Sunday, May 20, 2012

June Julep Maven Styles

Yes! It's the time again... time to choose which Julep Maven style! I hope Julep Maven hears my prayers, because I really want a golden box, especially this one. Once you become a subscribed Maven, you get a chance to get a Golden Box, which is essentially a Maven box full of ALL the featured products given out this month. I'm super giddy because all the colors are so beautiful, I want them all! Aside from the polishes, the featured product in this month's Maven box is Julep's Daylight Defense SPF 30, which is a sunscreen for hands and face. The value of the product is $28!

If you are new and interested in becoming Julep Maven, here is my referral link: (Complete the style quiz, and type in the code: PENNY or COLORS4ONE to get your first "intro" box for 1 cent!!). For more information, check out "Julep Maven" in the BEAUTY BOXES tab! Just want to keep you guys informed before decide to subscribe. But I totally recommend this service.

Anyways without further ado, here are the products featured in June's Julep Maven Box!

Courteney, Lily, Julep Daylight Defense SPF (Value $56)

Read more to check out the other styles! They are all so amazing! 

Robin, Daisy, Julep Daylight Defense SPF (Value $56)

Rose, Morgan, Julep Daylight Defense SPF (Value $58)

Lauren, Claire, Julep Daylight Defense SPF (Value $56)

Sasha, Morgan, Sandra (Value $42)

Interested to see how the colors look on the nails, CLICK HERE for the swatches! 

I guess Julep's monthly add-on is here to stay because for $4.99 you can add another polish and for $9.99 you can add the Daylight Defense SPF 30. I am so tempted to add Claire or Sasha, but I'm kind of on a polish spending halt. 

I really want to like It Girl, but I'm not a huge fan of the colors. I also want to avoid boxes that have pinks and purples just because when I look at my collection of polishes, pinks and purples make up a large portion! I'm going to try Boho Glam this month, just because I've been wanting a Robin's egg blue or a color close to a Tiffany's blue. I also don't have many yellow polishes, so Daisy would make a great addition to my collection. I am also in love with Courtney, the beautiful key lime green creme. I convinced my mom to switch to American Beauty, so that I can get Courtney and let her keep Lily. Anyways, which box are you interested in getting? This would be such an amazing month to get a Golden Box! 


  1. Oh, it's so hard to pick this month. I'm in the same boat as you, lots of pink and purple and don't really need any more. Tough decision.

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and subscribing!

    I love all of those colors for this month!! I hope you win the golden box!

  3. i'm having a hard time deciding what style to get this month T.T
    I hope we both win the golden box! ^^

  4. Wow such bright vibrant summery colours this month!

  5. I'm going for Boho Glam for the exact same reasons haha!

  6. I"m classic with a twist and I think that this is the first month that I haven't changed my box. :P I picked Robin as an add-on. :)

  7. You just reminded me that I need to go into my account and select my box! I can't decide if I want It girl or classics with a twist! Stopping by from the blog hop, would you like to follow each other?

  8. I am getting the classic with a twist this month :) loving all the bright colours this month though!


  9. Claire looks gorgeous!!!
    (P.S. I found you on the blog hop!! ^-^)

  10. I nominated you for a Liebster Award !

  11. Awesome colors! I love the brightness for summertime!

  12. Hiya samantha, I found your blog on the blog hop & I'm now following, id love it if you would hop over to my blog too. I wish we had a nail polish box like through beauty boxes here in the UK. Id love the classics with a twist box as I lobe my pinks! X :-)

  13. Great colors! new follower-

  14. Love your blog, dear! Would you like to follow each other? :)


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