Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March Luxe Box by Loose Button Review

My experience with Luxe Box this month has been less than impressive. It all started with their First in Line program, where subscribers can reserve one of the featured product. We were able to choose between a Cargo Eyeshadow, Cargo Glitter Liner, and some other product that didn't really stand out to me. Previously the first in line notification came as a surprise and it was on a first come, first serve basis. Some people complained that they miss out on it cause they don't check their email until later on in the night.

This month, Loose Button decided to notify their subscribers about one or two days in advanced, specifying the exact time to start reserving. Instead of choosing an item through your email, they wanted their subscriber to log into their accounts to pick an item instead. Clearly their intentions were good, but to me it honestly did more harm. When you notify all 8,000 plus subscribers, it would mean a couple hundred people (if not thousands) would want to all log into their accounts at the same time. This created a bottleneck, because since they are not a tech company, their servers couldn't handle that much traffic going into their website. A lot of people, including myself, were not able to log in and kept getting an error message. I didn't have the patience to wait half an hour to reserve left over products that I really didn't want. I also tried to push my luck by not reserving anything, because in a previous month I missed out on First in Line reservation and still received the item that I wanted. This month, I guess I wasn't so lucky. 

So it's Loose Button's first year anniversary! Happy Birthday Loose Button! As a token of their appreciation that gave us a thank you card embedded with seeds. You can actually grow these seeds into a plant. Very timely considering it is the first day of spring! I've studied a lot of paper and ink back in the day when I was still student in Graphic Communications Management program. I've only heard about these types of papers but I never seen one first hand. It's quite intriguing. I'm definitely going to try and grow it. But every year that I try to grow herbs from little seedlings, it has always been a total failure. 

CARGO: Lash Activator
A blend of ingredients target lash density, starting with marine algae and citrus extracts, which rev up circulation and encourage growth. Also contains a concentrated peptide based on biotin (a vitamin integral to hair growth) strengthen roots so lashes are less likely to fall out.
Full Size: $35 (11 ml) 
Sample Value: $9.50 (est. 3 ml) 
Luxe Tip: For longer, thicker lashes without any clumps, wiggle your wand in zigzag motion when applying mascara.  
  • Normally I love getting mascaras, but this my 4th consecutive mascara that I have received from these subscription boxes. Two from Topbox and now two from Loose Button. I know I probably sound like a hypocrite because in one post I said "bring on the mascaras, I love them all" but now I'm saying "blahh another one@". I guess when I said the more positive statement, I thought that I would get it once in a while and not two consecutive time. But as for the Cargo mascara, the quality is great. But out of all the mascara that I have received, I think I like the YSL mascara from Topbox the best. 

Take a look at the collection of scents that we put together just for you. From sweet to sultry to elegant, we're sure you'll find a perfect scent for whatever occasion you may have. Take your pick for the day and have fun with it. 

                CALVIN KLEIN: Forbidden Euphoria
                Full Size: $45.00 (50 ml)
                Sample Value: $0.81 (est 0.9 ml)

                MARC JACOBS: Daisy
                Full Size: $85.00 (50 ml)
                Sample Value: $1.53 (est. 0.9 ml)

                KATY PERRY: Purr
                Full Size: $79.00 (50 ml)
                Sample Value: $3.16 (2 ml)
  • Last time Loose Button had their My Scent program, they featured 6 fragrances and now there's only 3. I'm disappointed in the lack of consistency, but at least the bottles are about 75% full as oppose to half! I know that some people got a VERA WANG Lovestruck perfume as oppose to this My Scent package. I would of been so jealous if it was a rollerball like my CK Shock that I received in my previous Luxe Box, but then I found out that the tube only held 4 ml of fragrance, so not so jealous anymore. I'm really interested in trying out the Lovestruck perfume now that they featured it, so I think I'm going to grab myself a sample next time I'm at Sephora. I'm glad Vera Wang ventured out of the usual "Princess" collection. I thought it was getting tacky.  

