Wednesday, March 14, 2012

March Topbox Review

I just got my Topbox today! This month Topbox told their fans to refrain from posting reviews until Tuesday. I admit it, I'm a peeker. As soon as someone posted "I got my Topbox" on Topbox's Facebook wall, I was on a mad dash to find a blog or Youtube video to see what was in the box. Anyways, this is what I received in my March Topbox!

I can't believe it's been 6 months since Topbox's inception. I was subscribed to 5 of those months and I have been raving about this service ever since. I received so much in value from these boxes, it's absolutely amazing! Thank you Topbox for being such a great service and I wish you all the best in your business endeavor.   May you continue to wow us each and every month! 

One of the reasons why I love these subscription services is because I think it is also great for gifting without breaking bank. I found out one of my friends is moving away and traveling cross country and I really want to get her a going away present. The items in this box would be perfect for when she's on the go. There are so many great travel sized items that I can give her! 

A lot of goodies! 

Obviously the first thing I noticed was the information card. I actually think I prefer this layout as oppose to the folded card format. It's minimalist and to the point, which is something I really appreciate. I think they change the design of their card almost every month, so I wonder when they will decide to settle on a design. 

New Card Description Layout

MARK.: Gloss Gorgeous Stay on Lip Stain in Bella Bella 
Two steps in one quick click of the pen: This innovative lip color goes on like a high-shine gloss, and then wears to a rich stain that lasts hours and hour more. Available in 8 shades
Full Size: $12.00 (1.5 g)
Sample Value: $12.00 (1.5 g)
  • This month's box featured two product from mark. Apparently this company is a subset of Avon Cosmetics. I've only seen advertisement for mark cosmetics in magazines. This was the cosmetic brand that Lauren Conrad was always in. I have never encountered them in stores so I don't even know where to purchase this brand. As for the product, this personalized lip gloss stain has amazing lasting power and smells like mint. However, I really don't like the texture of the gloss. I felt that the gloss was too tacky and thick for my liking. Also, I don't know if this was one of the properties of the gloss or a weird reaction that I had with the gloss, but it left a tingly feeling on my lips. Did anyone else felt that when they used the gloss or was it just me? 

MARK.: Nailed It Trend Mini Nail Lacquer
These mini polishes are fun for spring and great for on-the-go. Violet daze, a shocking purple and tickled pink, a thrilling lilac.
Full Size: $8.00 (2.7 ml x 2) 
Sample Value: $8.00 (2.7 ml x 2)
  • These nail polish bottles and colors are absolutely adorable. It has a really great consistency and  the colors are opaque after two coats. I think I will be giving this to my friend since I have quite the nail polish collection. Great when she's on the go! 

MAKE UP FOR EVER: Smoky Lash Mascara
Smoky Lash's formula is rich in ultra-fine mineral pigments to create the perfect smoky look. Its ultra-wide and dense new generation brush holds a maximum amount of product for instant spectacular lashes. Available in 5 shades. Exclusive to Sephora.
Full Size: $24.00 (7 ml)
Sample Value: $10.28 (3 ml) 
  • A week or two ago, Topbox sent out a questionnaire. I recall one of the question was "Would you like to receive mascara in future boxes?", in which I answered yes. I was thinking it would be more down the line and not the next coming box. I already received two high quality mascaras from my past Luxe Box and Topbox, so I really don't need a third one. This is going into my friend's goodbye goody bag. Other people got a Cargo eyeshadow or Make Up Forever eye make-up remover. I got a Cargo eyeshadow in my last Topbox as a replacement of a past duplicate. I have a feeling they didn't send me a dupe Cargo eyeshadow since I already received one. Either way, you receiving one of the three is pretty awesome.

Redken's advanced science hair care line is specifically formulated with the new Interlock Protein network, providing your hair the moisture, volume, strength, softness, and daily protection it needs. 
Full Size: Shampoo - $15.00 (300 ml)   Conditioner - $17.00 (300 ml)
Sample Value: Shampoo - $1 (20 ml)   Conditioner - $1.36 (20 ml)
  • I received this in my Luxe Box last month and I'm indifferent about this product. I really need a shampoo and conditioner combination for dry hair. The hair care samples that I have been getting is for color-treated hair, which I don't mind because I know I can use it for normal hair. But I would love to see something that can add the extra moisture for dry and damaged hair. 

In addition to your 4 deluxe beauty sample, enjoy this Health & Beauty Bonus!

SIMPLE: Cleansing Facial Wipes
The UK's #1 skin care rage is now here. Pro-Vitamin B5 enriched facial wipes refresh your skin with moisture and also remove waterproof mascara. 
Full Size: $10.99 (25 wipes)
Sample Value: $3.08 (7 wipes)
  • Normally I use a make-up foam cleanser to get all the make-up and dirt off my face. But I'm really starting to embrace these facial wipes. 
Total Value of this box: $35+ 

There you have it, another great Topbox! Did you enjoy yours this month?

PS. Have you guys heard of Beauty Box 5? It is Canada's 6th Beauty Subscription Service. Check out my previous blog post to learn a little bit more about them!


  1. Wow this is a good box :) I'm on their waiting list :( I hope I get on soon!

  2. Every time I see a topbox review, I get so envious! I wish I had known about them from the beginning; it would have been easier to get a box! Oh well, I've been able to subscribe for June; but that month can't come soon enough!

  3. I felt a tingling sensation with the gloss, too! And it smell weird.

  4. not a bad box. hope glossybox ships out soon!

  5. Anyone interested in signing up for Canada's 6th Beauty Subscription Service? I wrote a blog post about this, but this is my referral link! :D

  6. hmm the brands don't look that appealing in the new new new newn enw enwnewne beauty subscription service

    hey, i didn't actually try the gloss on yet---I was really put off by the chemical smell. it smelled like it has already gone bad....i'm even more hesitant to try it now. tingling sensation is not a good sign.. what do you think about the smell?

    i received a $12 value cargo eyeshadow. luckily i like the colour but i prefer your mascara :)

    1. Yeah... I think BB5 is partnering up with the smaller guys in the cosmetic industry. There's so many small beauty companies in the States and I think BB5 is helping them gain additional exposure since they probably don't have a large marketing budget like the higher end brands. But I'm sure it's high-quality nonetheless.


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