for some reason, i've never subscribed to loose button and i have so many subscriptions right now that i'm focussed on paring down rather than adding more. i totally agree with you on glossybox canada though... c'mon now, bring on the luxury!

  8. I literally just got my invite today and signed up and i am glad i did. This looks like a fantastic box.

  9. Wow, such a great box. xx

  10. Wow your box is awesome :) I'm a little worried my canada post tracker says it was delivered two days ago and I haven't got it :(

  11. It's not a bad box at all and after being subscribed to other monthly boxes for a couple months I can see myself being more interested in a seasonal box. I love the surprises but eventually it will just be too much! Their packaging is really great for this box.

  12. Looks like you got a pretty good box! Mine was a little different from yours

  13. Your box was so different from mine, I liked yours better haha x

  14. beuatiful blog:)
    follow each other ??
    leme knw

  15. so that's how it works, we just recently been introduced to these box subscriptions in our country, here it is called saladbox. I have been wanting to try it out but can't figure which type of subscription to get, so based on your post I should think of getting the quarterly one... Thanks so much! :)

    Dainty MD
    Please visit my blog!

  16. geeze you got a nice box!! I'm so frustrated!!! come by my blog this week, I'll have mine up!

  17. Mine was a bit different than yours, I like yours better! Hahah
    Compare to other boxes, I was a bit disappointed in glymm and topbox. Already cancelled the topbox, and finger crossed on the next luxe box ^_^

  18. PACO RABANNE: Lady Million Sensual Body Lotion
    Vibrant, sensual, and irresistible are just a few words this subtly scented lotion brings to mind.
    Full Size: $46.00 (150 ml)
    Sample Value: $1.53 (50 ml)

    Just wondering if you had an error here??
    If you can get a 50 ml sample for $1.53 who in there right mind woul dby 3 times that amount for 30 times that amount?
    Maybe you meant $15 for the 50 ml sample. Because if it was really $1.53 you could get 150 ml for $4.50 not 46

    1. Ah, you're absolutely right! It should be around $15. I don't know why I added divded by 30. My mistake. I'll fix it when I get home. Good catch!


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