Sunday, April 01, 2012

Chanel Spring/Summer 2012 RTW Inspired Nail Art

Happy April everyone! Time sure does fly right? Anyways, I was browsing through Vogue's archives of Spring/Summer 2012 collection and Chanel Ready to Wear really stood out to me. I really like the simplicity of the design and I knew I could replicate the glistening bands of the dress very easily. The key polish that I used was  Julep's "Melissa". It is described as "sheer opalescent shimmer adds a soft glow when used alone and a high-fashion holographic effect when used over another color". As always if you want to know what I used and how I did it just keep reading!

Chanel 2012 Spring/Summer RTW

Close-up of the garment

  • White Polish
  • Light Blue Nail Polish
  • Pearl Finish Polish (Julep's Melissa)
  • Gold Polish
  • Striper
  • Dotter

  1. Paint the base coat white and allow it to dry.
  2. Using a striper and a pearl finish polish, draw several squiggly lines on your nail. Make sure they're a little spaced out. 
  3. Clean your striper and use light blue nail polish draw two more squiggly lines. Once it dries, clean your striper again and apply the pearl finish on top of blue lines that you just made. Tip: If you think your blue is too dark, mix it with white or apply another layer pearl finish. 
  4. Clean your striper, and draw two vertical parallel white lines and apply a pearl finish on top of it.
  5. Draw a white horizontal line near the bottom third of your nail. Use a dotter and a pale yellow or gold polish to create dots on the line. Optional: Use a striper and dot the pearl finish polish on top of each gold dot. 


  1. This looks awesome, you did a great job! x

  2. I just took a good look through your blog and I have to say.. You are A-MA-ZING! You have such precision, I'm jealous of your skills, haha.

  3. You have an amazing blog, I love this nail design and color!

    I am now following you, hope you will visit my blog and return the favor =) Thanks so much!

  4. I am happy to join your beauty blog and follow you! Would you like to follow me back?xoxo

  5. Wonderful idea :) and nice combination of colors x

  6. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  7. So beautiful! Love it and love you blog.



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