Wednesday, June 20, 2012

July Julep Maven Styles

It's here! I like to refer this as Julep Christmas Morning because it's almost like unraveling presents. The July Julep Sneak Peek is available to us, much earlier than expected actually. But I'm not complaining! This month's theme is about matching lips and nails, which happens to be the latest fashion trend. These polishes are meant to make you sparkle, so they are shimmer and glittered based. 

This month, Julep is being super generous to us Mavens by giving us a free polish based on our geographical location. In this month's box, you'll be expecting a minimum of 3 polishes, rather than 2. The two colors are America the Beautiful, a shiny red with royal blue glitter and sterling stars, and O Canada, a sheer glitter with accent of cardinal red

America the Beautiful and O Canada (value $14 each)

These polishes are so perfect since Canada day and July 4th are just around the corner. Also since the Olympics are going on this year, you can use these polishes to showcase some country pride! In addition to the free polish, Julep is rolling out some new lip glosses this month, or as they like to call it Lip Vernis (value $18.00). There's one with my middle name on it!

If you're interested in signing up, last month I sent out my mom's referral link and a few of you purchased through it. On behalf of my excited mama, I would like to thank you guys! This post, I will share my cousin's referral link. She's working hard in med school and I hope I can help her earn some monthly treats. This is her referral link if you're interested in being a Maven: - Remember ladies, you can get your very first box for ONE PENNY. Just take the quiz, and then type in the code MAVENINTRO to to reduce the price down to $0.01. Then grab your referral link and send it to your friends! For every 2 friends you refer, you get credits toward a free box. Julep has one of the best referral program for a subscription box. 

Anyways, here are the featured July Julep Maven Styles:

Mila, Kate, Daphne + Free Polish (value $56)

Freida, Audrey, Camellia + Free Polish (value $60)

Georgia, Mischa, Poppy + Free Polish (value $60)

Chelsea, Kate, Zinnia + Free Polish (value $60)

Lynn, Yumi, Peony + Free Polish (value $60)

Do I go with a box with the most polishes? I am always leaning towards It Girl because I am such a polish hoarder! Daphne looks like another Tiffany-esque color, so I wonder how it measures up. Maybe a Tiffany Nail Art Take 3? Anyways, I'm still undecided, I guess you have to tune in to my next post to see what I have decided on! 

Check out the swatches that were posted on Julep's blog, click to enlage:

Now that the July Julep styles are out, which colors are you loving? 


  1. I find this month it's really hard to choose - I love both America and Canada, Yumi, Peoni, Chelsea, Kate, Daphne and Mila. I think they really outdid themselves with the July box. I still might go for my IT girl box though - I always tend to gravitate towards that one!

  2. I stuck with my Classic with a Twist Box and added on America - The Beautiful and the Peony lip vernis. I thought this month's box was well done and having the matching lip gloss? Very cool.

  3. I just finally signed up for this box, so thank you for the inspiration (and hopefully those extra points go to good use!). I'm so excited to try them out...I love painting my nails so getting some fresh new colors every month will be so much fun!

    1. Woohoo! A new Maven! I hope you enjoy them!

  4. I didn't see those swatches before, I don't know why I missed them. I'm definitely glad I went with Boho Glam this month and I can't wait to try Mischa. I'd been on the fence but this really settles that I made the right decision :D Can't wait to get it probably by the end of the week (I hope). Not in time for Canada Day, but at least as you mentioned, O Canada will be a nice polish for the Olympics.


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