Monday, May 14, 2012

May Panty by Post

I got two packages today, so I hope to keep both these posts short to reveal to you what I got.

When I went to my mail box today, I saw a cute floral package waiting for me. I got my second Panty by Post! The first was when I received it with my April Loose Button Luxe Box. Panty by Post sent me a promo code for $10 for a single panty and I jumped on that deal right away! The original price for panty by post is $30 for one month, and it continues to reduce depending on what your subscription length. This service is available worldwide!! I believe they also have a head quarter in Russia as well! Hopefully the promo code: SAMPLEPANTY still works, so if you're interested, head on over to their website and sign up! For more information check out my post on Panty by Post.

*If you buy a subscription because you read my post, please email me your full name so I can tell Panty by Post that I referred you! Thank you!*

I find it very odd sharing my panty mail, but since I love talking about all type of beauty subscription services, I guess it's almost fitting. Anyways, enjoy my post and if you have received panties from this service before, let me know what you think!

Really cute info cards about their feature brands

I love how it's wrapped in beautiful paper!

And the moment you've been waiting for.... Viola, my panties! The panties came with those garter belts or suspenders to attach to stockings. I took them off right away, so it's not in the picture. I think it's very cute, but I think there way too much lace for my liking. Maybe I'll like it more once I try it on. If no, what's the best way to remove them? 

I also want to mention that these panties are called "Carried Away" by the brand Blush. The one that were featured in Loose Button were by "Change". Anyways, let me know if you took advantage of the Panty by Post deal and got yours! I wonder what other styles are being sent out. 


  1. I'm still kind of scratching my head with this Panty by Post subscription service. i think that it sounds like a good idea, but I find it a little pricey - for panties...and I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with my mail man handling my panties. ;P

    Thanks for the post!

    Make sure you drop by and enter my giveaway if you get the chance! (beauty and the gamer)

  2. I'm not completely sold on this service does seem a little bit expensive for's a cute idea though.

  3. they're very pretty! I do agree with Jamie and Jayne, that price for a single pair of panties seems quite high. I would also prefer if they shipped the panties in a more discreet way so that the mailman doesn't know what is inside the package! hehe.

  4. I agree with all of you, it is definitely too pricey to pay every month. I'm glad they gave out a $10 promo code!

  5. Pretty!



  6. I didn't do the Panty by Post but kind of wish I did.. those are super cute :) You can get anything these days in a subscription box!


  7. Panty by Post is so cute! I've never heard of it before. Although...$30 for a pair of underwear is slightly steep...I might try it out of I can get the $10 code to work!

    XO Courtney from Strawberree Swing

  8. Wow, sounds fantastic!
    Following from the Island Girl Insights blog hop xo

  9. like the other comments, i agree that it does seem a little steep for panties, especially since La Senza frequently has their 5 for $25 sale, or sometimes 7 for $30.
    but if you really like your Blush panties, i've seen the Bay carry them as well as Winners for a much cheaper price :)

  10. Merci for your comments on panty by post. You're welcome to try a panty for $10 total, which is such a deal (use code samplepanty when you check out). Otherwise, the price of the panty goes down to $18 a panty when you subscribe for a year, or $19 per panty when you subscribe for 6 months. Our panties actually retail for about $22-30 a panty, so we're offering a better deal, plus an awesome service. That being said, your feedback is important to us. We'll look into changing the price for a single panty. We hope you give us a try!
    Natalie Grunberg

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