My collection of Perfume Samples - There were A LOT more before

CHI: Silk Infusion for Hair and Skin
This leave in reconstructing treatment, enriched with pure natural silk, wheat, and soy proteins protects your hair against thermal styling and environmental damages while giving your hair incredible lustre. Alcohol free, enriched with pure silk and wheat and soy proteins. 
Full Size: $33 (180 ml) 
Sample Value: $2.75 (15 ml)
  • If you didn't catch it the first two times, the product is enriched with pure silk, wheat and soy proteins! I wish they provided some instructions with this product. Am I suppose to put it in my hair after I showered? Do I moisturize my skin with it as a replacement for moisturizer? I really don't feel like doing the research for this product. I am not entirely interested in this, so I might just use it like a hair oil or just give it to someone. 

CONSONANT: Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream for Dry Skin
This on-greasy formula absorbs quickly while elevated levels of Cassia Angustifolia Seed Extract ensure long lasting hydration. Grape Seed Oil is a great antioxidant that helps protect skin from future damage. The result is smoother, more radiant and hydrated skin from the very first use. 
Full Size: $54 (50 ml)
Sample Value: $16.20 (15 ml) 

  • I've never heard of this brand before, but I actually don't mind this product. It feels clean and it moisturizes well. It doesn't feel to greasy and it absorbs into my skin fairly quickly. I really like that it comes with a pump and it's so perfect for travel. I'm still trying to find the perfect moisturizer. I think I need something a little bit medicated because I have acne prone skin, which totally sucks. The most I'll spend for a moisturizer is around $35. I'm willing to splurge only if it does wonder for my skin. We'll see how this moisturizer will work out for me.
Total Value of this month's box: $33.95 

The past couple of months Loose Button had been on a roll with sending me amazing boxes. But this month was a big miss for me. The negatives that I found were: inconsistencies in the number of perfume samples in the My Scent package, the tiny sample size of the Chi infusion, and receiving 2 mascaras in a row. I really wished that I got a Cargo eyeshadow! But that's okay I got one from Topbox last month. I understand the nature of these type of service and it's really hard to satisfy everyone 100% of the time. They have consistently given us more value than we've paid for. Hopefully the next box will be a lot better because this month's Luxe Box did not impress me at all.

Also, if you're still on the waiting list on Luxe Box or you are looking to switch services there a number of options:

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If you want to do more subscription box research before you jump on to another one, I hope my reviews will help you out! Click HERE, for a collection of all my beauty box reviews. 


  1. Oooh, I like the face cream! Wish I got that in my box (I'm posting my review shortly). I use the CHI on damp hair before blow drying and styling (you only need a nickel-sized amount).

  2. I wasn't that impressed with my box this month!

  3. I use even a dime-sized amount of the CHI Silk Infusion on the ends of my hair, when my hair is just a bit damp. I honestly love it, but I bought two sample bottles in December and I haven't even finished one bottle yet. It really isn't a fun sample to receive! I was checking out those eyeshadows and I agree, that would've made the box much more worthwhile!

  4. I got the same box as you. I also felt kind of let down. I'm supposed to be receiving scent free boxes - so essentially I only received 3 items.

  5. your box is much different from some others I've seen from loose buttons for this month! it seems theirs vary a lot more than other boxes which could be a good or a bad thing!!

  6. I got the March box and it looks nothing like yours. not one item is the same!

  7. oooh... I would have loved Ultra Moisturizing Organic Face Cream! I need it!

  8. The Face Cream I would have wanted for sure! I love the Cargo Mascara! I just got done my first sample of this.. and I just traded my mom for more in replacement for the eye shadow. I wanted to buy the mascara when Loose Button sent out an e-mail for 20% off when you use a code.. but it was all sold out.. I was kinda disappointed!

  9. I am disappointed in my Luxe boxes and haven't even received my third yet. I am cancelling. It sounded so good but I really have not received anything very special. Oh well, it was worth a try.


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