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June Glymm MAN box


Ladies have their Topboxes, Glymm bags, Luxe Box, Julep Box, and a couple other boxes too! What do you men have? Glymm MAN boxes! I believe this is the first and only men's beauty... I mean grooming box available in Canada. Unlike their lady counterparts, Glymm Man is a quarterly subscription service that includes 7 to 8 deluxe to full size samples. The price of the Glymm Man grooming box is $25 plus tax for every 3 months, which includes shipping. I think these are only big differences between this subscription and the women's Glymm subscription. Glymm Man has the same points and referral system, and they also have an online store available as well!

Well, I'm sure you would have guessed that I didn't buy this box for myself. Nope, I bought this for the most important man in my life, my daddy for Father's Day! He is the least metro person ever and I'm sure he doesn't really give a crap about grooming products. But, I just wanted to introduce to him some high quality products that he could hopefully incorporate into his daily routine and just provide him with some travel size items.

Anyways, I purchased this Glymm Man box back in February thinking the first box will come in March. It was a couple months later when I realized from their Facebook Update that they were going to ship the very first box in June, just in time for Father's day. I paid what I call an early bird price, because it was only $20 when I bought it and now they increased the price to $25 for new members. I believe right now the subscription is sold out. 

I haven't seen a lot of blog and vlog on the Glymm Man box, only two. Maybe it's not really "manly" to discuss products. Ladies have an abundance of beauty blogs and beauty channels, do guys have any grooming vlogs and channels? Anyways, I figure I would share my dad's box with my readers and curious passerby. The products came in a very sleek box, which is the same size as the previous pink Glymm box. It's  very nice and sturdy! I guess Glymm didn't go digital with this box, because it came with a product information card that describes the product, how it should be used, how many times it can be used, etc. 

Here are all the goodies that were inside my dad's Glymm box. My mom threw out all the crinkly paper, which is why it doesn't have any of the decorative touches anymore. There are some products that don't provide the exact size, so in order to see the sample value, I made a couple approximations. 

VITAMIN & SEA: Perfect Skin Solution
This miracle serum is 100% natural blend of vitamin E and essential oils. It will leave your skin flawless. Each ingredient plays a crucial role in keeping your skin looking perfect: carrot seed to fight acne, jasmine and geranium to immediately smooth, soften and even skin tone, rosewood and evening primrose to greatly reduce fine lines and other signs of ageing, vitamin E to repair damaged cells and avocado oil to protect your skin from everyday environmental toxins. 
Full Size: $68.00 (45 ml)
Sample Value: $1.81 (approx 1.2 ml)
  • This product was also featured in the women's glymm box! 

CLARK'S BOTANICALS: Smoothing Marine Cream
This exfoliating and moisturizing cream will leave your skin feeling smooth as can be. Glycolic Acid and Algae Extract soften the appearance of fine lines, which Jasmin Absolute helps sooth and nourish stressed out skin. The Glycolic Acid will tingle gently as it exfoliates and boost your skin's natural collagen production. 
Full Size: $115.00 (50 ml)
Sample Value: $16.11 (approx. 7 ml)
  • Whoa, I am so surprised as to how quickly this product worked. I put a tiny bit of the product at the top of my hand and after I rubbed it in the fine lines actually disappeared. It pretty much did wonders on that small area of my hand, I wonder what happens if I slap this on my dad's face. Maybe it'll take some years off? This product was featured in the women's glymm bag as well. 

VISANTI: BrightenUp!
Dramatically improve your skin's texture and reveal a smoother healthier and more radiant complexion with this exfoliator. Use the power of papaya enzymes to break down dead skin cells and progressively smooth your skin's surface.
Full Size: $34.00 (120 ml)
Sample Value: $1.98 (approx. 7 ml)

GLAM GLOW: Tingling and Exfoliating Mud Mask
Designed for Hollywood's entertainment industry, it tingles, tighten's & lightens in 15 minutes. Its poer comes from ancient volcanic pumic rock, super antioxidants and minerals. It activates moisturizing "collagen synthesis", revitalizing complexion for more radiant skin and it penetrates and softens wrinkles and fine lines leaving the skin smooth, supple, and glowing. 
Full Size: $78 (50 ml)
Sample Value: $10.92 (7 ml)

This is the scent of freedom. Each scent created by Claude Andre Hebert is carefully handcrafted with intentions to bring its subject to a time and place. The story of Bucheron dates back to when Hebert's father used to leave for full winters to go logging surrounded by fir, birch and maple trees. Although the work was taxing, the sense of freedom gained in the lush forest was well worth it. 
Full Size: $145.00 (50 ml)
Sample Value: $14.50 (approx. 5 ml)

  • The scent is definitely woody, but the packaging is pretty cheap. It's pretty much a 5 ml container with a printed scotch tape attached. But I would rather get a sample perfume of this size instead of the half filled vials that we always get in our sample boxes

