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April Glossybox Review

Happy May everyone! 

I received my April Glossybox and Loose Button Luxe Box yesterday, which was just in time before the month ended. I am holding off on my Luxe Box review just because they are shipping my Panty that I requested during the First in Line program from the Panty by Post facilities due to hygienic reason. I was really looking forward to that! Let's just say that if it wasn't for the Panty, the rest of the products would be somewhat disappointing. As for my Glossybox, I was thrilled by the weight of the box! I knew it would be a good box before I even open it!

Of course being a graphic and print nerd, the other thing I immediately noticed was how different this information card looked. For the past two reviews, I have mentioned how busy looking and overly-wordy their information cards were. So this was quite the refreshing change because now I know exactly what products to expect right off the bat. I wonder why they changed the background color though. I like the sleekness of the black. Anyways, I shouldn't be too picky, I'm satisfied that they made the change. 

This month's Glossybox came with 5 items and a tiny bonus sample. I was really happy about how packed the box was. However, most of the products were from brands featured in past boxes, which was a little bit of a let down, but not a huge negative considering the size of everything.

AVEENO: Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer
This amazing moisturizing formula is clinically shown to improve the look of tone, texture, dullness, blotchiness and brown spot. 
Full Size: $22.99 (120 ml)
Sample Value: $22.99 (120 ml)
  • The first of three full size products in the box. That's right THREE! This product contains soy complex and natural light diffusers to help make your skin look glow. I'm not a huge fan of this moisturizer because it has a very strong sunscreen scent. I would much prefer if it was unscented or more lightly scented. Other than that, I quite enjoy the texture of the moisturizer. My skin feels a lot more smoother when I applied this moisturizer on. 

ELIZABETH GRANT Skin Care Shower Gel
Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Shower Gels are delightful fragrant cleansing gels, which foam as you clean. Capturing the true essence of grace, style, and individuality in every person. 
Full Size: $20.00 (240 ml)
Sample Value: $20.00 (240 ml)
  • This is the second full size product in this box. The scent of the shower gel reminds me of a product I had used in the past, but I can't quite put my finger on it. To me, it smells florally with a hint of orange. I'm very picky with scents, but I'm not going to hold that against Glossybox. As I've learned this weekend at Sephora's "Scent Sensorium" counter, it is very personal and emotional. You like what you like, and I definitely don't like this. To me it's very "Old Lady-ish". You know when old ladies pile a lot of smelly creams and perfume, that's what I think of when I smell this. I know that some people received Apricot scented shower gel, other received Vanilla, as well as Coconut. I think I would have prefered Apricot.   

WELLABrilliance Treatment Fine to Normal
This lightweight Brilliance conditioner moisturizes coloured hair, leaving even find hair full of vibrant shine and free-flowing movement. With diamond dust!
Full size: $13.99 (150 ml)
Sample Value: $2.80 (30 ml) 
  • I wished this came with my first Glossybox just because I think shampoo and conditioners should come at the same time, not two months apart. Just my humble opinion. Luckily for me I haven't used up my shampoo yet, so I can use use the two Well products together! I absolutely love the smell of their products! All their products have diamond dust, which is quite fancy and luxurious but I wonder what kind of added benefit it has on my hair. Either way, I'll definitely consider purchasing a full size just because I love how good it smells. I hope they have these products for just normal hair instead of colour treated hair. 

WELLABrilliance Treatment Fine to Normal Hair
Brilliance Treatment with triple-blend technology blends three lightweight polymers to instantly restore hair's vibrancy... and you guessed it: With diamond dust!
Full Size: $13.99 (150 ml)
Sample Value: $2.33 (25 ml)
  • This also smells divine! I do not think I would need a product like this, but I'll definitely try it out.  

MARCELLE: Xtension Plus Mascara
NEW! Give your lashes extra length and curl with Marcelle XTension Plus Mascara. Define and separate lashes while minimizing clumps and create maximum lengthening potential for lash-extension look without adding extension. 
Full Size: $12.50 (9 ml)
Sample Value: $12.50 (9 ml)
  • The third full size product in this month's box! For a drug store brand, the quality of this mascara isn't that bad. I like that the mascara came with plastic bristles because it evenly coats my lashes without clumping. This product definitely delivers what it promised! 
MARCELLE: BB Cream Beauty Balm
NEW! Marcelle BB Cream: Try the 1st BB cream formulated especially for Canadian women! Your 8-in-1 skin enhancer does it all for you, instantly! Offered in 2 shades with self-adjusting pigment to suit all ages and skin types.
Full Size: $22.95 (45 ml)
Sample Value: n/a
  • BB Creams are all the rage these days! So many cosmetic companies are producing their own form of BB creams this past couple of months. I think it's a great alternative to foundation since it can feel a little heavy sometimes! I've tried samples off BB creams from Two Face, Dior, Missha, as well as some other Korean brand. I'm interested to see how this product compares! 
Total value of this month's box: $60+

Overall the monetary value of this box is great! However, the only let down for me is that the box featured brands that were in past boxes already. I watched a review video from and I totally agree with her when she said that it's way too soon to have repeat brands. Either way, this box is still pretty awesome.

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If you're still shopping around for a subscription box, please click the "Beauty Boxes" tab above! I think I summarize all the boxes available to Canadian pretty well. I hope that it helps with your decision! 

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  1. thanks for the review! I got the same scented shower gel and I agree with you- I would've rather had vanilla, apricot or coconut! I don't like florals. Oh well, better luck next time to us both!


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