Friday, April 20, 2012

May Julep Maven Styles & Loose Button's First In Line

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Aside from getting these lovely packages from these subscription services, the 20th of every month at 9 am almost feels like Christmas morning thanks to the Julep program! Lo and behold the featured styles for the month of Month. This month's theme is Fun in the Sun! 

Fina, Sarah, Pedi Prep, and Foot File (Value $54) 

Sheryl, Kylie + Polish Magnet, Pedi Prep, and Foot File (Value $58)

Ashley, Kylie + Polish Magnet, Nessa (Value $46)

Ellie, Kylie + Polish Magnet, Best Pedi Prep, and Foot File (Value $58)

Sicilian Orange Foot Soak, Best Pedi Prep, and Foot File (Value $52)

What do you think of this month's boxes? Which one are you going to choose? Personally, I'm excited for Kylie (value $18.00), Julep's first magnetic nail polish! I've been really looking forward to owning one, but the ones that I've encountered are just so darn expensive!  I am definitely going with It Girl again! As for mom, I'm debating between Classic with a Twist or Bombshell Glam, just because she enjoys her pedi stuff! I'm leaning towards Bombshell Glam just because then I have more colors to use when I visit her at home. 

They also have the Add-On program again where you can add two items for $4.99 or $9.99 each. For $4.99 you can add any of the featured nail polishes (value $14.00) and for $9.99 you can add either the Julep Foot soak (value $26.00) or Pedi Prep (value $20.00) with a Foot File (value $6.00).

Anyways, to all my American and Canadian friends out there, who are not a Julep Maven yet. It is a program I highly recommend and rave about because of it's amazing products and even more amazing referral program (refer 2 people = 1 free box)! I also have never encountered any shipping issues with them either. 

If you choose to take the leap and become a Julep Maven, here's my referral link: (Complete the style quiz, and type in the code: PENNY or COLORS4ONE to get your first "intro" box for 1 cent).  

I would definitely appreciate if you purchase through my referral link and if you do THANK YOU! I'm one referral away to earning another month!  

Now onto Loose Button's First In Line... I am absolutely astounded that they haven't learned from their past mistake. As I recall, the program didn't fare so well last month and aggravated a lot of subscribers because the website either kept crashing or took forever to load. So why are they doing the same thing again? They should have anticipated that their system wouldn't be able handle the traffic. The first time should be a pretty huge indicator. As expected, there were technological glitches, a lot of complaint and irritation, and they ended up suspending First In Line program. Loose Button ended up sending an email to their subscribers with a questionnaire for us to choose a time slot to pick our First In Line item. I prefer this method a lot better and had no problems accessing the the website at my allotted time. Here are the items for May's First In Line Program. Now let's hope we get what we chose! 

I ended up picking a Panty from Panty by Post because I was intrigued by them when I saw them on the Dragon's Den two years ago. Essentially it's a monthly subscription for fancy Parisian Panties. If you're interested in checking out their pitch to the Dragons, check the video HERE. Did anyone accidentally submit their request twice because you didn't get a confirmation page but instead you were led to a Facebook page?  

What are your thoughts on the First In Line? Anyways, let's hope Loose Button stick with this method or find a better way. 


  1. I'm still waiting for an email with my password for my 12pm - 3pm time slot from yesterday...

    1. WOW! That's annoying! They need to get it together and find something that work better.

  2. Hi...I found you on blog hop and am now following. :) x

  3. Thanks for following my blog! I love your blog too! Keep up the good work!


  4. Thanks for posting this, I'm so excited to go pick put my May Julep box now! but I know nothing about magnetic-polishes. What are you supposed to do with them?

    1. Basically it's a regular polish with a special ingredient so once you apply the polish, you take a special magnets (that's provided with your julep box) and you put it really close to your nail. You hold the magnet for about 15 seconds so the polish "shifts" to make a really cool effect and pattern.

      Jane Park, CEO of Julep - explaining how the magnetic polish works.

    2. Oh that's so neat! And thanks for the link. I just might have to get one of the boxes with the magnetic one now :)

  5. I'm gettin' American Beauty this month :) So excited for Kylie!



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