Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May Topbox Review

What kind of beauty subscriber are you? Are you a spoiler or a surpriser? Do you scour around the internet to find the latest items in the current month's beauty box or do you wait until your beauty box arrives to see what's inside. Well, for me I'm a spoiler! It helps me develop expectations. But because of these expectations, I get more disappointed than usual when the expectations are not met.

If you read my previous topbox post, I mentioned that I unsubscribed so I didn't expect to receive this month's box. So after finding out that I would be receiving the may topbox and knowing what I will get, I was extremely excited! I'm so glad I didn't miss out on this box. I am very thankful that I didn't feel gypped because I didn't do the customization survey. Anyways, I have a feeling I'm going to regret unsubscribing.

  Here are all the goodies that I received in this month's box! 

EXPRESSIONS: Bronzing Powder Brush 
May 10-24, 2012: An exclusive deal for Topbox members for an Expressions Brush Set. $49 for the brush set ($130 total value). Limited Quantity
Full Size: $25.00
Sample Value: $25.00
  • I am in love with this brush. It's soft and I can tell that it's a high quality brush because it doesn't shed easily. I threw this brush in my cosmetic case for my purse so I could use this for blush, brozer, and powder. If you don't have professional quality brushes (yes, you can tell the difference), then the brush set is worth investing in. I already purchased a brush set from Sephora a few years ago, and it is still good as new. If I didn't, this is definitely worth considering. There are a lot of make-up gurus who have like 20 make-up brushes for each part of their face. But I like to stretch the use of my brushes so it's multi-functional. I'm not the type who likes to have over-access of certain things and that's including brushes and make-up too. 

DEBORAH LIPPMANN: Whatever Lola Wants
Deborah Lippman's luxury line of award wining nail lacquers was created as a result of her working with some of the more iconic figures in fashion from Cher to Sarah Jessica Parker
Full Size: $20.00 (15 ml)
Sample Value: $20.00 (15 ml)
  • This product is one of the reasons why I am so happy that May is my last box rather than April! At first, I thought it would have been highly unlikely for me to receive another Deborah Lippman nail polish because I received one in my very first Topbox, but once I opened my box, there it was! I have to admit though, the polish is a little too sheer for my liking. But I really do like this product. With sheer polishes like this one, I like to put it on top of a white base coat. 

ORLANE: Agagenese 25+ First Time Care Eye Contour
This first time-fighting eye cream for the delicate eye area diminishes fine lines, puffiness, and dark circle leaving eyes look smoothed, luminous and lastingly younger-looking.
Full Size: $75.00 (15 ml)
Sample Value: $10.00 (2ml)
  • Such an expensive product! When I first subscribed to these beauty subscription services, I received a lot of eye creams. I think I received about 4 to 5 eye creams that I ended up donating or giving it away. So anyways, these subscription boxes really killed eye creams for me so it's really hard to get excited for this. But I do appreciate having this product in this month's box. I have dark circles, so I will definitely try this product out... before I give it away to my mom or friends. 

COVER FX: ClearPrep FX
This "anti-shines" primer reduces lines and pores and is long-lasting and easy to blend. The dermatologist-tested lightweight get helps prevent and heal acne blemishes. The Dermaveil-Matte Technology has an Instant Mattifying Effect, while smoothing veil blurs lines and pores while allowing skin to breathe. It is free of parabens, oils, and fragrances and is perfect for all skin types, especially those with poly tendency and are prone to breakout. 
Full Size: $39.00 (30 ml)
Sample Value: $9.10 (7 ml)
  • This product sounds so perfect for me just because, unfortunately for me, I do have combination skin that is prone to break out. Whether it actually works and perform all that is listed is another question. This product has a gel like texture that does mattify my skin. I have a feeling that this product is trying to do too many things at once, so I have a really difficult time believing that it can "heal" acne blemishes. I think this product would perform well simply as a primer and not as a acne treatment.

Full Value: $5.00 (estimate)
Sample Value: $5.00 (estimate)
  • I googled "Deborah Lippmann Nail File" to see what type of nail file they had. I was really hoping it would a be a glass file or another high quality nail file, but I think we're expecting to get an emory board with the Deborah Lippmann logo. Anyways, if you got yours, let me know if I need to correct this post. 
Total Value of this box: $64+ (or $69 including Bonus)

All in all, I am extremely impressed with this month's box! I love that Topbox gave us a make-up brush and a high end nail polish. Those two products alone made this box extremely worthwhile! Anyways this is my last Topbox post for now! But I really hope you enjoyed reading my posts about them. 

If you're still looking for a beauty box to subscribe to, I say go for Topbox! They have consistency and quality month after month. Although the waiting list seems forever, time flies and I'm sure once you receive your Topbox you will be equally as impressed as I have been in the past 7 months! 


  1. I'm a spoiler too, but only so I can prepare myself when I get a VERY disappointing box (hello April Glymm!!!!). :)

    -Jamie @Beauty and the Gamer

  2. I was subscribed to Luxebox & Glymm box but not anymore (seemed to be some problem every month) and I was most definitely a spoiler:)
    sara xx

  3. I am totally a peeker, in every aspect of my life! I peeked at my Christmas gifts as a child, I peek to the end of a book to see how it ends, and I peek to see what I'm getting in my beauty boxes! that is why the Feb Glossybox was such a disappointment- they sent out 'amazing' press boxes to big beauty bloggers and not so amazing ones to the average consumer aka ME!
    I love your beauty box reviews and will definitely miss them!

  4. SPOILER for sure. And like Steph said, I do it in every part of my life. I like to know whether the hero dies in a movie and all the twists of a thriller. At least, you got to end your subscription with an amazing Topbox!

  5. I can't help but peek at other peoples' beauty boxes! Luckily there is still sometimes a bittt of surprise (with colour variations and such)!

  6. Spoiler for sure! I like to see what I'm going to get before getting it.. it does sound really bad.. but whatever! I agree I like to find out because if its disappointing then I'm already going to know!

  7. This is an amazing value! I'm jealous of the nail polish! I've nominated you on my blog for the versatile blogger award! Check it out :)


  8. Love your site! I'm a nail polish junkie. :) Stop by and follow back when you can!!


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