Monday, April 16, 2012

Del Sol Color Changing Polish

I am so sad to be back from my Caribbean Cruise! I miss the wonderful hot weather and the decadent three-course gourmet meals. I can't believe how fast 7 days go by. Anyways, I took the Ruby Princess cruise and they took us to St. Maarten, St. Thomas, Grand Turks, and Princess Cays! The experience was absolutely wonderful.

Diamond International Brand Blunder
The only downside of the trip was an upsetting comment made by a male manager at Diamond International when my family and I were browsing at diamond rings at the St. Thomas Port. If you have  read my past posts, I have very little tolerance for poor customer service and I'm not afraid to speak out upon it if I don't think it's right. Essentially, when we asked for a price of a $30,000 diamond ring, we decided to leave the store to think about it and check out the plethora of jewelry stores on the island before we decide to go back. As we left, the manager said "Yeah, it's too big for you. It's probably too much money for you". When we left Diamond International, my godparents, aunt, uncle, and my parents were absolutely speechless and stunned that a manager would say something like that! What he probably should of said was asked us our budget, or something, but that didn't happen because he chose to say something a little bit more offensive. Maybe the attire that my family chose to wear didn't exude wealth and luxury (since we're on vacation). But each of my relative are hard working well-off business owners who can afford to splurge on a $30,000 diamond ring (I can't though). Less than a year ago, my dad purchased an even more expensive ring for my mom as an anniversary gift! So to say that my travel party couldn't afford a ring, really exasperated them because they know they can. 

I ended up notifying the Cruise Ship Shopping Consultant, Karen Taylor, who has a relationship with all the managers at these Jewelry stores on the islands. She was surprised that the comment was made and felt it was very unlike him since he's such a "sweetheart". She appreciated the feedback and said she will pass it along. Let's hope he doesn't say something like that to another customer. I'm just really surprised the comment came from a manager. 

Excuse my rant so now onto what this blog is really about... my Del Sol Nail Polishes

Island Fever, Foxy, Superhero, Ruby Slipper, Girl's Night Out

I wouldn't be surprised if you never heard of Del Sol since they only have three locations in Canada, Edmonton, Montreal, and Halifax. Most of their stores are located in areas that are nice and warm all year round, such as California, Mexico, Caribbean and so on. In order to get their wide array of products to work all you need is UV light or just the sun. By "work", I mean change colors! Yup all their products, from t-shirts to accessories to nail polishes change colors once they are exposed under the sun. The stronger the rays, the more vibrant the colors will look. 

This trip, I added 3 new polishes to my collection: Foxy, Superhero, and Island Fever. I purchased Ruby Slipper and Girls Night Out on a cruise about 4 years ago. They are $10 each, but they had an in store promotion where you buy 3 and get 1 free! These polishes are super fun! 2 shades in 1, how awesome is that?! 

I love nail polishes with special effects (crackle, magnets effect, color change) so these polishes are great additions to my collection. Most of the Del Sol nail polishes are either shimmery or sparkly and sheer. For Island Fever, Foxy and Superhero, you need about 4-6 coats of polishes to actually make it look opaque. I find that when you wait about 30 seconds in between each coats it will cover better.

I was told by the sales associate that the nail polishes with the best coverage would be the ones with the large glitter specks like Ruby Slipper. Also if you're looking for more opaque colors, the darker the better so polishes that look a little creamier, like Girl's Night Out are opaque after 2 coats. 

Also for all the pranksters out there, Del Sol has a clear polish called Peek A Boo that turns bright red. The Cruise Shopping Consultant was telling us how she painted her husband's nails with the clear polish and it turned bright red when he was at work. He happened to be in charge of cruise security team or something like that. 

I don't usually put a top coat on these polishes just because I want the sun to hit the formula of these polishes immediately so the color change would be more vibrant. I'm sure the polishes will work fine even with the top coat, but it is just my own personal preference to omit it. 

If you are interested in purchasing these really cool Del Sol Nail Polish or other color changing product for the summer season, check out their website:

You can get $5 off when you use the code: GIVEME5 

Instead of paying $10 for a nail polish, you pay $5 instead! 

Do you own any Del Sol Polishes? What colors did you have? 


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely cruise, despite the DI experience ): I was actually on the Ruby Princess last summer, sailing the Mediterranean, what a coincidence! (:
    The Del Sols you picked up looking beautiful. I have a few myself. They're so much fun in the summer (:

  2. Seems like you had a great vacation, except for that one bad experience. I am sorry that happened to you- I wonder if anything will be done about it. Most likely not, which is a shame but just think of it this way: at least you didn't make the mistake of giving them your business!


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