Thursday, May 10, 2012

May Julep Maven Review (2 Boxes!)

I received my May Julep Maven box last week and my mom received her box two days ago. Since I'm back in my hometown, I can show you the two boxes that we have! I settled for It Girl and I wanted my mom to get Bombshell, but she said she rather get the items from the Classic with the Twist box. Since it's the month of mother's day, I switched to what she wanted because I'm a good daughter!

If you're interested in subscribing to Julep Maven and want to learn a little bit more, I recommend that you  read my box comparison in the "BEAUTY BOX" tab. It has all the details before you decide to subscribe. But if you are sure that Julep is the subscription service for you, I would be so appreciative if you could purchase through my referral link ( Thank you in advance! 

There are couple of Penny deals floating around, so the codes are: PENNY or COLORS4ONE or SHAREONMAY. So if one doesn't work, give the other ones a try. Please let me if you do sign up through my link, so I can thank you! For every 2 people, I receive free month! If you do buy it, make sure to share your referral link and penny code to your friends so you can earn free boxes as well! 

Classic with a Twist and It Girl

Not a lot of people mention this, but this is important to know too! 
Remember: In order to cancel, you need to call Julep (877.651.3292). Do so before the 27th of the month or you will be charged the subscription fee. Their company is located in Seattle (9am-5pm PST), so gear your time accordingly.


JULEP: Sicilian Orange Foot Soak
Pacific sea salt infused with Sicilian blood orange essential oils make our foot soak smell as good as it works. Enriched with Vitamin E and trace minerals, it's also a great bath soak for the whole body.
Value: $26.00 (10 oz)
  • This foot soak smells absolutely divine! You only need to mix one tablespoon of salt with water and soak your feet in for 5 minutes. It will leave your feet felling moisturized and smelling like oranges! The unfortunate thing about this product is that it causes a slight mess whenever you twist the lid. 

JULEPThe Best Pedi Prep Ever
Super exfoliating AHA's combine with chamomile extract to soften and prepare calluses for foot filing. This no-mess roll-on formula is the most popular foot care product in our Julep Nail Parlors. The magic really happens when used with our Julep Foot File.
Value: $20.00
  • After you soak your feet in the foot soak, you roll this all over the bottom of your feet so that calluses soften. I usually just soak my feet and file away, so this is something new to my routine. I like that it has a roller ball so you don't have to get it all over your hands. 
JULEP: Foot File 
Julep's professional pedicure tool smooths away calluses and softens rough skin. For best results use with The Best Pedi Prep Ever!
Value: $6.00
  • I personally prefer my Revlon pedi set, as oppose to the Julep foot file, just because there's an area that collects all your gross dead skin. I still haven't really mastered the technique of using this foot file, but it's not like I have to because my mom is keeping this box. 
JULEPThe Best Pedi Creme Ever
Exfoliates with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with vitamin E. Apply nightly for noticeable results in just 1 to 2 uses.
Full Size: $22.00 (60 ml)
Sample Value: $0.73 (2 ml)

  • We also received a bonus sample of The Best Pedi Creme Ever, which a lot of people got a full size version in last month's box. Julep recommend that you use as your last step in your pedicure. 

Value of this box: $52+ 


JULEP: Kylie
Sultry violet magnetic polish. It's gorgeous without the magnetic effect, or use the included magnet to create dark accept stripes in whatever direction you choose.
Value: $18.00 
  • I was really excited for this polish, but unfortunately I was a little let down. I've sampled several magnetic polishes at Sephora from other brands and the effect was fairly easy to achieve. But I had a pretty difficult time with Kylie. The method that I found worked best for me was to apply a first coat, then layer on a thicker second coat and hold the magnet as close as possible for 20 seconds. The magnet lines are a little too spaced out for my liking, so I don't think it looked as nice as other magnetic polishes. Other than that, Kylie is a beautiful solid color on its own without the magnet effect. 
 JULEP: Ashley
Sunset orange with a metallic micro-shimmer
Value: $14.00

JULEP: Nessa
Bright lemon sorbet shimmer.
Value: $14.00

Total Value of this Box: $46.00

This month, Julep sent out a bunch of wonky defective brushes. My brush for my Ashley polish was very fanned out so it was very difficult to apply with. I ended up emailing Julep, and they are fully aware of the issue. So if you need to get your brush replaced, make sure to let them know! 

Notice that there is less fluid ounce per bottle in the NEW polishes! What the heck?


  1. Wonderful polish shades doll. Im obsessed with yellows & oranges right now:)xx

  2. hi, Samantha, loved the nail polish shades.

    you have a lovely blog. found you through blog hop.. following you. hope you will follow back.:)

  3. how much less is there in the new bottles? I didn't hear anything about this!

    1. Just a little bit, I read that someone noticed it on Julep's facebook wall and I compared it myself. You can tell it isn't as deep. I also read on their wall that apparently these bottles are handmade and I think the recent batch is done incorrectly.

  4. Started following through this hop!

  5. I just received my first Julep Maven box in the mail today! I got the pedi creme & the nail polish colors Robin and Rose. I love it all!! Already looking forward to next month's box :)


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