Sunday, April 08, 2012

March Beauty Box 5

Thank to all you awesome people for buying through my referral link I was able to earn this box for free. If you read my previous post, I spoke in detail about the new company. I mentioned in the end of the post that I purchased the subscription but I ended up canceling because I was still unsure. So now that I have this box, let's see if I like it or not.

So this box is actually quite small, it is about half the size of a Glossybox! Most of the items were packaged inside a white organza sac (about the size of MyScent sac from Luxe Box).

This was the only printed material that came with the box. I wish they included a information card so I know the details of the product and how much the full size cost. I guess I will have to do the additional work and google all the products. 

I haven't tried any of the products, so I will only include the description, price, and the sample value, as well as an overall impression of the box. I'll be away for the next week so I really want to get this blog post done. I'm sorry if it seems rushed!

LAVERA NATURKOSMETIK: Trend Sensitiv No. 2 in Brown 
Lavera Organic Mineral Eyeliner provides easy, soft and brilliant application. Pure organic Beeswax & Palm Oil give smooth texture for the most delicate eye area for non-irritating & consistent results. These natural, all-mineral based shades highlight and accentuate your eyes instantly.Full Size: $13.50 (1.15 g) 
Sample Value: $13.50 (1.15 g)

PRITI NYC: Soy Nail Polish Remover Wipe
Priti Soy Polish Remover Wipes are 100% Readily Biodegradable. It is non-toxic and not carcinogenic. It is derived from farm crops and does not contain any petroleum ingredients.
Full Size: $9.99 (10 wipes )
Sample Value: $0.99

COMODYNES: Self-Tanning Wipes 
Comodynes provide an even, safe and clean tan on face and body in just 3 hours, giving a natural, healthy skin tone. No side effects, no streaking. The Self-Tanning towelettes are safe, unlike uv rays their formula does not penetrate the deep layers of the skin. The tan tone depends on the skin type and their intensity adapts to provide natural results on both fair and dark skins. Recommended for all skin types. Paraben-Free.
Full Size: $13.99 (8 packs), $26.99 (16 Packs), $36.99 (24 Packs)
Sample Value: $1.75 

PUR-LISSE: Gentle Soy Milk Cleanser
Appreciate your skin, don’t irritate it. Cleanse away the day with this gentle, non-irritating blend of Soy Milk, Soy Proteins, Whole Oat and White Tea. A mild soap-free, non-foaming cleanser that respects the delicate nature of your skin. Leaves your face touchable and silky soft, without a trace of impurity.
Full Size: $36.00 (5.6 oz)
Sample Value: $10.94

WELEDA: Hydrating Iris Day and Night Cream
Night - Your skin is richly hydrated and balanced with this dreamy nighttime all natural face cream. Our Iris Hydrating Night Cream is a nourishing formula that strengthens the moisture-retention ability and balance of your skin during its natural nightly regenerative cycle.
Full Size: $21.00 (30 ml)
Sample Value: $3.50 (5 ml) 

Day - Dry to very dry skin gets daytime strength and protection with this moisture-regulating Iris Dry to very dry skin gets daytime strength and protection with this moisture-regulating Iris Hydrating Day Cream. Our all natural face cream is a nutrient-intensive treatment that balances your skin’s natural moisture and provides a healthy base for facing forward and starting a beautiful day.
Full Size: $20.00 (30 ml)
Sample Value: $3.33 (5 ml) 

  • What in the world? So I found that these products are on a verge of expiration at the end of April. Unless this products have a one month shelf life, I think it's a little unacceptable to send products that are about to expire. I'm very conservative with my application small tubes of samples can last me more than it is intended. I saw on their Facebook that these products were bonuses on top of the 4 to 5 samples. I guess that's how they justify it. 

Total Value of this month's box: $34.00+

I really like that Beauty Box 5 introduced me to all these new brands that I have never heard of before. I think that in future boxes, they will carry a wide array of unique products that will be hard to find in Canada. In terms of value, I think it is only okay. In order to gain a wow factor in my eyes, it needs to have a minimum value of $40. I wish they included more samples of the wipes because I don't consider one-use individual packets to be "deluxe sized". In my opinion and I'm sure most of you will agree, a sample product in these beauty boxes should at least have two or three uses out of it! Anyways, thank you to all the people who purchased through my referral link and allowing me to earn this box to review it you, but I don't think I will be purchasing another one. 

If these products appeal to you and you still want to sign up, please click HERE


  1. This is very cool! I will have to give the beauty box a look. However, I have so many subscriptions, I should probably stop!


  2. good review- I agree with your thoughts. This box isn't amazing, and it doesn't compare to many other beauty boxes in terms of deluxe samples. I will stick with glossybox/topbox for now! I love the blue coloured box though :D

  3. hmm.. i am really confused about this one! i missed the deadline for this box and was a little upset about it, but now that i see it, i'm like ehhh. ALL the brands are new to me which is great but i am not really excited about any of these products.

  4. I like that the products are new/different! Definitely something to set it apart from the other boxes xx


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