Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reader's Request: Peacock Feathers Nail Art

Good morning everyone! Two days ago my friend, Madison, asked me over Facebook to create something inspired by peacock feathers. She said "hey sam, I am really into peacock colours and etc. was wondering if you could do a peacock inspired nail and put a tutorial on your site? would be pretty sweet and greatly appreciated :D let me know". I did a feather nail art a while ago and it didn't really take that long so I figured peacock feathers can be done just as easily. I saw a lot of peacock nail art available online and they all look very one dimensional. I like to take a realistic approach so it would look like you found tiny peacock feathers and stuck it on your nail with Top coat. I like that it looks slightly imperfect, rough, and uneven.

  • White Polish
    • Julep "Kate" 
  • Green Polish
    • Revlon Top Speed "Emerald"
  • Black Polish
    • OPI "Black Onyx" 
  • Orange Polish
    • Julep "Parker"
  • Light Blue Polish
    • Del Sol "Superhero" 
  • Dark Blue Polish
    •  Orly "Sweet Peacock"
  • Nail Art Brush

  1. Paint your nails with a white base and allow it to dry.
  2. Using a nail art brush, dip a little bit of black nail polish and create a line from the bottom and flare it out. Next, dip your polish in a black polish and place a small dot on the line. Drag the wet dot outwards and curve upwards to create the feather. Repeat until you achieve the result you are satisfied with.
  3. Repeat step 2 with green polish above the black polish. 
  4. Using a lighter blue polish create a spot in the middle of the feather. Then with a darker blue polish place it above the light blue. This will create shade and dimension to the design
  5. Using orange polish, encircle the blue spot while fanning the wet polish out slightly. The orange polish I used was a little too bright, so I mixed it with some black to create a darker orange. 
  6. Finish the design with topcoat to smooth out your design and blend some colors together. 
I hope you enjoy my peacock nail art! If you have any request or challenge, please submit it in the comment section under the "Reader's Request tab". 


  1. This is beautiful. Great job!

  2. Amazing!!!!


  3. That looks great! Exactly like a Peacock feather! x

  4. Its gorgeous!! I'm a new follower, looking forward to more amazing nail art!:)
    Follow back?:) Thanks a mil!

  5. Amazing please check out my new blog:

  6. i have seen this picture all over pinterest, but now i finally see the creator! love it

  7. very nice nail designs :) I am following you now, hope you will too !

  8. loving ur nail art hun :) im a new follower! i love peacock pattern and im thinking about doing an eye makeup like this xx


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