Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Blumarine Spring 2012 Inspired Floral Nail Art

I'm back with another fashion inspired nail art or Gossip Girl Nails. This time it is from Blumarine's Spring 2012 collection and yes, it was also a dress worn by Blair Waldorf. You can spot it on season 5 episode "Despicable B". I chose this design just because A) Orange seems to be the color of the year and B) It is a great Spring and Summer nail design. So if you're looking for some spring/summer nail art to do, try this look out! I love how the vibrant colors are and it definitely stood out to me when I was watching Gossip Girl. Oh, and if you're curious, I believe the dress is called "Blumarine Orange Floral dress". 

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I did this nail art when my friend, Pauline (aka. my birthday buddy), and I decided to have a impromptu nail art party. Initially, I wanted to do this pastel lace design inspired by a BCBG dress, but didn't have the colors for it. When I attempted anyways, it looked terrible. Luckily I remembered I wanted to do this Blumarine design and Pauline happened to have the orange and green polishes that I needed! Shout out to Maja, who also joined us! 

  • Orange Nail Polish
    • Julep "Parker"
  • Fuchsia Nail Polish
    • Julep "Helena"
  • Pink Polish
    • Julep "Niecy"
  • Light Pink Nail Polish
    • Julep "Reese"
  • White Nail Polish
    • American Apparel Nail Lacquer "T-Shirt"
  • Green Nail Polish
    • Julep "Leah"
  • Nail Art Brush
  • Toothpick/Dotter

  1. Paint your nail with a Orange polish. I think the design looks best with creme based nail polishes. But like I've said time and time again, feel free to use what polish you have in your collection. 
  2. Using your nail art brush, dab pink polish in three different area of your nails. 
  3. With the same dabbing technique, cover the about 1/2 to 1/3 of the pink "cluster" with light pink polish. This will give your flower some dimension
  4. Using a toothpick or a dotter, dot fuchsia polish within the cluster and have some extending out.
  5. Dip your nail brush in green polish and create leaves by mixing the dabbing technique, as well as small quick strokes going outwards. 
  6. Optional step: To replicate the folds of the dress, use your nail art brush and create 2 or 3 short white lines.


  1. this is so cool! I wish I was talented enough to do this myself, I'll try it but it won't look as good as yours!

    -Chee, The Shoe Doctor, PhD blog

  2. Love the design. It is so similar to the dress.

    I am your 100th follower :-).

    1. What a milestone for me! Thank you so much I really appreciate it! :D

  3. wow i love those nails! so funky and love the orange florals too! great blog :)

  4. These are so amazing - can you come over and do my nails?!

    Thanks for linking up with Mani Monday!!

    Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

  5. ummmm can i hire you!? =)

    i'm so happy that you linked up!

    1. If you're in the Toronto area, I can come right over! Lol

  6. Wow beautiful!!! nice blog!!
    Take a look on my blog and if you like we can follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. OMG this is so beautiful! I might have to try this. I got the Orange you hot? from the Summer neon china glaze collection and had no idea how to use it! BTW I found your blog through the blog hop! Yay!

  8. gorgeous i love it!

    btw- new follower here ;) my name is jessica i look forward to you up coming posts

  9. Gorgeous nails, you're so good at what you do :)
    I'm a new blogger, just started following you. Check mine out :) xx

  10. Wow such pretty nail art! I'm really getting in to nail art at the mo, but I'm struggling with stamping let alone doing freehand like this. Gorgeous mani x :-)

  11. soo pretty!! i wish i can be as good as you with nail art! :) more power!



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