Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tiffany's Inspired Nail Art (Take 2)

I'm back with another nail art and this time it's a Tiffany and co. Inspired nail art. I've had my eyes set on Essie's Turquoise & Caicos for a long time since I've read reviews that it's pretty true to the Tiffany's blue. But then Robin popped up in Julep Maven's "Sneak Peak" and I knew I had to get the box that contained it! When I applied it on my nails, Julep's Robin is more plain blue, whereas Tiffany's a more greenish-blue. If you're interested in investing in a true Tiffany's blue polish, go with Essie's Turquoise & Caicos.

Tiffany and Co. Inspired Nail Art

Anyways, I knew I wanted to redo another Tiffany's design once I got my Julep Robin. If you want to check out my last attempt, click HERE. For this attempt, I wanted it to be more inspired by their jewelry than simply their color combination. So I decided to try and replicate Tiffany's iconic chain bracelet with different charms. What do you think? I did everything with a dotter and the smaller details with a toothpick. Keep reading for instructions!

Source of Inspiration

I thought my nails looked too bare with just the charm bracelet design so I added other embellishments to resemble other jewelry. I feel so indifferent about it, I don't exactly love it, but I don't think it look that bad either. If you want to attempt this nail art, do whatever you think looks best! 

  • Grey Polish
    • Julep "Meryl"
  • Silver Polish
    • OPI "It's Totally Fort Worth It"
  • White Polish
    • American Apparel "T-shirt"
  • Black Polish
    • OPI "Black Onyx"
  • Dotter
  • Toothpick

*I apologize for the terrible lighting.

Tiffany's Nail Art: Step by Step 
  1. Paint the base coat Tiffany's blue and allow it to dry.
  2. Using the largest end of a dotter tool and grey polish create several dots close together. Do it in a curve or a "U" shape.
  3. Using the smaller end of your dotter and white polish, create dots within the grey dots. 
  4. Create short lines that connect the circles to resemble links. Next, find images of charms you want to replicate. Use the grey polish to create the "body" of the charm, and use white for any areas that would need high light.
  5. Use the silver polish and fill in the body and highlight areas to give it more dimension. Leave parts of the grey polish untouched so that it would resemble the low light of the charm. 
  6. Finish the design off with details, such as embellishments (glitter flakes and white dots in between) and shadows (dip toothpick in black polish).
I think this design looks better from afar. But I hope you enjoy this nail art tutorial! Please share it with your friends if you like it!  

Using Julep Robin that I received from my Boho Glam Box

Close up of my Tiffany's inspired Nail Art


  1. Amazing..LOVE this design doll xx

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    1. @DSK Steph - Thank you Steph. Have you encountered a favorite yet?

  12. Your designs are amazing! :D I love your blog hun, defiantly following xx

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