Friday, August 10, 2012

August Julep Maven Review

Man oh man! This month is going by super duper quick! I recently started a new job and so far I really like it! I think now that I have a routine, time seems to go so much faster. Anyways, since it's almost mid-August, I really want to get a blog post up! Anyways, I have been receiving my Glossyboxes the past couple month, but I stopped blogging about it. Why? Just because I'm simply unimpressed and I don't think it's worth spending my time to talk about. They give out way too many drug store brands, and I just don't think it's worth the $15. Since I keep forgetting to cancel, I will be expecting an August box (which I paid for) and a September box to finally use up all my Glossydots (right now, I'm 80 points short). Also, Loose Button members will be expecting their first seasonal box! My hopes are up just because Loose Button is capable of wowing us. That I will definitely make time to blog about! I hope I have time tonight to squeeze in one more Olympic-inspired nail art. I'm thinking uniform inspired! Stay tuned for that.

A couple days ago, I received my two Julep Maven boxes! How is it that an AMERICAN company can get their boxes in such a timely manner? Why can't Canadian company get their boxes to us beginning to mid-month. Sometimes we don't even get it until the next month! If you're curious about Julep Maven, just go to my Beauty Box Tab for more detailed information! I'm currently helping out my cousin build up her credits, so she would be so appreciative if you signed up through her link: The current promotion is 2 free nail polishes in addition to the two or three polishes that come in the intro box for $9.99. If you're interested, click the link and use the code 2FREE.

This month Julep celebrated their one year anniversary. For this special occasion, they hosted a digital party giving out a bunch of free prizes and changed their usual black packaging to pink! They wrapped everything in a white tissue with silver confetti. If you notice, they do fall off rather easily, but try to save them because they make really great nail decor! 

This month's bonus item was a Julep tote or in a less fancy term, reusable bag. It's a lot smaller than I expected, nonetheless I think it is pretty cute and handy. It's good to stuff in your purchase when you're out to make small purchases. Right now, I am using it as a lunch bag.

JULEP: Nail Vernis
Kim: Gunmetal grey metallic
Harley: Liquid Silver metallic chrome
Value: $28.00 (2 x $14.00)

  • I decided to pick the Bombshell box because of the gunmetal grey polish. I've always wanted that color since I saw it on Blake Lively's nails in her Chanel Ad about a year or two ago. I just never found that perfect gunmetal grey polish, so I never got it. I am extremely happy that Julep featured this color in one of their boxes because I am totally in love with it. It applied flawlessly after two coats! I haven't tried Harley yet, but I will soon! 
Blake Lively's Chanel ad

JULEP: Nail Vernis
Alfre: Royal metropolitan purple metallic
Felicity: Yellow-gold metallic chrome
Value: $28.00 (2 x $14.00)
  • The other box that I received was Classic with a twist. I got it because I love purple and I needed more yellow-toned polishes. I tried on Alfre and it's absolutely beautiful. The first coat is a little streaky but the second coat usually fixes that. 

JULEP: Acetone Free Conditioning Nail Polish Remover
A professional pump-action bottle for easy one-handed use
Value: $14.00
  • This is my first acetone free nail polish remover and it leaves my nails feeling a little weird. It doesn't give me a very wet and moisturizing feeling that I'm usually use to. I think the price is a little bit steep for such a small amount of nail polish remover. But on the plus side, it's a good size to travel with. I purchased a pump bottle from Konad about 4 years ago and it's such a great improvement to nail polish remover bottles! I'm glad Julep gave us a pump! 
Kim: Gun metal grey

Alfre: Royal Metropolitan purple metallic


  1. Very pretty colours. I really need to try Julep polishes, Ive seen so many lovely colours:)

    Sara x

  2. I love Julep! If you want another box I am running a giveaway right now on my blog for a chance to win a August Box of your choice.

  3. wow amazing :)

    already following your blog. please follow me back

  4. Oh I can't wait to get my box! I'm getting Classic!

  5. I love the polishes but am kinda "meh" about the remover. I didn't get it because I by giant bottles of remover at the drugstore and for travel I use the Priti NYC remover pads. Though you're right the pump is quite handy.

  6. I haven't been blogging about my glossybox either!! I find I'm one of the last to receive mine and then I'm never overly impressed. Love tou boxes I skipped last month but it took a lot of willpower because the selection was beautiful!!

    1. Yeah I've been lucky that a lot of my readers subscribed through my and mom's referral link. So glad I won't have to use the skip option for a while :D

  7. Your blog is amazing :) I like it :)

    What about following each other ? :)

  8. I was classic with a twist and I wasn't happy with bubbled. But, now I'm thinking it may have something to do with their base coat. I'll try applying without it and see. It is a gorgeous colour though. I did get 3 add ons as well... I had to have Dakota, but it's not quite the rose gold I was hoping it would be. I'm on the fence about cancelling now that I have over 50 bottles..

    1. OH WOW 50 bottles!! I have 40, but I think I gave away about 5 because they were dupes. I haven't done any add-ons at all. I'm so glad I'm not in the dilemma of cancelling! It would be heart breaking for me lol I love my Julep treats and so thankful for all the people who bought through my mom and my referral link.

  9. Samantha,

    I loved your post on the August box. What's your favorite color from your purchase this month?

    Julep Maven Team

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