Friday, May 04, 2012

Dotted Gradient Nail Art

If you've been to my blog before, you probably noticed a few additional tabs at the top. One of them is "Request a Design". So if you want to submit a nail art challenge to me, there's a mini form for you to fill out. If your choice is chosen, I will definitely provide a link to your blog or social media channels as a way to credit you! Anyways, I hope you submit a theme or specific request, I'm definitely up for a challenge. Here are past reader's request: The Avengers and Russian Nesting Dolls. I wonder what my next reader's request will be!

I recently downloaded this app called "SnapGuide" and basically it is just a place for people to share their photo/video tutorials that range from cooking, nail art, and other DIY. I wanted to submit a guide for fun just to test it out so I decided to create a very simple tutorial. Click HERE, for a step by step picture guide on how I completed this nail art.

I was inspired by nail decals, but I feel like my nail art is good enough so I really don't need to buy it. Anyways, definitely download "SnapGuide".

  • Dotter
  • 3 Colors of different Shades of Polish
    • Purple Gradient (Julep "Jessica", Julep "Charlotte", Julep "Anne")
    • Pink Gradient (Julep "Reece", Julep "Penelope", Julep "Niecy")
  • White Polish
    • American Apparel Nail Lacquer "T-shirt"
  • Top Coat

  1. Paint your nails white until they are opaque and wait until it dries.
  2. Using the lightest shade of polish create a vertical dotted line down your nail with a dotter (or nail art brush, bobby pin, toothpick etc.). This will act as your guide.
  3. Fill in your nail with vertical dotted line. Ensure they are straight and parallel and allow it to dry. This will also act as your guide so you know where to place the darker dots
  4. Using the second darkest color, fill in the two diagonal lines below the lightest color dots
  5. Repeat with the darkest color. If there are more dots that need to be filled to create a gradient pattern, dot the spots with the appropriate color. Use your judgement to achieve the look you want.
  6. Finish the nail art with a top coat. 

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*If you sign up through the link, please let me know so I can Thank You! 


  1. Ouu this is cute! Good idea!

  2. very lovely! thanks for the idea - hopefully i'm patient enough to wait for my nails to dry completely between steps - i'm really bad for that

  3. They remind me of candy dots - so cute!

  4. How cute!!!!

    FYI - you've been tagged for a "get to know me" tag!

  5. Love this nail design.. simple and beautiful


  6. That looks so cute :) Found you on blog hop and followed you :)

  7. what a beautiful manicure! new follower, can't wait to catch up on your posts :)

  8. This is such a sweet nail look! Love it!

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  9. Super Cute!! Found you on Blog Hop Therapy!! Definitely showing some follow love over he social networks!!

    xo, Jersey Girl (@angejim0531)

    Come by and say hi!!

  10. This is super cute! Love it! Found you via the blog hop :) xx

  11. Found you via the blog hop. Your designs are so amazing. I'm truly in awe right now looking at all of them.

  12. Such a pretty mani, I've just got some dotting tools so I might have to try something similar x :-)

  13. I'm looooooooving those nails of yours :)

  14. This is super cute! Really nice collection...


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