GRANT FOR MEN: Anti-aging Face Cream
The anti aging moisturizer softens, conditions, and rehydrates the skin. This active skin treatment concentrates the anti-oxidant power of mushrooms and Japanese green tea to fight the signs of aging and protect skin from the environment. Light weight in texture, yet packs a powerful punch, this cream helps reinforce the skin so that it feels firmer, visibly smoother, and minimized the look of lines.
Full Size: $60.00 (75 ml)
Sample Value: $60.00 (75 ml)
  • Grant For Men is part of Elizabeth Grant's line of products. I have never heard of Elizabeth Grant until a few months back when Glossybox introduced a couple products to me. This is definitely a higher end brand, as you can tell by the price of their products. This full size product pretty much paid for the box 3 times over.

GRANT FOR MEN: Aftershave Soothing Serum
This high performance lubricating after save serum refreshes, and softens the skin after shaving while reducing redness and irritation. This triple action serum is specially formulated to focus on men's skin care needs for day and night while providing anti-aging benefits. This non-greasy, hydrating forumla is perfect for day while it helps soften facial hair for a smooth shave at nighttime. 
Full Size: $50.00 (45 ml)
Sample Value: $50.00 (45 ml)

Total Value of this box: $155.32 (approximately) 

So this is pretty outstanding box, especially since I paid $20 for it. But I think it's a little odd that some boxes have an additional 8th item, which was a Ken Men lip chap. My dad only received 7 items. The only "men-specific" products are the Grant for Men products and the cologne, but pretty much all the other products are unisex since they have been featured in past glymm bags. Essentially I could use what's inside the box as well. I'm eyeing to take my dad's Visanti exfoliator and my mom wants Clark Botanical's marine cream. I remember going to Sephora and I was told to purchase the male equivalent of women products because when you dissect everything, it's pretty much the same ingredients. The only difference is how it is marketed. Since women are more willing to splurge, the products that are geared towards women are a little more expensive. I wanted a Glycolic facial wash, so the products I initially looked at was about $35 plus. But then the skincare specialist at Sephora recommended a Glycolic facial wash for men, which was about $20 and basically told me the things I said above. I ended up getting a sample of it to try but I settled for a more medicated treatment. Like all facial washes, it doesn't have a strong scent and even if it does that can be easily hidden by all our creams and perfume. 

Anyways, if this is any indication of how good quarterly boxes should be then I have extremely high expectations for my Fall inaugural Luxe Box. What do you ladies (or men) think of this Glymm Man box? Did you buy one for a special man in your life? 

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  1. Thanks for showing us this!!! I was really Curious to see what was in the "man" box. I thought of getting one for my man but he really isn't into that stuff


  2. I was also really curious about the men's Glymm box - thanks for doing a post on it!

  3. Thanks for showing us what's in this man box. They really gave good value for the price, impressive! I wish a man I knew was into this stuff but my husband or dad just really aren't.

  4. great review - so glad you posted this. i too thought about getting this for my hubby but i don't want to double up on too many samples - i've received the vitamine and sea, clark's botanicals, glamglow, and vasanti products. there are a few new things though and i think my hubby still would have liked the box so maybe i should give him a gift subscription... hmm... can't decide!

  5. Oh wow had no idea there were any other man beauty boxes on the market!

  6. Thank you for doing this post!! My boyfriend actually joked the other day he wanted his own beauty box...when I said there was a man one he was suprised ..but then shyly asked if maybe I would order him one...I agree with you a lot of things are unisex and have been in past Glymm boxes...I might still get him one though just for fun :)

  7. I love your blog! New follower here, I found u through bloglovetherapy's blog hop!

  8. I got the bracelet you asked for from


  9. looks like some good products!

  10. i was really curious about this box so many thanks for posting this! :)

  11. Oh wow, I didn't even know there was one for men! Neat!

  12. ooooh, i want one for my man.

    love, rach.

  13. Wow, thanks for doing this!! Yes, this was pretty unisex box. I bet the Vasanti stuff is awesome, its the first thing I would steal! lol I can't see my hubby using most anything, he's too manly for product. :P

    I had to giggle at this:
    "I wonder what happens if I slap this on my dad's face. Maybe it'll take some years off?"

  14. lovely

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  15. Elizabeth Grant proucts aren't really that "high end". She sells constantly on the Shopping Channel. It's a love or hate line.

  16. Hey! Sorry for the delay & lateness of response. I'm so slow, but i think i'm getting back into the swing of things. I LOVE this post of yours! So jealous. Though, I don't know how much i love the actual box myself. While it looks pretty good, I think I expected a bit more or something more unique for GlymmMan, especially for the first box. Maybe it just doesn't seem as special since a lot of the samples have been already been in the female beauty boxes before. How'd your dad like it anyways? Or did it basically become your box? =)

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