Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Louis Vuitton Spring 2012 RTW Inspired Nail Art

So today's nail art came from the new Louis Vuitton 2012 Ready to Wear Spring Collection. I was immediately attracted to this collection because of how whimsical the designs were. There were a lot of pastels and florals used throughout the collection. At first, I wanted to do one of the yellow designs, but my yellow polish was really thick and the application became very streaky. I have another yellow polish,  unfortunately it wasn't the right shade. It was light and translucent while I needed bold and bright. Anyways the outfit that I ended up choosing from the collection had four colours, light blue, light pink, white, and tinted green. I'm in love with the floral cut outs in all the designs!

I own darker shades of pastel polishes compared to this dress, so I had to mix my own colors to lighten it. I think I could of gone a lot lighter, but I think it's close enough. I painted my index fingers and my ring fingers white just to break up the design so it doesn't look too busy and it also saved me a lot of time! The white also represents the white sleeves of the outfit. Anyways onto the tutorial! 

  • White Nail Polish
  • Light Blue Nail Polish
  • Light Pink Nail Polish
  • Light Green Polish
  • Striper
  • Dotter
  • Scotch Tape
  • Toothpick
  • Paint brush
  • Q-tips

  1. Place scotch tape at 1/3 of your nail. Mix at a 3:1 ratio of white and light blue. Mix well with a paint brush and paint your nails. Remove the tape and clean up the edges with a q-tip dipped in nail polish remover. Clean the brush with nail polish remover. 
  2. Place scotch tape at 2/3 of your nail. Repeat Step 1 with pastel pink nail polish. 
  3. Mix at a 3:1 ratio of white and light green and paint the tips of your nails. 
  4. To create the floral pattern on the blue and pink bands: Use a dotter to create a small circle with regular unmixed polish. Create 6 dots around the small circle for the petals. Once it dries, dot the center of your flower with white polish. Use a striper dipped in white polish and create mini raindrops within the 6 dots that you created. Use a toothpick to fix up and touch up. 
  5. To finish up the band, use a dotter dipped in unmixed polish and create dots around the flower. Use a striper to create smaller white circles within the colored dots. 
  6. In the green band, create large raindrops with your dotter. Use your striper and fill in your rain drops with white polish. Clean up your design with your tooth pick. 
  7. Optional: Paint your index and ring finger white

I'm really proud of my thumb, the design is the most perfect

Nail Art in Low Light


  1. these are so cool! you must have such a steady hand. I work for a shoe company so am going to borrow the converse design :)



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