Friday, March 09, 2012

Elie Saab Spring 2012 Couture Inspired Nail Art

My nail art isn't lasting very long, so here's another one! This nail art is inspired by Elie Saab Couture Collection for Spring 2012. If you haven't seen this collection yet, you should definitely check it out! It is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! There are a lot of pastels, florals, and sparkles, which I'm pretty obsessed with. Anyways this is my interpretation to one of his designs. I hope you like it!


This is also my entry to contest on Enamel Girl's Blog. 

  • White Polish
  • Beige Polish
  • Baby Blue Konad Special Polish
  • Konad Stamping Kit
  • Konad M73
  • Striper
  • Sponge
  • Optional: Glitter Polish

  1. Place two drops of white polish and two drops of baby blue polish on a piece of paper or nail palette. Cut out a small piece of sponge and lightly mix the two polish together. 
  2. Sponge the polish onto 2/3 of your nails.
  3. Use your beige polish and paint the last third of your nails. It is okay to paint a little bit over the sponged portion because then it creates a nice blending effect. 
  4. With your M73 plate, cover the image with 2/3 baby blue and 1/3 white. Scrape horizontally so the image remains two different colors instead of blending. 
  5. Align the image on your nails so the white flowers are on the blue part of your nails and the blue flowers are on the beige portion of your nail. 
  6. Again, place a dot of baby blue polish and a dot of white polish on your paper/palette and lightly mix it with your striper to create a lighter blue.
  7. Draw a line where the baby blue and beige are separated.
  8. Optional: Use your striper, sparsely apply your glitter polish to the baby blue portion of your nail. 
  9. As a finishing touch, repeat step 1 and apply it near the end of your nails. 

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