Friday, July 27, 2012

London Olympics Nail Art 2012

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Wowza, I can't believe it's that time again... Summer Olympics! I still recall waking up at 6 am to catch the Beijing Opening Ceremony. I can't believe that was 4 years ago, time sure flies! What country are you cheering for? What's your favorite sport to watch? I'm routing for Canada and China like always (I'm Canadian born by the way, but I want to show some Chinese pride). I love watching swimming, diving, volleyball, and badminton. Is Michael Phelps competing this year? I bet he's going to dominate all the races.

I totally forgot that Olympics was starting so soon! I thought it was going to start in August, but nope it's starting tomorrow or technically today since I'm writing this post at 2 am. Anyways, I decided to throw together a London Olympics 2012 inspired nail art. As always, I like to be as intricate and detailed as possible. I saw a couple of olympics inspired nail designs. Almost all of them had the Olympic rings and a good majority of them were London inspired (telephone booth, Union Jack flag, Big Ben etc.). Obviously I wanted to make mine a little different.

So on my thumb, I did an interpretation of the medal design. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of the design, but I do enjoy knowing what inspired this creation. There are "5 symbolic elements" represented in this medal design."1) the curved background is similar to the design of the amphitheater. 2) the core emblem is a metaphor for the modern city and made to look jewel-like. 3) the grid represents  pulling together and sense of outreach. 4) The river thames in the background is a symbol of London and meant to look like a ribbon. 5) The square represent the sense of "place" as in map inset". I shortened everything, so if you're interested in reading the story behind the design in detail, simply click here

On my ring finger and index finger, I drew the London Olympics mascots Wenlock (orange) and Mandeville (blue). Thank goodness for fine nail art brushes or else they would have been really hard to draw. Finally on my middle finger and pinky, they had to be the typical London Olympic theme, Olympic rings and Union Jack flag for the hosting country. Anyways, there's no tutorial for this design just because all I did was find a picture and tried to replicate it onto my nails. I hope you enjoy it! If you did an Olympic design, please feel free to send me a link! I hope you all enjoy the games. 

Instagram Drama
If you have been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably know that I went through some Instagram drama. I just want to talk about it briefly just to update everyone. Essentially, there was this girl who said "I think my [peacock nail art] is better, do you feature fan art?" in which I replied saying "Yours are pretty, but I went for a realistic approach. I like that it looks imperfect". I guess she overlooked my compliment. She replied saying "Realistic? Um..okay", which I took it as a little condescending and I told her that since I had so many likes and followers, one negative opinion doesn't really affect me. They took it as me thinking my nail art is the best in the world because I had over 1000 followers, which was totally not the case. Since she said right off the bat that she thought her nail art is better, I told her that "better" is subjective and I can also say that I like mine better. I think there's a difference between "I like mine better" (my personal preference) and "Mine is the best" (boastful untrue statement that I did not make). I think the point I failed to make was that since she said she liked hers better, and I said "I can say I like mine better", "better" is subjective so both nail art is neither the best nor the worst. (I feel like I'm not making sense, but I hope you get what I mean)

Anyways this girl got her husband involved and things just escalated. The duo pretty much insulted me and all the people who stood up for me with extremely negative comments. At one point, they played the racism card on one of my followers. Luckily, she had pretty tough skin to handle it. Long story short: enough of my followers saw all the things that they said on my and their Instagram threads and reported them. A lot of people said I handled myself well by not reacting erratically. I don't like swearing in the first place so I ended up blocking them before things got too out of hand. However they brought the harassing onto my blog, which were quickly deleted. I was told that their accounts are no longer active, so I guess that's done with. Life goes on, it's just nail art! In retrospect, I should of just said "No, I don't feature fan art" and left it at that. I'm over it and I hope they are to. 


  1. These nails look great! Definitely getting me in the spirit. I totally forgot about the Olympics until the other day. For some reason, I'm not as into them as I was for prior years. Opening ceremonies tonight, I can't wait to see what they came up with :).

    Ps, haters gonna hate! Hahaha, it's cliche but true. No worries.

  2. Great designs!
    Omg.. so much drama that you don't need!

  3. Thanks Aleeza and Brittany. Yeah I totally forgot about it too until my dad said "let's have dinner at home so we can watch the opening ceremony". I feel like I'm not as hyped up about this one because I really don't think it'll live up to Beijing's spectacle since every single detail was so controlled. I feel London definitely has a more relaxed approach. Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to tonight to see what London has to bring to the Olympic games! As for the drama, I totally agree. Such a silly thing for them to get SO WORKED up over.

  4. I'm so frekin excited about the Olympics!!! Yay! I can understand you cheering for China because even if I have no connexion to Sweden beyond my last name, I still root for them if Canada's not there. I have athletes I like from other countries too though and I'm open to getting to know and rooting for others but Canada, any athlete from Canada is always first.

    I love your nail art, it's more than just technique and application which is hard enough, it really is art. You're talented! Don't bother yourself with all the drama, it's so easy to escalate when it's online...

  5. I <3 the inspiration behind your nails! I'm rooting for the US and China as well. I agree, I don't think London's opening ceremony will top Beijing's.. but after finding out about the fake fireworks and the lip-syncing little girl, I was like o_O eh? But I still look forward to London's opening! Sometimes I'm just baffled by the cattiness of women over beauty pics. :( No need for such drama. She should have just started her own blog or join the other beauty social networking sites out there.

  6. wow impressive :) the characters look awesome! very detailed

  7. I love your take on the Olympics! Everything is so detailed and intricate! The mascots look absolutely out of this world! I'll be rooting for Canada and China as well, but I also root for the countries that can only afford to send a handful of athletes. I also love watching swimming, but also track and gymnastics. Let the games begin!

  8. This is fantastic!! :) I "liked" it on the contest page too... I hope you win! :D

  9. Thank you ladies! I totally forgot about gymnastics!!

  10. Beautiful nails :) I'm your new follower :)

  11. Love your design.. I love that you made it your own!


  12. Wow! The amount of detail you put in is really impressive! I like the logo design the best :) I'm cheering for Canada and China too, though I haven't really been feeling the Olympics this year ):

    About the instagram drama, I think you handled yourself very well. Don't sweat it! (:

  13. Love your olympic nail design! It is a lot of fun.

    I found your site through your comment on olympic post. Thanks for sharing.


    Jocelyn (Nail Artist @ Polishpedia)

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  16. I love your beautiful hails; and I love London Olympic.






  18. OMG that's soooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!

    Great nails!!



  19. These are gorgeous and looks so perfect!!:)

  20. Great nail art! :)
    Love the mascots :D

    Would you like to join our nail challenge? :)


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