Thursday, April 19, 2012

April Julep Maven

I got my April Julep Maven Box at the beginning of the month but I figured I would postpone this review until I tried all the colors before I write about it. I think out of all the subscription services, Julep is definitely the most timely. They ship out of the Seattle and they usually reach their Canadian subscribers within the 7 to 10 day time frame. I haven't encountered any shipping problem like I have with other Canadian subscription services, but I think you can blame Canada Post for that.

This month's box was easter themed so the polishes were packaged with a vibrant pink paper with a green ribbon. It was also stuffed with green crinkle paper and chocolate eggs! I ordered my mom's second box and she received an email saying that they forgot to ship her a make-up bag. I also knew there were a number of people who were receiving a make-up bag as well. When I received my box, I didn't see a make-up bag so I assumed that they forgot and emailed them. I was promptly responded the next day saying the make-up bag was a promotion for people who are receiving their first "regular subscription" box (the box after your intro box). My mom definitely fit that category, since this will be her second box AKA. her first "regular subscription" box, while it is my 4th month with Julep Maven. The Julep Make-Up bag has a value of $15.00!
I went with It Girl again this month just because I fell in love with the colors and I'm a polish hoarder. The other style boxes came with two nail polishes and Julep's "Best Pedi Cream Ever". I ended up choosing American Beauty style for my mom, which featured the colors Eva (Juicy raspberry creme) and Renee (Spring Lilac creme).

This month, Julep also had $4.99 add on deal, which gave their subscribers the option to add two additional items to their April box. It's a really great deal considering the polishes are $14 each ($11 if you're a Juelp Maven member). I chose to skip out on it just because I was completely satisfied with the colors in the It Girl box.

I also watched and read about Julep's Spring Mystery box and I'm so glad that I didn't get it. There were too many repeat products from previous boxes, which doesn't seem worthwhile to me. The thing I'm a tad jealous about is that some people received a $50 voucher to use on their online store! 

JULEP: Nail Vernis
Niecy: A bright pink creme for sunny days
Penelope: Opaque, almost white creme with a hint of blush
Jessica: Soft and sweet baby blue creme
Full Size: $42.00 ($14 x 3)
Sample Value: $42.00
  • When I saw the preview of the April boxes I was ecstatic that all the polishes that were featured this month were all creme-based. I am in love with their creme polishes just because I'm a little bit tired of shimmery polishes, which makes up a large percentage of my nail polish collection, and they are really great quality. When I was on my cruise, I sported Niecy on my toes and fingers with Jessica on my accent nails the whole week. Niecy is very a vibrant and vivacious color, which will be even more perfect when you wear it in the summer time! Penelope is an extremely pale pink and I don't think it's accurate that the description said it's almost white, because in reality it's not that close to white at all. Jessica is perfect for spring and summer since pastel colors are so in season right now! 
JULEP: Toe Nails Separators (Bonus)
Sample Value: $1.00 (Estimate)
  •  As bonus items, Julep included orange and purple toe separators made out of thin foam. It's very flimsy and cheap looking, but since they are bonus items I won't complain too much about it. 
Total Value of this box: $43.00 

I am a huge fan of the Julep Maven program if you haven't caught on by now. I would definitely recommend it. If you're reluctant to spend $20.00 a month of the subscription service than you should just try out an intro box for 1 penny! Use the code PENNY or COLOR4ONE after you have completed your style quiz and it should reduce the price from $19.99 to $0.01!

If you decide to try out an intro box, I would really appreciate if you purchase through my referral link: 

This service is available for Canadian and US. If you need to do more research on this subscription service, please check out my previous posts where I discuss more in depth about their service and the company.



  1. thanks for the review of your monthly box! I have read reviews of the Julep makeup bag and apparently the quality isn't that great- it sounds like the 'value' of it is inflated a little bit, so don't be too sad that you didn't receive one!

    1. I am actually really satisified with the bag I received. It's really cute and has survived the battle feild that is my purse! lol!

  2. ShoppingObsession19 April 2012 at 11:58

    I have just signed on for Julep and am eagerly awaiting my first box any time. Good to hear that you haven't encountered shipping problem from them. I, too, subscribed to one other, Luxe Box (Loose Button). 

    Found your blog through Blog-Hop. New follower of you. Hop by my blog when you have a chance:

  3. I got the same box - the cream based polishes this month were very nice!

  4. Looveee Niecy ! I wish I had gotten it this month. And Canadian Beauty is right.. I wasn't super happy with the quality of the makeup bag..certainly would not pay $15 for it!



  5. Nice review...I'm thinking of joining. And when I think I am that usually means I will :-)


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