Wednesday, May 02, 2012

April Luxe Box by Loose Button Review

Yay! Today my Panty by Post finally arrived! I'm super stoked because it's the one thing I looked forward to in this month's lackluster box. But I guess one single panty made it all worth it. Check out my post to see what kind I got!

When I picked up the information card, I noticed that it felt a little different. Loose Button decided to print on an uncoated paper stock. I guess the paper is more environmentally friendly since it doesn't have to go through the chemical process of coating the paper. I guess it is their way to reduce their carbon footprint. Anyways, just using the knowledge I paid for in University and applying it to real life. 

April is Daffodil Month. The month to join the fight against cancer and support those living with it. This month, we partnered with the Canadian Cancer Society to help make a contribution on behalf of the Loose Button community. Whether it is through the daffodil pin in your Luxe Box, or a product donation from you, we wanted to make sure we could make an impact. Thank you for your contribution and we hope you enjoy your April Luxe Box! 
  • This is the pin that Loose Button gave us in support for the Canadian Cancer Society. I chose not to donate my product just because I am planning on donating my unused items already. I'm still waiting for a response back from the organization I contacted about the donation. Did you donate your item? What item do you think Loose Button donated of yours?  

SECHE VITE: Dry Fast Top Coat
Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat's patented formula allows top coat to penetrate through the nail lacquer to the base coat, forming a single solid coating over the nail plate. Can be used on natural nails, nail enhancement and pedicure.
Full Size: $8.00 (15 ml)
Sample Value: $1.92 (3.6 ml)
Luxe Tip: Apply this over your favorite nail colour for a long lasting shine 
  • The product card said that it's full size, but unfortunately it is not. I heard a lot of good things about Seche Vite Top coat so I'm pretty excited to try it. I use OPI top coat, so I'm interested in how this product compares. Personally, I like to invest in colored polishes rather than clear polishes so I'm kind of glad I don't have to go out and buy it. 

FEKKAI ADVANCED: Technician Colour Care Mask
Rich an rapid, this mask submerges hair in humectant and extracts to revive just-colored condition and silkiness. All with colorlock protection. Now with advanced Intensive Anti-Fade Color complex, this self-defense system contains powerful natural UV shield Galanga Root and provides long lasting color brilliance
Full Size: $39 (198 g)
Sample Value: $1.69 (8.6 g)
Luxe Tip: Can be used daily as a conditioner or once a week for luscious & smooth hair,
  • I'm kind of disappointed that Loose button is going back to giving small packet samples. How many times do we have to complain about that fact the these are not "deluxe" sized. I'm pretty sure I unchecked getting hair product a long time ago, but yet time and time again I keep getting them. I feel like profile that you entered has nothing to do with the products you get. 

PANTENE: Pro-V Aqua Light Shampoo + Conditioner
Congratulations! You have been selected to try the new Aqua Lite Shampoo and Conditoner from Pantene's professional hair care line. The Aqua Light range has a lot of new innovative ways of achieving weightlessness, using things like water-soluble ingredients and light gel formulation 
Full Size:          Shampoo - $6 (375 ml)                  Conditioner - $6 (375 ml)
Sample Value: Shampoo - $0.80 (50 ml)               Conditioner - $0.80 (50 ml)
  • A lot of people sign up to these subscription services so that they can test out products from luxury brand. Pantene is definitely not a brand I would like to see in these boxes especially when I know that I could go to those freebies websites and get these samples online for free! 

PANTY BY POST: Panty is an online subscription service to recieve a pretty panty every month in the mail. They have three different lines (Signature, Bridal, Men's) and each panty comes wrapped in a beautiful tissue in a box. For hygienic reasons, Panty by Post will ship your order separately from their warehouse! 
Subscriptions: $60 (3 months)   $114 (6 months)   $214 (12 months)
Sample Value: $30 (1 month)
  • The only thing that made this box worthwhile. I chose the hipster as oppose to the thong and I received a silky bright blue panty with a white trim. It's quite comfortable and it's super duper cute! I wish I could sign up for this subscription, but it's just a little too much for me. Anyways, what colour did you get? What do you think of the Panty by Post?

Value of this month's box: $35+

As you can probably can tell, the only product that I really liked was my panty from PantybyPost and my top coat. I know a lot of people were disappointed by their Luxe Box and it's really sad to see that the quality of the products and service are deteriorating. Anyways I'm locked in for 7 more months, so all I can hope is that it improves. I know that Loose Button can surprise me from time to time, so I really hope for better product next month.

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  1. I love your line about using what you learned in school to real life. I constantly try to relate genetics and science to real life so that I can say it was money well-spent! Cute undies! Love the colour!

  2. I got my Luxe Box and panties this week.

  3. hm, not the best box. there were a ton of variations on what people received in April from Luxe and your box seems to be the most sparse I've seen yet. I hope your boxes get better in the future!!

  4. The panty looks like its pretty good quality! I would also like to take the hair mask!
    Come take a look at what I got...

    I started following you.. would you like to follow me back?

  5. The blue hipster you got is so nice! I'd like to know how you find the topcoat, as some people swear by it.

  6. I got the same exact items in my LB as well. I love my PBP too! I got silky black polka dot ones :). I'm debating unsubscribing from LB though. Why are you locked in for 7 months? Did you sign up for a yearly subscription?

    1. Yeah, I'm locked in for a year and I earned two months free. So I'm still expecting 7 months of LB. I think you should try out alternatives now that the quality of the product isn't as amazing as it use to be.

  7. Cute undies! So sad that I didn't have the time to participate in FIL. The Seche Vite top coat is definitely better than the OPI one in my opinion.

    Here's what I received in my April luxe box:

  8. hey i havent received my panty by post yet and i was wondering if they fit true to size? thanks

  9. Jealous! I didn't get panties! That would have made it way better....same as a few months ago, a few ladies I know got fake eyelashes and I didn't. They are in Vancouver and Calgary so I can only assume that the better samples go to the bigger centers. If I may ask, where are you from? Just to see if my assumption is correct.

    1. Nevermind, I just noticed that you are from Toronto. Hmm. I might be right, then.

  10. I just love these panties. For women of a certain age that did not grow up with thongs, but don't want granny panties either, these are just perfect. I would recommended bali panties 2324


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